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+3 1. Canman commented 14 years ago on video Expert recreates Toyota sudden acceleration

I think your missing the point of that demonstration. He created that fault in the accelerator wiring to show that the car's computer system would not pick it up. So if it did ever happen, there would be nothing you could do about it. The car would just keep on accelerating and the computer is thinking nothing was wrong and would not shut the car down.
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-2 2. Canman commented 14 years ago on video These guys are insane!

This was an annual event in the small city of Prince George, BC, Canada (my hometown). It was always just a fun thing that people did for laughs, called "The Sandblast". Well that is until that dumb cunt that got hit at the finsh line tryed to sue the event organizers over her own stupidity, and the event has been shut down ever since....