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+5 1. Combo commented 10 years ago on video Friday 13th Prank

Police department must have been inundated with calls that night. Ridiculous illegal 'prank'.
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+2 2. Combo commented 10 years ago on video A Mythbusters episode you'll never see.

How is that hilarious? I've worked with lab mice and it's no secret that they cannibalize each other when food is scarce or when they are not from the same litter (especially males). He really should take Discovery's advice and keep quiet about this one because -- thankfully -- animal welfare regulations which are designed to prevent such needless suffering are implemented quite strictly. I've been called many times at weekends by vets asking me to go in to work to deal with precisely such problems. Usually it progresses from nipping so intervening quickly and separating the mice can often prevent this. So no, not hilarious, and actually quite cruel. I'd be interested to see the paperwork which gave the go ahead for this study -- and if there isn't any (which I suspect), I'd be keen to see these guys prosecuted for animal cruelty.
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+1 3. Combo commented 10 years ago on video Slow Motion of an AK-47 Underwater

What a waste of a quality aquarium!
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0 4. Combo commented 10 years ago on video In england we have rednecks too

Since when have rednecks engineered their own jet engines? That was pretty neat. Like the smart mans version of Jackass.
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+2 5. Combo commented 12 years ago on video How To Extract Your Own DNA

Neat but there is nothing in this procedure stopping nucleases in the water and saliva from digesting the DNA. If you want intact DNA you would need to add nuclease inhibitors and ideally use double-distilled autoclaved water treated with diethylpyrocarbonate (DEPC).
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+3 6. Combo commented 12 years ago on video Star Size

Very cool and the kind of thing I like to see on Snotr! The largest star shown in this video (VY Canis Majoris) has a 3.0 billion km diameter and a luminosity of 4.3×10^5 L at 1 AU.

There are Quasar's that make even this look small and dim by comparison; a typical quasar has a 100 billion km diameter and a luminosity of ~1x10^11 at 20 AU. To put that in perspective, a single quasar is brighter than the whole of the Milky Way, including its 200-400 billion stars combined. The supermassive black holes at the centre of quasars are thought to be where Chuck Norris stores his dumbells. :D
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+18 7. Combo commented 12 years ago on video Russian Parkour

I like how he punches his fist and celebrates a little after each trick. As if to say, "yes! I didn't end up dead or paralyzed, sweet!"
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+3 8. Combo commented 12 years ago on video Light barrier used to repel mosquitoes

Interesting, but mosquito nets are very cheap and effective. According to the World Health Organization, the problem is a lack of political will and infrastructure to distribute the nets systematically and teach people how to use them.
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+10 9. Combo commented 12 years ago on video Spherical Flying Machine Developed by Japan Ministry Of Defense

Now make one with guns and let machines fight wars instead.
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+1 10. Combo commented 12 years ago on video Dude Visits The Tattoo Artist

#39 this may seem hard to believe, but it's a reality that affects millions of people, albeit it manifests with different severity (hence why it's called the autism spectrum). Everything else is indeed 'working' in these people: the condition is an 'invisible' disability in the sense that it is only the wiring and structure of the brain that is different. Differences in the amygdala are thought to account for much of the social/behavioral defects, whereas differences in the wiring between different regions of the brain involved in processing sensory information (such as touch) often result in the autistic person experiencing distress, anxiety, and confusion in response to everyday stimulii.

The whole channel his brother maintains on YouTube illustrates in a very cruel way the difficulties prevalent in autism, not only sensory, but the social, the importance of routine, directness or brutal honesty in communication with others, difficulty with eye contact, difficulty understanding social concepts such as authority, misunderstanding the intentions of others, and freakouts (called meltdowns in the autism community). We need more understanding, more research, more awareness, more intervention programs, and less videos like this that turn an important and increasingly widespread neurological condition into online entertainment.
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+1 11. Combo commented 12 years ago on video Dude Visits The Tattoo Artist

Not fake. Stephen is on the autism-spectrum. These videos seem entertaining but the reality is that his family are monetizing on his social/behavioral problems instead of helping him through professional intervention. People with autism can make valuable contributions to society; granting them basic dignity and helping them with their difficulties are what is needed.

#1 people on the autism spectrum frequently have sensory/auditory hypersensitivity. A bright light can become agonizingly painful, and being touched extremely uncomfortable (evident in this video and many others his brother uploaded). I'm sure you can imagine that for a person where simple touch is uncomfortable, a tattoo needle will be unbearable, plus the added stimulation from the environment and being recorded. All these factors combine together to make him decide to leave. It's not about being a p***y but rather about having a brain that is neurologically different.
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+1 12. Combo commented 13 years ago on video What is DNA Sequencing?

I used to work with him! His name is Aziz Aboobaker and his lab had the hottest chicks.
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-3 13. Combo commented 14 years ago on video Comedian vs Angry woman

The guy and his 'sister' are actors. At the end of the show they all get up on stage and dance together. See #9.
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+11 14. Combo commented 14 years ago on video A short compilation of mob pranks, courtesy of the Japanese

Funny (though it was on here a month ago)
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+5 15. Combo commented 14 years ago on video To the edge of space in a spyplane

Nice video. He reaches ~80,0000 feet then flies back down. There's a video on YouTube of a guy who flies to 102,800 feet then jumps out. Even nicer.