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+1 1. Bobnut12 commented 12 years ago on video Calligraphy

So this is how the Cylons started.
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+77 2. Bobnut12 commented 12 years ago on video StarWars theme on floppy drives

1995 called. They want their video back.
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-7 3. Bobnut12 commented 12 years ago on video Water Balloon to the Face (Super Slow Mo)

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0 4. Bobnut12 commented 12 years ago on video Gay Parents Bashed

#25 the article in question cited by #23 is NOT well cited. It is flagged repeatedly by editors that the article needs better citation and input by someone who is an expert in the field. That aside, the article poorly makes its case and is a horrible basis for any analytical arguement. Likewise, most of your statements have been ignorant and logically flawed.

Do us all a favor and simply admit that you are in the closet. Really, it's all right to be gay. God, will not strike you down. Children won't be corrupted by your presence. And, the world continue to go on not caring what consenting adults do with their free time.

So, please take a look and at you fellow gay hating conservative heroes and admit to your own homosexual desires.
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+1 5. Bobnut12 commented 12 years ago on video Brendon Smith Blunt Scooters

Sigh, the only thing more retarded than skateboard videos is this. More babies and cats please.

Hint: That last bit was sarcasm.
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0 6. Bobnut12 commented 13 years ago on video Delicious Smoke Bomb!

#(removed comment), your a giant tool, go spam your bullshit somewhere else.
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+3 7. Bobnut12 commented 14 years ago on video Lucky shot?

Hmm While those are good points, I'm voting this is not fake. While difficult it is not that unusual for this to happen. Also, as far as production value goes it could be local news footage. We see this style production on the local news all the time. Oh and lastly its one continuous shot and the ball never goes out of frame.
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+2 8. Bobnut12 commented 15 years ago on video Project Natal

Im sorry even if this does work as advertised, which i doubt. It misses the whole point of video games. Im what the hell, now i have to learn karate so i can be good at tekken or learn to skate board so i can play tony hawk. thats not why i play games. I play games so that i can feel like a bad ass while i push buttons to accomplish things on screen i could never do in real life either through lack of skill or denial of the laws of physics. Oh, and to kill nazis alien and zombies by the millions.

PS Chuck Norris can do one push up, after that the sum total of the universe will be compacted back into a superdense ball of pure energy that will promptly explode into another big bang to create a new chucktopian universe, from which a new super race of norrisi will rise to defeat evil in all its froms with the power of the norris. Beware those who dare to doubt my words.
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0 9. Bobnut12 commented 15 years ago on video Is Family Guy A Racist Show?

Its not racist if you make fun of everyone, just distasteful to some. i personally find it funny and take it as it should be, humor. For those that watch the show you know that anyone and anything are fair game. Just because some asshole cuts out all the insults to a particular ethnic group and labels the show racist doesnt mean its true. Other stereotypes that are made fun of alot are against cripples, catholics, the irish, james woods, and a yelloe chicken. Do i think Seth Macfarland has a grunge against these groups? No not at all. Well maybe yellow chickens. I do however appreciate the humor.
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-13 10. Bobnut12 commented 15 years ago on video Animator vs Animation 2

Ha Ha first bitches

but seriously this rocks