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0 1. Break-a-leg commented 6 years ago on video Most Dangerous Chemical

#7, technically he is correct. In a similar case, anyone who breathes in the highly corrosive gas Di-oxygen will die eventually. ;)
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+27 2. Break-a-leg commented 6 years ago on video The most original haircut

One can only hope that the razor doesn't fling out of her hand, causing it to dye someone' hair red... red as blood >:)
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+5 3. Break-a-leg commented 6 years ago on video 5 Minutes Of What The Media Actually Does To Women

@banzemanga, why should she emphasize on that? For as far as I know, women are much more affected by media imaging. It is probably in their nature, they want to look the best they can to attract the best men. However, it is in humans to compare with others, so the picture that media provides is bound to create too high standards. Men, on the other hand, care less. They care only when they feel that they have to look attractive to get a girl. So when the media depicts men as handsome and muscular, the girls start believing that men should be like that. Men sense this and feel that they have to conform.

In my opinion, media is to blame and women should be the focusgroup here. If we can get the media to depict a more realistic view of men and women, women are less affected and as such, men are as well. Women should be the "litmus test" for the way we view men and women.
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+1 4. Break-a-leg commented 6 years ago on video French Mimi Foundation

@dogfish, I know, I know the same feeling. But when you know that cancerpatients lives' are anything but carefree and often hardly joyful, then I'll gladfully accept the deliberate aspect of the video, and just enjoy.
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+3 5. Break-a-leg commented 6 years ago on video The Copenhagen Wheel

Great idea and all, but:
1) Smartphone? Are they waterproof? Well no. So that requires attention.
2) Run-aways: The bike's brakes aren't in any way connected to the electrical circuit so that when you apply the brakes, the motor automatically cuts out.
Also, because the system senses you applying peddle-power, it can also get it wrong. A runaway bike which doesn't have a mechanical cut-out connection to the brakes is a huge hazard.
3) Easy to swap, easy to steal.

So, great idea, but those who want to ride an electric bike will probably just buy an electric bike. And with the issues mentioned here you'll need to turn your bike into an electric one. Not very efficient.
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+24 6. Break-a-leg commented 6 years ago on video Van Damme is still Cool, apparently.

#4, no, the trucks were moving backwards to demonstrate the precision of Volvo's Dynamic Steering system. The system is so precise that the truck barely makes any steering corrections to keep the trailer in line.

There is a making-of here: and an explanation of the stunt here:
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+13 7. Break-a-leg commented 6 years ago on video A doggie Rube Goldberg machine

Oh great, so now I'm voluntarily watching a commercial? I'm going to put my internets on a different channel now.
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+4 8. Break-a-leg commented 6 years ago on video Russian military ship suprises sunbathers

The story behind this, as I have understood from the media, that the beach you "sea" here is actually a beach used for practice and controlled by the military. The russians, of course, do not give a damn about this and go there for sunbathing and swimming. Which occasionally leads to this kind of events.

Unlike fixento2 suggests, it is not Photoshop, neither is it an inlet as suggested by sux2bu.
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+7 9. Break-a-leg commented 7 years ago on video Why the whole banking system is a scam - Godfrey Bloom

@Acorn, isn't it that the whole world is built on money? And that in this world, money is nothing more than a guarentee that I, the spender, have done my share of work and hereby request you to do your share.
Ever since our ancestors thousands of years ago traded 1 wolfskin for two hammers has money (in an indirect form) been around.

therefore, to claim that democracy only exists as a product of money is true, but just as true is the statement that science is only possible because somebody pays for it.

For as far as the video goes, I totally agree. However, damage done to the entire financial system if more banks would topple over is huge. saving the banks is probably necessary.
BUT: Isn't it entirely valid to ban the CEO and board from doing a similar job again, ever? Or even jail them? That way, the financial system won't collaps and those greedy bankers will end up broke and harmless to society.
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+10 10. Break-a-leg commented 7 years ago on video This must be from the Netherlands...

WANT! You know how frustrating it is holding on to your beercrate whilst moving about in dutch traffic on a crappy bicycle? No? Well, if you do, you'd want this. Only concern would be the strength of that orange bar, but if it's genuinely strong enough then WANT!

And Paul1968: Wooden shoes? Lol.
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+13 11. Break-a-leg commented 7 years ago on video That is a LOT of water

#8, probably lowering the waterlevel of the lake behind the dam. You can see the dam in the background of this video. If the waterlevel gets too high or if there is too much (predicted) rainfall coming in, the engineers will release water via these pipes to lower the waterlevel :)
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+3 12. Break-a-leg commented 7 years ago on video Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

You don't really get the point, do you?
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+7 13. Break-a-leg commented 7 years ago on video Andre Agassi Vs. Ball Girl

Apparantly Andre finds it hard to win from ball girls, girls with balls, or whatever.:
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+54 14. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Working With Bears

Damn, those tables can sure bear a lot of weight.
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+6 15. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Ten-Year-Old Deaf Girl Hears For The First Time

One is entitled to his/her own opinion. ;) And you have no more the right to bash a belief than they are allowed to promote it.

I personally strongly believe in the flying spaghetti monster. I always see his image in my bowl of pasta, so he must exist. They're all signs! /sarcasm

@Hades, True. I also believe she has heard before because people who were born deaf have no knowledge of language. They can't speak and they can't understand what somebody is saying. They only know letters and images as language. So she has deafinatly heard before.
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+5 16. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Helicopter crashes, very lucky pilot

Guess he couldn't handle the erection... >:)

Anyway, #11, there are a few ways to drive a helicopter. One is via a piston engine, most commonly seen in small craft and traininghelicopters. The second is via (ram)jets on the tip of the blades e.g. the Hiller YH-32 Hornet.
The most common and most powerful engines are turbine engines. The Bell Jetranger, The Chinook, the Mil 26, the Skycrane, you name it and it probably has a turbine engine :)
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+2 17. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Near Perfect Reflection

@Thanny, Nice man! Love it!
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+5 18. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Lost world

@7, If I'd ever win the lottery I'd be happy to oblige :) Nevertheless I'm thankful to Snotr for introducing me to the vid, just a bummer I can't watch it in HD here!
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+6 19. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Lost world

HD version:

@txo, Netherlands? I wish it was... It's Hawaii
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+20 20. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Lost world



it's worth it.
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+7 21. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Flying Car - PAL-V

#4, Such a vehicle should be as light as it possible can to be able to take off without needing an aweful lot of engine power or lift via a fixed or rotary wing.
The few "flying cars" that exist are too bulky and heavy to be feasible for mass production. The fact that this car is so slim and motorbike-like means that it can maintain that light weight and light engine...
If you want a flying car, just park your BMW in your C130 Hercules and take off from the nearest military base. Otherwise, take the PAL-V.
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+2 22. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Archetype by Aaron Sims

Talk about a cliffhanger...
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+10 23. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Kara by Quantic Dream

Besides the amazing graphics, it makes me ponder about what the future of AI will be. If a computer would indeed be able to feel, to think, in other words, to be. What does that imply?

Can we just disassemble such a computer, thereby killing the "soul" inside? Would that be murder? I can hardly call it an innocent deed, comparable to breaking apart your home computer because it doesn't work the way you want it to.
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+52 24. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video The helicopter arrived

"Hello. We're here to help you guys!"
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+34 25. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Building a new bridge in 5 days ...

Still mad at that 5 day delay for my train. Been sitting there for ages!
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+3 26. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Bad tidings

As for the moon being ripped to shreds if it comes too close to earth: It won't happen. The distance between the earth and the moon is increasing (source:
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+4 27. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Japanese Astronaut Plays Baseball in Space

Baseball + Space = Spaceball?
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+10 28. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video The Baby Tiger That's Beating Extinction

#3. I would love to just tell you that you're obviously wrong, how could you be so ignorant!

But I can't. I simply can't agree with you more. For all the anger I have within me is coming from the frustration that Mankind is just pure evil. It slaughters everything it finds...

And I find myself to be hopeless and lost, because what can I do? What can Anyone do if it takes only one fat bloke, one bullet, to kill a tiger, a lion, a rhino, an elephant, et cetera.

A lot of people believe in God (personally, I don't). But what gives us the right to act as Gods, to slay all that is not ours to destroy...

And for that, LightAngel, I would love to tell you wrong, but shamefully have to admit that you're right...
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+13 29. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video New Yorker rides into obstacles in bike lanes to prove a point.

#8 he is doing the world a favor. Every person who gets on a bike is relieving stress on the public transportation system and more importantly on the roads itself. Every car that's not on the road saves on traffic jams and pollution.
More people should do so.
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+11 30. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Brinicle

#3, #6, No, I believe the answer is much simpler: The brinewater runs down a slope, freezing a path downward.
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0 31. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Worlds Tiniest v12

#16, #18: it runs on compressed air. ;) But technically, you're right.

@cretia "oublié de remplir moteur avec l'huile moteur- engine oil?"

There is no need for extra lubrication. All the running parts have been lubed. Since the engine doesn't run on prolonged periodes of time, there is no need for a reservoir of engine oil.
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0 32. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Child Abuse..Becareful who you trust

Very funny comment, however you're wrong; Even dutch cows aren't as fat as this woman. Secondly, this woman is an all american meatbag by the name of Stephanie Merril.
Sux 2 be u.
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+39 33. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Child Abuse..Becareful who you trust

#3, that's an insult to elephants! They usually care deeply for their children, and the whole family works as a team.
Unlike this fat goat. Or is that an insult to goats?
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+9 34. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Park Like a Boss

By the looks of the indicator he does seem to do this on purpose. So I'd opt for "Nerves of steel"
but it could also be "Tiny brain" since the other drives run scared of his controlled crash :P
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+6 35. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Optical effects of travelling close to the speed of light

@LightAng3l: "The optical bending is caused by camera lenses.... you do not get that in real life... idiots... take this crap down!"

The optical bending is NOT caused by camera lenses. What happens when you're travelling at light speed is that all the light is traveling towards you from the front and in a decreasing matter from the sides, but not from the absolute rear.
When standing still light can hit you from every side, but as you are travelling ever faster the light in front of you is nearing faster than the light behind you, thus creating the red-shift seen in the vid. Since light is hitting you faster from the front the luminocity increases while it decreases at the back.
In the end, when travelling at light speed is that no light can come up from the rear (since you're moving at the same speed as the particles trying to approach you) and the light coming from the front is essentially hitting you at twice the speed.
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0 36. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Vintage race car crashes

Well, the guy at 1:44 is toast. Literally.

I guess the sport is alot safer these days: 15 cars crashing in an indie car race and only one perishes. Ofcourse, that's still one too many, but if it were 15 rickety racemobiles then it would be a whole lot more deaths and injuries!

God must love racingsports: he invites everyone over for an autograph!
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+4 37. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Rossi vs Stoner. Epic battle at Laguna Seca 2008

You're indeed right with your assumption, it was all done in 1st gear since the gear pedal is on the left side of the bike.
I own a motorbike myself, nothing like the supersport bikes seen here but it still does 0 to 108 KPH in 1st gear and gets from 0 - 100 in 4 seconds. (Just to give you an idea of what the supersportbikes are capable of) Bikes are truly amazing machines and are equally lethal if mistreated or used poorly. I have a great amount of respect to the drivers of the MotoGP! The skill displayed in this vid is just of epic proportions
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0 38. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Real Life GTA

My god that squadcar handles poor. Regardless of how aweful the driver is, the car goes all over the place and even a shallow turn makes the tires scream.
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+12 39. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Bank of Nikolai

#4, atleast you know where you're money is going...
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-1 40. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video FPSRussia - Flamethrower Massacre

"Like a pro"?
I'm sorry, but this guy really doesn't use it like a pro. He's simply trying to show off.

This should be the way to operate one:
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+12 41. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Technology

Depends on where you are ;) In Berlin are some awesome nightclubs with good music (House, e.g. Deadmau5)
Still, neat bit of engineering shown here! Awesome!
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+1 42. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video What if every machine would run with gasoline?

People who think that climate change isn't under the influence of greenhouse gasses such as methanegas and CO2 never graduated in chemistry or even know anything about it. The atmosphere is made up out of different elements which all have different effects on the climate. Watermolecules and ice deflect light and help to keep the surface cooler, CO2 absorbs energy and methane does the same as CO2, just with a 20 times stronger effect.
CO2 always played a vital role in keeping the earth warm and it has done so for billions of years, the difference nowadays is that the balance is shifting due to the fact that we humans burn carbons which have been stored in the earth for millions of years. And by burning these carbonfuels we are disrupting the balance of gasses that make up our atmosfere.

Now the influence of the gas itself may be limited, but even a small rise in temperature means melting of ice, and less ice means less deflection of sunlight back into space. More energy being absorbed means more heat means a warmer earth.

And for those who claim that global warming is a lie because the last few winters were really cold and even the summer wasn't as hot as it was before, mind this: Look at the average readings (multiple years to decades) before opening your mouth and shouting something rediculous. The earth IS getting warmer over time, just not every day/month/year is hotter than the day/month/year before.
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+5 43. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Crazy Biker

I honoustly thought for a second that the top half of his body was missing in the vid, haha.

#14, that's called tuning my friend ;) swap the standard 50CC engine for a 70 CC engine, change the carburator, airfilter and exhaust and it'll reach idiotic speeds. :)
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+4 44. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Shotover Jet - 'The World's Most Exciting Jet Boat Ride'

It really doesn't surprise me. Already wondered how good its safety record was. I guess it's a part of the thrill, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if passengers have to sign a safety provision.
Still, some people are thrill seekers and thrill seekers tend to get themselves killed for taking risks normal people wouldn't take.
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+5 45. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago on video Shotover Jet - 'The World's Most Exciting Jet Boat Ride'

F'in awesome!
Sure as hell going to ride this when I'm in NZ!
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+27 46. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Cyborg Insects

The Moth has entered The Matrix...
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+59 47. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Tactical innovations

Yay! Better ways to kill even more people even faster! :D It's great! I want one!

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+10 48. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video How Ancient Egyptians Did Math

It really sounds extremely easy, but I couldn't do it by heart. I'd have to use paper for this.
Besides, what happens when something can't be divided without decimals? How do you count then?
Lets say: 23 / 2
that would be:

1 - 2 = 1
2 - 4 = 1
4 - 8 = 0
8 - 16 = 1
leaving only 1. Which will lead to decimals. Adding 10 to the decimals gives us 1.0 (or 10)
1 - 2 = 1
2 - 4 = 0
4 - 8 = 1

So the answer should be: 11,5
*grabs calculator*
Friggin hell, it works.

It doens't really work well to try this with large numbers.. A long division still works better then.
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0 49. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Nice neighbor

No, the plunger really sucks.
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+12 50. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video 7 Billion

The problem isn't the world's population... No.
The problem is Earth...

...It should've been bigger.
(Damn you God)

(On a side note, I'm an atheïst, so don't bash me.)
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+53 51. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video The woman language translator


Of course it's fake, there is no such thing as "Femlogic"
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+15 52. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Yogi Bear-Not so happy ending


Greed turns friends into enemies...
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+5 53. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video You need to get off facebook

I have a social page, not on Facebook, but on a similar social network.

I hate it.
The only reason why I have it is because my friends have it and tend to invite me for parties and such via this monstrosity.
If it weren't for that (and for looking up people I have just met) I would have deleted my page right away. It's only depressing me, I hate it, and I don't even have a clue who the fuck is in my friendslist! I rather go out and see people in real life, call them, e-mail them or chat with them. Fuck facebook, fuck the "social" network. There is nothing social about it.
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+9 54. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Quadrotor Ball Juggling

@shaqangx, Bream73,
More info on the robots: (Or search on google for Flying Machine Arena)
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+26 55. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Quadrotor Ball Juggling

There is no pilot, that's the whole point of it. It's controlled by AI in the quadrotor itself.
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+7 56. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Speeding Camera Lottery

One of the ways for people to change their behaviour is by rewarding good behaviour. If you only punish people for bad behaviour, their behaviour would not change. They just become more ambivalent towards trafficrules. This type of rewarding is called Behaviourism, and has the well known Dr. Pavlov and Dr. Skinner as foundingfathers.

This is a great way, and a great example, of behaviourism and its positive effects. Only the government does not wish to give up its income :(
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+7 57. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Monkeys Work In Restaurant

I wonder whether they're protected by the same legal rights as their human counterparts..
If not, we may expect monkeyriots after some time, demanding more wage and better healthcare :x
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+4 58. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Car vs Icy Hill

#20, I disagree with you on the ABS part. I have cars with and without ABS. The advantage of ABS lies in its ability to automatically sense a wheel locking up. This means that you can brake harder than in a car without ABS because the ABS system will prevent your tires from locking up.
Another advantage of ABS is that it makes it easier to enter and maintain a turn when applying the brakes on a slippery surface.
In a situation where there is little room to respond to wheels locking up (e.g. an emergency situation) you're better off with ABS imo.
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+10 59. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Car vs Icy Hill


Okay, Some already said it, but this is what one has to do when in such a problem with a car that does not have ABS:

First: Turn off the music. Why? Because it helps you hear the tires and brakes better.

Step one: When you notice that you're losing the control over your car when braking: reduce the brakingpressure!
that can even mean letting go off the brakes. Why? A rolling tire has much more grip than a blocked tire.

Step two: Regain control on the car, be sure to keep the front tires pointing in the direction you are going, this helps to restore control.

Step three: After regaining control, slightly apply the brakes. This is where the lack of radionoise helps you. You can better hear the tires locking up (you can also feel it, but having the benefits of hearing aiding you helps out alot).
When you notice the brakes locking up again, slightly loosen on the brakepressure until the wheels start spinning again. Try to apply as much brakepressure as possible without locking up the wheels.

There you go. You're in full control over your vehicle.. unlike these suckers.


I almost forgot, you can also use the engine to slow you down. This only works with manual geared cars. Get your foot OFF the throttle and if necessary gear up or down to respectively reduce or increase brakingcapacity.

Using the engine to slow down is a relatively foolproof method of braking.
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+7 60. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Tokyo Time Lapse


You don't necessarily have to use a car for transportation ;)
Besides, if you really consider that as a valid argument for not going to Tokyo then I guess that other countries such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia and India don't have to expect that you come to visit them any time soon :P
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+12 61. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Bullet Proof Glass

#4, I would still be thankful to the bulletproof glass instead of God.
The latter can't stop a bullet.

#12, Maybe #4 is nomadic and moves between countries to feed his herd... Or something.
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+31 62. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Alien Vs Predator

*scratches head*

What the... :O

What was the budget on that commercial, $1,40?
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+61 63. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Spray-on clothing

I forsee some problems for people with excessive bodily hair..

Taking off your shirt would be rather painful
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+50 64. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Emulator for Traktor Pro

Science Fiction becoming Science Fact :D

I want one!
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+6 65. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Cheating Death-Near Misses With Trains

Would you slow down on the motorway because you are driving near populated areas?
The chance of an idiot crossing the street is as small as one crossing the tracks... You can't take every dumbass into account in this world ;)
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0 66. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Elephant sized tongue.

Makes you wonder why mankind seems to do its very best to put these animals into extinction.
Just like so much other species, it simply does not matter how much bigger or stronger you are compared to a human, we'll kill you anyway :|

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+40 67. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Dog does backflip

Reminds me of that robot dog which could do backflips. :P
I guess nature finally caught up with robots again O:)
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+5 68. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Bulldozer On Ice

Driving a bulldozer over an ice lake can be much safer than driving a truck over the lake due to the way the bulldozer spreads its weight over the tracks.

That being said, I don't think he managed to get out.. The water is so murky and often those rivers still have a current running underneath them...
I hope I'm wrong though.
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+46 69. Break-a-leg commented 9 years ago on video Cruise ship

The cruiseship you see here is the Voyager. Apparently they suffered from an enginefailure after a rogue wave hit the bridge, smashing through the windows and disabling the engines.
The ship made it through though, they eventually managed to restart one of the engines :)