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+2 1. Barklight commented 6 years ago on video Snotr Category Week

Had to check and see how long I've been lurking around... Joined 19 April 2008! Wow it's been a long time! Hoping it keeps on rolling :) Thanks for the continued effort Sizzlik and Geekster!

Science, Technology, and Documentary!
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+1 2. Barklight commented 6 years ago on video The White Room

Very clever, I'd like to see other episodes if the writing is this amusing :)
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+10 3. Barklight commented 6 years ago on video UNCANNY VALLEY

This is a pretty amazing piece, surprised I haven't seen it before.

Just think... in another 10-15 years, this could actually be a thing that happens. I think it's about time to start playing card games over shooters ;)
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+6 4. Barklight commented 7 years ago on video Power/rangers

Pretty high profile for a short film... That's Katee Sackhoff as pink :)
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+30 5. Barklight commented 8 years ago on video Soccer player has sudden heart failure and gets revived by an implanted defibrillator

I can't imagine why someone with a known condition like that would be playing such a physically demanding sport.
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+1 6. Barklight commented 8 years ago on video Close Call Compilation

Is it just me, or do the vast majority of these come from Russia? Is it a mandatory requirement to be a fscking idiot in order to get a drivers license over there?
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+2 7. Barklight commented 8 years ago on video Second a Day Video

The first time I watched this video I got unbelievably angry and I don't know why.
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+4 8. Barklight commented 8 years ago on video Wheeeeeeeeh!

God dammit Internet, what have you done this time.
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+4 9. Barklight commented 9 years ago on video Drive Thru Skeleton Driver Prank

I'm going to take a guess and assume that about the same number of orders and pants were both filled.
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+10 10. Barklight commented 9 years ago on video Smart mouse buys herself a treat

That mouse reminds me of a pet Ferret I had in college, except that it hid coins that it found from me. I'd clean out my couch and have parking meter fodder for weeks.
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+4 11. Barklight commented 9 years ago on video People are Awesome 2012

Really nice compilation. Every time I lose faith in humanity a video like this comes along and restores a bit of it.
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+22 12. Barklight commented 10 years ago on video The Rope Dart & The Meteor Hammer

I like how they finish this clip, but I'm curious as to what the "most lethal weapon of ancient Chinese times" was :)
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0 13. Barklight commented 10 years ago on video Swiss satellite being sent to clean up the mess in outer space

A good idea @11, but probably more suited for a larger satellite where cost of replacement would be a prohibiting factor, or for something geared towards larger orbital installations (such as the very large satellite they showed early in the clip, or a derelict space station). What they're talking about now appears to be a small and inexpensive device, aimed towards the removal of older inactive satellites, which are generally smaller in size. If the cost of these satellite removal satellites is minimal (such as their current laboratory level experiments), these could realistically be used as bulk fire-and-forget tools. With such a small size and mass, if they went into mainstream development I could easily imagine dozens of these being sent into space - Perhaps more than a hundred depending on the launch vehicle - on a single launch to pick, track, and destroy predesignated targets.

Either way you look at it, a lot of people are going to be making wishes on fake shooting stars :P
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+6 14. Barklight commented 10 years ago on video too late...

Hah! Very well done. Had me fooled up till the call :)
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+4 15. Barklight commented 10 years ago on video Half-Life: Origins

@14: One of the early true 3D first person shooter/adventures, Half Life. It became insanely popular for how well rounded it was and has sparked a lot of fan remake attempts, fan-films, and parodies. Pretty amazing for a game that came out originally on Windows back in 1998.

I am hoping that this little teaser evolves into a more fulfilling machinema as time goes on. I'd actually pay for a copy of it if it were longer :)
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+2 16. Barklight commented 11 years ago on video The Man Who Made Things Fly

I like the Stereo. Looks like a big dragonfly :)
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+1 17. Barklight commented 11 years ago on video Girl in Toyota Supra

Very funny, seen this one around :) Be great to know what that song playing in the background is though!
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+1 18. Barklight commented 14 years ago on video Amateur

That video was too cool XD

As a professional drummer, I have to admit, he may not know how to play but he knows how to throw a good beat together!
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0 19. Barklight commented 14 years ago on video Skilled Japanese chef

Ironically enough, I live not even half a mile from the place in the video. The Kobe restaurant is in Martinsburg, WV. I recognized the layout of the place right away hehe. The music, well, bleh. hear it to every other youtube etc video these days.

That chef isn't their best one, there's an older guy who's usually behind the sushi bar but I've seen him prepare dinner for my wife and I a few times when it's not too busy.

It really is a great place to eat if you're in the area :) Not very cheap, though.