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+5 1. Bostonchaos commented 13 years ago on video Rallying

These guys were on one of the best runs I've seen in a long time, yet they stopped to help. These are true competitors.
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+5 2. Bostonchaos commented 13 years ago on video Demonic Dog Hates The Remote

Not sure about you guys, but I wouldn't let anything that makes noises like that anywhere near my crotch...
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0 3. Bostonchaos commented 14 years ago on video C-17 Airdrop 4 Humvees 50 Paratroopers


They drop the HV's that far away from the soldiers for two reasons.

1. Anything metal dropping through the air like that builds up massive amounts of static electricity. If a soldier were to bump into the thing before it grounded, he'd get fried.

2. Factoring in possible wind resistance and chute failure for both the cargo chute and the manned chute, it is technically possible to end up below the HV, which, in my opinion, is not the happiest place to be.
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0 4. Bostonchaos commented 14 years ago on video Lions attack

Listen, I know that all the animal rights activists get up in arms about stuff like this, but lets face the real problem, here. You love to blame the trainers, who have been performing acts like this throughout history. You want to blame the parents for supporting the whole shebang with their patronage. You say things like: good for the lions, haha trainers, I wish you got eaten parents...

I don't care who the fuck you are, when children who are young enough to still be entertained by a circus are present during violence and danger like this... that's the biggest problem.

Also, I noticed that #33 got down rated, but he's right. Imagine what could have happened if that man saved his own skin and didn't continue to control those animals.