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0 1. Akercocke commented 15 years ago on video Journalism Fail

It's spelled 'Wales'. He's not saying that the area is as big as a large sea mammal (whales), but as big as a small country (Wales).
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0 2. Akercocke commented 15 years ago on video Is Family Guy A Racist Show?

7; I am aware of the circumstances of OJs trail and his acquittal as I have lived on planet earth for some time now. I just thought there might have been more to that sketch than was shown.
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-4 3. Akercocke commented 15 years ago on video Is Family Guy A Racist Show?

The last scene was cut off early. If it had shown the full scene it would have shown Brian getting embarrassed and saying how he wasn't really racist but that 'it wasn't him, it's his father'. The joke was people who make excuses for their racist comments and behaviour while posing as more liberal and enlightened people.

In this case it's a running joke from an earlier episode. Although I don't really see the funny side, I do see and understand the relevance of the comment they're making.

I find very few of these jokes 'racist' so much as they are using examples of very unfortunate truths. Take for example the one where Cleveland is beaten up by a machine. The joke is that the police are so racist that they programmed a machine to be as well.

Because people who are, in family guy at least, portrayed as minorities are generally the ‘wise man’ in most situations then they are not the one being made a food of, but rather it is the ignorant racist who is being portrayed for their ignorance.

The only sketch I didn’t understand was the one where Brian and some black guy was watching the O.J Simpson trial, but I can’t help but feel that this may be another one where we’re not getting the full story, just as the last scene in the trailer. (I didn’t see that episode, so I don’t know).