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0 1. Dennis53 commented 93 days ago on video In 1976 a stuntman named Kenny Powers attempted to jump the St Lawrence River in a rocket-powered Li

Holy crap that car was going fast. That jump went exactly like Evil Knievel's Snake River Canyon jump went..... all brawn, no brains. A truly idiotic piece of americana, dropped right into the Carter years.
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0 2. Dennis53 commented 93 days ago on video grain dust explosion

I wonder what the $ value of that was and whether an insurance claim was paid. It must be truly awful to see a season's work get ruined like that. Maybe some of it can be recovered and sold as feed or something.
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0 3. Dennis53 commented 93 days ago on video Russia's first postal drone takes its maiden flight - and crashes straight into a wall.

I'd take the Russian vaccine before I'd take the Chinese version.
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+2 4. Dennis53 commented 103 days ago on video Mobile phones of the future, in the past

Forget it, this nonsense is a pipe dream. There will never, ever be 'portable phones'. The technology is prohibitive and technically unfeasible.
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0 5. Dennis53 commented 342 days ago on video Feral Hogs Are Tearing Up Texas, So Tourists Are Shooting Them from Helicopters

How about mounting guns and cameras on drones and letting people do it remotely from Rhode Island? It would cost a lot less. And it would be really cool.
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-3 6. Dennis53 commented 352 days ago on video Wuppertal, Germany Schwebebahn

Interesting, but hopelessly, hopelessly impractical. Look at the amount of infrastructure per meter- it's more that any other transportation mode, maybe even high speed rail. The only thing more absurd would be building a canal to connect Washington D.C. with Pittsburgh. Oh wait....
Did I mention how ugly this thing is? Look at how wide it's footprint is. Awful!

An electric bus system (3 buses linked to make short trains) and straightened roads, timed traffic lights, could move a lot more people for 1/100th the cost. And bus stations could move when needed, the route could move, and people could actually get out if the buses broke down.

C'mon Germany, back to your normal 'practical excellence' !!
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+7 7. Dennis53 commented 363 days ago on video Crash landing in soybean field after bird strike. Sixchuter SR7XL 13 Sept 13 See description...

At the end of the video, the play button hides how scared he really was.
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0 8. Dennis53 commented 1 year ago on video Dash Cam Captures Terrifying Moment an SUV Launches Off a Ramp Into the Pacific Ocean

I wonder if that was the time the 2 women drove their entire family of adopted kids into the Pacific Ocean in a mass suicide? That happened like 2 years ago
.... oh ok, it was not, this just happened a few days ago, driver is missing.
Wonderful dystopia we cope with these days....
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0 9. Dennis53 commented 1 year ago on video Learn how to do the Doo Dah Doo Doo!

I will never, ever understand the gay mentality.
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0 10. Dennis53 commented 1 year ago on video incredible cars

90,000 cubic feet is only the equivalent of a square hole 44.8' on a side. Not very big.
Colani: The tractor trailer is nowhere near his best work. In fact it's not even worth mentioning.
The french electric WW2 car: amazingly ahead of it's time, I really truly am amazed by such a bold, different yet successful design.
The japanese rickshaw: It should be pulled by a korean woman, or at least driven by one. And saying it's 'not really a useable car' is plainly wrong, it is clearly useable in a crowded city like Tokyo or Hong Kong.
The runway grader doesn't belong on this list.
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+1 11. Dennis53 commented 1 year ago on video Why China is building islands in the South China Sea

This would be as though the USA claimed all of the Caribbean Sea. China has zero claim to these reefs and in fact a few of them have been occupied by other countries through recorded history. They have decisively lost their case in international court as well. Chinese aggression should not be tolerated here, nor along their border with India, nor with Bhutan, nor with Nepal nor Pakistan. China is also far in the wrong in claiming Tibet and Taiwan, as well as how it has put 1.5 million chinese muslims in concentration camps and now is attempting to subjugate Hong Kong, in spite of treaties it signed.
The world need only turn up the volume against China and steadily reduce trade to get them to play by the rules of the world. Until then China is an evil government that should be blocked at every turn.
A good start would be to block their use of the Panama and Suez canals.
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0 12. Dennis53 commented 1 year ago on video Fish Market on Galapagos Islands

@Robert: I bet the locals there would love to hear from you. They should leave so you can have your museum exhibit.
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0 13. Dennis53 commented 1 year ago on video Immigration is Bad For Britain

Look at the rise in percentage of people in Britain who were foriegn-born. It rises sharply after WW2 and explodes in the 1990's. The data doesn't extend back to the time of the Huguenots, but obviously it would be only a trace amount as expressed as "percentage of the population that is foreign-born". That's what matters.
You can name-call all you want, but that won't change the fact that British culture, the thing that makes Britain nice to live in, will be overwhelmed quite soon at present immigration rates. The people who are pouring in do not have the same respect of the rule of law, or of women's rights, or of democracy, as do the british. They also don't have any of the pressure to assimilate when they come in such large numbers. So all the awful things about the 3rd world can and are taking root in Britain, like crime in London, bribery, cartels/organized crime, low social trust, reduced volunteerism and altruism, etc.
The Hugeunots were white europeans who respected the same strong fair institutions that britons did. Not so of africans and syrians. They allow bribery, dictatorship and brutality to take over.
An unpleasant truth is that the quality of life in any place on earth is the result of the local culture. The people who are coming in to Britain are fleeing this awful truth, but they will inevitably bring that culture to your doorstep.
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+1 14. Dennis53 commented 1 year ago on video Starting an old British Field Marshall tractor with a shotgun shell!

That was a weird, rare thing for sure!
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-3 15. Dennis53 commented 1 year ago on video Whale Fall Actively Devoured by Scavengers at Davidson Seamount | Nautilus Live

They don't sound professional. When a deep sea submersible or robot is sent down to extreme depths, that is a huge taxpayer expense. We should hear dispassionate scientists, not giddy group-think.
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+1 16. Dennis53 commented 1 year ago on video The TANK vs The World

Total waste of time....
Wow the existence of the Toyota Prius just seems to threaten so many guys. I drive a Prius Prime and I run it in electric mode 95% of the time. Still on a tank of gas I bought in the summer. I also drive an F250 for weekend warrior stuff, btw.
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+1 17. Dennis53 commented 1 year ago on video Girl tossed in air after bison charges Yellowstone tourists

She knew better if she was of average intelligence and if she could read. You can't be in Yellowstone without seeing all the warnings. But here, "adults" broke the rules which led an impressionable child into thinking it was somehow ok. I doubt she was seriously injured, but it really, really could have been fatal. What absolute morons.
But probably 97% of Yellowstone visitors are very well behaved. It is an astonishingly international crowd, surprising because Yellowstone isn't near anything.
To those who have never seen a bison in the flesh: You simply cannot tell from pictures how big these bastards really are. It's like looking at the Matterhorn in real life- you realize photos will never do it.
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0 18. Dennis53 commented 1 year ago on video Corvette's Ferrari 458 for a fraction of the price - the new mid-engined NA V8 Stingray!

Want to feel depressed? I bet several Tesla models could beat it. Still, I'm guessing it's waaaay fun to drive. Commentator: It shouldn't. That's not free trade.
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+1 19. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video How Socialism Killed Venezuela

I notice none of you three addressed or contradicted or refuted ANY of his points though. Hmmm.
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+2 20. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Pedestrian 0, biker also 0

#4 Have you lost your mind? She stepped into the way 10' in front of him- barely enough time to comprehend it. Believe it or not, low IQ man, pedestrians do not have that kind of 'right of way'.
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0 21. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Climate Scientists Destroy Climate Change Alarmism

".....100 years which is about 100 times faster."

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+2 22. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Surprise Twist During Cat Rescue

Secondary weirdness: that diabolical laughter. Probably the same witch who is spiking the liquor in the D.R.
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+4 23. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Syracuse professor grows 40 different fruits on one tree

It's called 'Grafting' and it's been done for thousands of years.
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+1 25. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video 75 000 h.p. The Biggest Nuclear Icebreaker

Count me among the naysayers. Don't speak for them and then create a false argument. Also, acknowledge that there are no clear cut 'sides' to this issue, instead there is 'how much' climate change, whether it is caused by man or nature, and if the two are combining, what's the ratio. There is also warming vs. cooling vs. change.
There is also the divide between those who think the change is good or bad, and those who think it will be indescribably catastrophic vs. those who think it will be a non-story. So that's quite a matrix of different positions.

The sneering at people who think other than your thoughts isn't helpful to your cause- in fact it has resulted in very real pushback and loss of funding for study.

Statements like 'there is consensus in the sci community' and 'overwhelming evidence' also hurts the cause, because those statements are false.

The global cooling proponents are more common than you might think. A large fraction of the Russian science community is predicting significant global cooling in 30 years. Say what you will about russians in general, but they do a lot of good science.

Much of the dissent is caused by:
-Predictions of 'doom in X number of years' (the predictions NEVER come true, and we've lived thru many of them now)
-The mistakes numbers, averages and data have all favored the warming conclusions, never have they skewed in the other direction. This is suspicious to say the least.
-data has been deliberately skewed, and this fact was hidden for years (raw surface temperature readings)
-once discovered, a reason to skew it was manufactured, and then passed around in secret among NASA climate researchers.
-the reason and subsequent adjustment of temperatures before publishing is dubious
-climate models do not work, so far. They can't be made predict past climate change, for example.
-The 'Little Ice Age' caused a very significant glacial expansion, which is now ending. This is rarely acknowledged.
-The headlines in the mainstream media, as well as the conclusions in articles, are often wildly inaccurate, unscientific, and sometimes even dishonest.
-Putting a time limit on the needed actions isn't based on fact and is completely arbitrary.

Looking at all this should create a lot of questions and doubt. No one doubts that climate change should be studied and should be taken seriously, but the most shrill, emotional, unscientific voices are the ones driving the debate and the ones labeling everyone else ignorant 'deniers'.
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0 26. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video ‘Incline’ parking in China aims to save space for more cars

A complete boondoggle. Just build additional floors on the parking garage. And stick to the one child policy. In fact the entire world should operate under the one child policy.
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0 27. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Car Crashes Time 4

There is some incredibly bad driving in these videos. I wonder if millions of russians are intellectually limited due to fetal alcohol syndrome. The drivers I see in these videos are beyond careless, they're stupid.
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+1 28. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video What happened?

Adobe After Effects
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+1 29. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Pay attention!

That's not a difficult driving mistake to make at all. The driver is not expecting to be overtaken by a cyclist, and the cyclist is pretty much in the driver's blind spot as the driver initiates pulling over. It definitely does not deserve the cussing out/name calling. That is not appropriate at all. Shouting 'On your right!!' is what would have been appropriate. Cyclists must understand that overtaking cars on the right is risky. Period.
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+2 30. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Paperboy on bike goes full speed

That guy is begging for death.
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+6 31. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Meet Aisha: Amazon's New Sharia-Compliant Version of Alexa!

Islam is a stain on humanity. The sooner we realize this, the better.
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-1 32. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Engineer vs Thieves

How many times is this guy to spew his desperate social norming and cries for attention?
1) We've seen this video every day for 2 weeks
2) Spraying glitter on some dirtbag thief is not real punishment.
3) No one likes a person who can't be themselves. This guy's smile is so forced he's going to injure himself. His hair looks like he was on a movie set. His 'I'm so wonderful' demeanor tells us he craves approval..... and nothing less that 300,000,000,000 likes will do.
4) Go away until you give these thieves what they actually deserve.
5) Workbench is totally fake, and anyone who keeps a workbench that clean has major issues. Be yourself, dude. And if that is the real you, realize that seeming perfect to others is a waste of time.
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0 33. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video A guided tour of the big guns at the 2017 Big Sandy Shoot

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0 34. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Political Correctness is a More Dangerous Form of Totalitarianism

Is he wiping his nose and then looking at whatever is on his hand?
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0 35. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Florida Highway Patrol Pursuit Hits 142 MPH, Then Cruiser Catches Fire

Yup, when you can put aside your hatred of authority long enough to ask why the police didn't chase down the killer of your daughter.
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0 36. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video How to defeat Hypersonic-Missile?

@ #Mwak:

Unless your grandfather was a nazi or a japanese high officer, there wasn't much to feel bad about. WW2 was brought to us by evil regimes. People like your grandfather fought to protect freedom and liberty and international peace. The collateral damage was not avoidable. You could avoid specific instances of collateral damage, but not the overall fact that it occurred.

People who decry war as unnecessary and avoidable are simply not being realistic. There are countries out there which are led by people who really don't care. The notion of passivity and political pressure of disingagement will simply lead to more aggression by the presently bad nations- Russia has seized the Crimea, eastern Ukraine, western Georgia, etc. and China has seized a bit of Bhutan, a lot of India, all of Tibet, and next will be Taiwan and the entire South China sea.

"Choosing Peace" will actually bring more of this, not less. China and Russia both know that the west is tired of defending freedom and democracy. None of their seizures had a direct bearing on western security. None of those places threatened either China or Russia. They were simply grabbed for their resources and riches.
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0 37. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Taiga TS2 Electric Snowmobile - Electrek's Test ride

Oy... sounds like a geared drive train. Horrible amount of noise. Fail.
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+2 38. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video People are Amazing? No, they are crazy!

That made my d**k shrivel up.
But really, it is not admirable to do this, it's dumb and irresponsible. The the people walking around below who might get hit.
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+3 39. Dennis53 commented 2 years ago on video Scariest BASE JUMP Exit Ever?

These videos make me squirm with discomfort every time.
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+3 40. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Falcon Outside My Window 53 Stories high

He's not moving.... I think he's scared of the height
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+3 41. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video TUTORIAL: Spinning steel wool with a 360 camera.

Absolutely astonishing how consumer items like the 360 cameras have become available, and the interesting images they create. I don't know whether it was on Snotr or elsewhere, someone was mounting these cameras onto arrows and shooting the arrows into the sky, which produced some cool clips.

The number of cool hobbyist toys available to boys/kids/anyone has exploded- Rasberry Pi's, Arduinos, consumer 3d printers, CNC router kits and CNC stuff, Computers, smart phones, GoPro's, Kite surfing, QuadCopters, YouTube, GarageBand, etc. etc. etc. None of this was around when I was young. I still always found interesting things to tinker with, but still.... now there is so much more.

Amazing, isn't it? If I were a kid, I think I'd have trouble deciding on which things to do!

Someone else please add to the things I've listed. Mine is only one viewpoint, I'm sure I left out tons of cool things.
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+1 42. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Elegant Friesian horse meets the neighbours cows. SO FUNNY, what a horse!

#1, nah, although at first they were cowed, after a minute it turned to horsing around.
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+8 43. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Thrown Out Of Sydney No Go Zone

#3 You cite her background as though that matters. It doesn't. And it is precisely your liberal disingenuousness that allows muslims to get away with this stuff. In the end however, they will only ruin areas where you libs infest. You'll get your just desert. AND the cop's reaction completely makes her point, although your rigid, dogmatic dishonesty doesn't allow you to acknowledge that. No matter- the rest of us can see it.
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+1 44. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Allegedly drunk woman escaping the cops in Riga

The criminals are running the place when citizens can do this. Shall we attempt to run Baltimore and Chicago this way?
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+1 45. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Lunch Atop A Skyscraper: The Story Behind The 1932 Photo

#1 Mine too.... ugh!

#3 I read that 5 men died during the building of the Empire State Building.
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-2 46. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video The Doomed Cleveland Balloonfest of '86

@ringmaster: You are sooo right. She is gorgeous.

Wow when Snotr posts this old, tired story, it means they're unable to post quality stuff. Anyone with access to the internet has already seen this at least 5 times, first time being in 1993.
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-1 47. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video PILE UP

A section of the barrier gave away and was pushed away, which should never happen.... the first car spun instead of sliding.... ok that was obvious so I don't know why I felt I had to explain it to you. Other that the fact that you're stooopid.
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+2 48. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Vintage Electronics - The Tefifon

The reason the Germans came out with this format was because in the early 1930's they anticipated hip hop and rap deejays doing that dopey record scratching/scrubbing sound, and they tried to preemptively stop it before it started.
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+1 49. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Spider Fight in the Philippines

@kawett, the guy in the video is watching, but so are you. Yes, it might be wrong... which would make your complicity, if not less than his, at least in the same order of magnitude. The advertisers on Snotr therefore are profiting off of overwhelming misery and death, specifically facilitated by you- and God only knows how many other such videos you watch, without apprising us.

The question of ant consciousness is interesting though. How could a tiny, disgusting creature have enough brain cells to have a consciousness and stress about pain, suffering and death? I don't know- but realize that spiders are constantly monitoring vision through 8 eyes, and they weave incredibly intricate webs, on which they effortlessly maneuver while deftly wrapping opponents and prey in still more sticky, delicate, nearly invisible strands of web. Processing all that would take humans 100x as long to do, with brains that weigh 10,000 times as much. WTF?

At 0:36 both spiders appear to be flailing away equally, yet at 0:37 one spider appears to be covered in dozens (hundreds?) of longitudinally wrapping strands of web. Somehow I miss the point where the victor went around the loser 183 times, wrapping him tight. Can someone explain that?
I remember once sitting at the edge of a cliff, when a friend noticed large carpenter ants crawling around in front of us. The two of us, being teenage a55h0les, started flicking the ants off the cliff. Then we noticed that about 20% of the time, the ants were freefalling into a large, perfect web that was 10' down the cliff, built into a fork in a little tree. As each ant would jiggle the web, a large spider would spring out of hiding, dash across the web, and quickly gobble up the ant. The light was just right and you could see it vividly! It was so cool that I think we kept at it until there weren't any ants left.
.....err, maybe you had to be there. And maybe my comments shouldn't be so long and annoying.
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+4 50. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle T

How to make a $10,000 jeep cost $300,000
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+1 51. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video CNC Machine Wrecked by Rod

#3 I'm an amateur machinist.
The guy had a work rest out by the end of the rod, but it appears he forgot to use it.
Even if he did use it, it would be really marginal, as it could still get nudged aside by the spinning/vibrating rod. Lathes can use 'follower rests' and 'steady rests' right on the lathe bed.
I forget what you call the freestanding ones, other than a 'work rest'. The spinning metal rod is the 'work' piece. He should be using a rest that has 3 wheels which completely surround the work.
Bottom line: that is a VERY long unsupported/surrounded work piece. Needs to be cut in half, at half that length it would probably be ok.
Every machinist will have an occasional accident. If you screw up a lot, they might let you go, but if you're no worse than the rest of the guys you just had a bad day and maybe you'll get some ribbing. About your rod. Concerning machine shop accidents, I have quite a few horror stories and quite a few close calls.... don't get me started!
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+1 52. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video It’s Illegal to Visit This Island in the Indian Ocean, and Here’s Why

There are plenty of pictures of the Adaman Island people, no need to use pictures that aren't of them. It calls into question everything this author wrote.
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0 53. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Actors Cold Read Facts on Illegal Immigration off of a Teleprompter

LOL..... the stuff conservatives have known and been worrying about for decades. I'm stunned by some of the other comments here- the dishonesty is staggering.
"Illegal immigrants are more investigated than regular citizens" sheesh! Get help, dude.
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-3 54. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Dutch comedy sketch explains how the modern world sees America’s baffling gun problem

Of course, the Europeans have been incredibly dumb in the last generation- they set up the European Union, only to turn it into a bureaucratic mess that most don't like, to the extent that it actually drove out the Brits; They refuse to adequately defend themselves; they voted in Hitler and stood by while he killed millions; they stood by even 20 years ago as the Serbs slaughtered thousands; they treat gypsies the way the deep south treated blacks 50 years ago, they've had civil war (Yugoslavia) They've made themselves vulnerable to Russia (russian gas) and last but not least, they have absolutely buried themselves with incoming cultures that don't uphold the rule of law or the proper treatment of women. So while they can look down on American gun violence, they certainly have not demonstrated superior intelligence.
None of these things have happened in modern times in the USA- not the civil wars, not the genocide, not the rolling over for the Nazis or the Russians.
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+2 55. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video White Women's Workout now if you feel fear you're a racist? The idea of the skit is funny, but calling that racism is wrong.
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+6 56. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Massive Himalaya Rock Fall in India

There is in fact water/mud in this flow, but not a lot. You can see it splashing up occasionally near the beginning of the clip. There are likely snowfields somewhere above where we see in the vid. Still, it's incredible. How would you like to fall into that and be ground up? Trust me, it would hurt.
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+1 57. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Holycrapola , San Francisco Full of Poop and Needles

LOL!!! Where liberalism meets reality. By the way, Natan el tigre and ringmaster are also symptoms of everything that is wrong. It should be illegal to show a 'symptom' on TV? Get help, Tigre.
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+4 58. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Russian arrested in Toronto for scary stunts.

It's important to understand how stupid this is. To be this desperate for the world's approval reveals this person to be, at this moment, quite literally the dumbest person on the planet. He deserves the inevitable.
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+2 59. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Animal Crossing

@ # 3, WOOSH!
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+1 60. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Somewhere in Africa

No one has the slightest situational awareness, I see
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+2 61. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video A Scientist Spilled 2 Drops Organic Mercury On Her Hand

EFF U, creep, she was a world renowned expert, the work is dangerous.
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+4 62. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Soup can to nuts

Not cool, why does anyone think this is ok?
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0 63. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Guy in New Zealand playing guitar for cows

Dude, they hate you.
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+1 64. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Motorcycle Fail

I think at this point he's staying away just from the sheer number of times Thundersnow has brought it up.

And as for the video, why would you ride so fast in a trench that you can't steer out of without falling, and why would you ride so fast that you can't see dangers ahead of you until it's too late???
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+3 65. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Primitive Technology: Mud Bricks

This guy is incredible!!
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+2 66. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Meet the new missus, guys!

I don't know, I don't really enjoy watching people play russian roulette. I think that's what this amounts to.
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+1 67. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video 261 kph water rocket trike

.....I can't even fathom.
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+2 68. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Up The River // Hypetrain Motors

I think the feather part would seem kind of insignificant.
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0 69. Dennis53 commented 3 years ago on video Hurricane size comparison

meh... we have only been accurately measuring hurricanes for a few decades. But there are some pretty incredible accounts from hundreds of years ago that impress me more.
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0 70. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video The most honest Arab Muslim on Planet Earth

It's Bush's fault!
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+5 71. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Giant Crab

nope, nope, and nope
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-2 72. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Monkeys v Cat & Dogs

@#11 STFU you gypsy.
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+1 73. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Primitive Technology - Sandals

Where the vines in the soles go across and do a 180 and head back again- they will break right there in short order. In general though this guy is super impressive.
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+2 74. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Dolphin Asks Diver For Help

that is an absolutely amazing encounter
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-2 75. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video You can't even text and walk

@ #8 thefox: Try to get a bit of perspective, instead of huffing and puffing to impress everyone. No one disputes that texting while driving is dangerous, but your notion is just absurdly draconian. In fact, if you display such a complete lack of perspective, then by following your excessive desire to nuke all non-perfection, perhaps your ability to make decisions on the road should be questioned. What should we do with someone caught changing a radio station while driving? Mandatory 5 years?
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0 76. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Saturday Night Live "Dog Translator" skit

Dumb not funny skit to do the usual Trump stuff....
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+1 77. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Boat fails

The very first crash was fatal for both men aboard.... it was on liveleak about a year ago
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+1 79. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Foxy Lady has dramatic belly landing.

Come on, Snotr, this video shows none of this drama. Don't waste people's time like this.
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+2 80. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video The Raw Sounds of Long Boarding Mt. Lemmon | Ultimate Rush

Public menace.... not smart, and totally wrong to inflict on motorists coming up the road.
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0 81. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video The Superman's Return - Michael Guerra is back on bike to fight road cyclists' crimes

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what a death wish looks like.
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0 82. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Cats & Cucumbers

I gotta try this... I got 2 big cats
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0 83. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Girl Gets Revenge on Construction Workers

So a homophobic notion is ok now? Aren't the PC police essentially insulting a major victim group?
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+2 84. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Scientists Discover A New Kind Of Fire

Come on, this is far from new....
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+4 85. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video How to open a can of food without any tools

whatever the hell that was, I don't want it, no thanks.
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+1 86. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Kid In 350z Shows Off Too Much - CRASHES Into Fence!

I agree with snotraddict completely ^^^^
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+4 87. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Boxing Kangaroo

Does anyone know if this behavior is play or actual aggression? I've always thought kangaroos were not very intelligent, and therefore not very trainable or able to interact with humans in predictable ways. Don't call me a racist.
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+2 88. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Santa Fe 3751 (Los Angeles-San Bernardino) Feat. High Speed Pace!

ummm.... no. I'm sure you are getting it. No offense meant.
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+5 90. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Nice way to say goodbye - Thank you, Audi.

@ #1: Volkswagen is far too busy screwing every owner of a VW diesel to notice.
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+3 91. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video The worst first date ever

there's no justification for wasting someone's time like this, there's no justification for setting them up like this.
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0 92. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video When you get bored in the lab

@ #2 commenter, it's a great video, puts a smile on my face each time. It perfectly captures the sillyness that can exist between 2 guys at work who completely trust each other. It's the kind of boyish thing will do in front of his best friend but never in front of a woman. I love it! And #2, I already know you're spending Christmas alone.
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+4 93. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Biker chases driver who 'cut him up' to hand back dropped wallet but doesn't get reaction he expecte

a helluva lot more classy thing would be to have thrown both items on the guy's lap and then tell him 'you cut me off back there and could have killed me' and then just carry on.
I'm an extremely good driver, been driving since 1978, no accidents, but I have made a few bad mistakes in my time, and so have you.
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+2 94. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Why Socrates Hated Democracy

Socrates may have supported a representative republic, but not mentioned in this video is what happens when a ruling group begins to rule in it's own interests instead of the interests of the whole nation. Then what? It seems to me the ONLY way to prevent that is term limits, complete transparency of all communication, no compensation for serving, and a complete freeze on one's finances while serving. As tough as that is, what else would work?
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+5 95. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Best of Luck with the Wall

They did it in Israel, and they can do it here.
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+2 96. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Chris Rock on Black people

@ #3: Who the hell do you think you're fooling? You're looking over your shoulder at 3 AM in fear of japanese or norwegians to rob you? Get real and lose the politically correct drivel. No one is buying and you just look like a fool.
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0 97. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Chunky lock

...makes stamp collecting look better and better
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+1 98. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Capuchin monkeys unintentionally made stone age tools

# 15 why does someone have the right to force you to make a cake for them? Can you for a certain house painter to paint your house? Can you force a priest to make a specific sermon?
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+3 99. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Guy shoots deer, then something strange happens...

#14 would you say 'hunters are just...." about primitive people who hunt? You've been too far removed from the reality of life.
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+7 100. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video CNN reporter hit by protester, knocked over

You get to act like animals and make the rest of the world hate you because of 'gun wielding lunatics'? And BTW, the vast, vast majority of VIOLENT gun wielding lunatics are blacks who kill other blacks.
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+1 101. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Kitten VERY Protective of her Food

That kitten has known real hunger. Sad. And really uncool to provoke it.
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0 102. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago on video Cat vs Snake

stagged.... is he died yet?
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-2 103. Dennis53 commented 5 years ago on video Does Socialism Makes People Selfish

Wow, I am disgusted by some of the comments on here... the guy is so obviously right.
#4 what a breath of fresh air, thanks. Well said.
#3, you complete loser, you STILL work for a boss in any of your socialist paradises- a boss in a FOR PROFIT company.
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0 104. Dennis53 commented 5 years ago on video Underground Parking Garage

Sooo impractical, as to be amazing. An excavation that deep and large: millions in many places. And how do you keep water out, during a power failure? Incredibly slow as well. Employees do not arrive one at a time during the beginning and end of the workday. The guy parked his car too far back as well, notice when retrieving his car, the trunk almost gets sheared off. Never underestimate the ability for subhuman americans to damage/misuse this system. Repairing it? Huge delay and people’s cars trapped. Fire? How do you fight it, particularly the fumes trapped underground? Cute idea, but realistically, terrible idea.