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+1 1. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 8 years ago on video Working Through Emotional Barriers

Dannelito, how the black adults are supposed to protect and prevent bad things to happen to their children? You cannot change easily the fact that some men are racists and the fact that a black man life is less easy in USA. Trying to be better, working harder and being more cautious is in my point of view a prudent path.
A more revolutionary solution would be gather white and black together in as many activities as possible, trying to be more intelligent and trying go past slavery and racism bad memories but I don't believe the americans would have the will to do it rather that staying alone.
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+1 2. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 8 years ago on video The BEST humane mouse trap!

#13 I suppose #9 was catching an occasion for a joke. How to catch a rat? I have some I would like them to go away but the only thing which works is to poison them and them it's awful to see them dying (And let's forget the smell for the hidden ones). Ultrason noises seems not work and they are clever enough to avoid the non-letal trap I have.
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+4 3. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 8 years ago on video The BEST humane mouse trap!

#5 : You could have taken all your mice miles away with your car (or by walking a little), they wouldn't be able to come back and they had a second chance to live elsewhere (or they will feed whatever useful predator!). It is what I do with mice, caught by a trap which don't kill them.
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+2 4. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 8 years ago on video White student at San Francisco State University hassled because of his dreads

I agree with you Burimi, maybe she only wants a hot debate with him, she doesn't look physically aggressive. He should propose her a gentle kiss to smooth her feelings or alternatively he may answer her that wearing too many clothes and hiding too much her beautiful chocolate and healthy skin are not either in her ancestors's culture!
He should only laugh of what she argued, to my point of view - but maybe I didn't catch well enough the words she used.
He may ask her, if one day she makes babies with a white guy, a white-white guy, let's say a pure Finnish/Swedish/Norwegian guy, could her babies have dreads or not?
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0 5. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 10 years ago on video The Unstealable Bike by Yerka Project (Prototype)

#13: Why stealing bikes? I mean, the value of a used bike is usually very small. Won't you make a better ratio money/risks by begging or selling quickly some gadgets onto the streets?
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+2 6. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 10 years ago on video Car vs. cyclist

@snotraddict: I agree with you. I have rode bicycle a long time and I know it's necessary to slow down in every potentially conflicting situations. Sometimes the other drivers are distracted or overwhelmed by too many simultaneous potentially dangerous situations. In the case of the last crossing and the consequential accident, the driver may have been obliged to take a too quick decision to cross the road.

Something similar happened to me decades ago, the car had to cut my the way, the driver saw me, I saw him, he probably thought he have enough time. Simultaneously, some pedestrian crossing a road in front of him obliged the car to stop in the middle, cutting my way... I crashed on the car! Even I wasn't my fault anyway, I learned then I'd better ride slower to be able to stop anywhere anytime.

Nowadays in every potentially conflicting areas, I take a higher view and a slower ride, I can still ride faster in the places where I am alone. I am also very cautious about the cars' doors, because people often get out their cars without looking before opening their doors! Anticipation is the key word in every situation, your rights are another problem.

@remington: You're wrong, it's completely out of the problem depicted there. A clear bad behavior - not depicted in this short video - from one or two bicycles doesn't gives you rights to make the others pay. Road rage is a kind of psychological illness, in the bikers, the drivers and in the riders. I may go further: you may be less in danger crossing on red lights and riding anywhere if you are much more cautious than the guy who has filmed his rides!!! You have to look, look, everywhere every time, that's the most important thing. The law may come after, if an accident happen, or if a policeman catch you (and he has rights to do so!).
The risks taken by this bicycle make me wonder if this guy has already a kind of road rage. Does the video has been made in a one or two days of riding, or is it in one month of everyday riding?
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+1 7. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 10 years ago on video Appearances Experiment

#12 Am I filthy if I expect a thank, a smile or (worse?) a similar help later from the ones I have helped?
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+1 8. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 10 years ago on video Appearances Experiment

#5: There is a similar law in France:
"Délit de non assistance à personne en danger": Offence for non assistance to endangered people. Means you may be jailed or receive a fine if you don't give help to endangered person.
This law applies also to car accidents were people pass by without giving any help.
It have also been applied in a case of drunk guy dead in a car accident: the barman didn't do anything to stop him on the way to take his car, even it was clear the customer was intoxicated.
So logically this law applies to the situations depicted here in this short movie.
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+15 9. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 10 years ago on video Appearances Experiment

An easy film to do. But in reality, we can be very annoyed while trying to help homeless people. To be clear, all this crowd should at least speak to this guy at a safe distance and call an ambulance... It's what I would do but ready to run away if it's a trickery.

The ambulance - or firemen in France - may not come soon because these things happens all the day long in big towns in France (Looks like Paris?). Many, many of these guys drink too much alcohol or take too much drugs and then became very uncomfortable to themselves and with others. Some aren't sick at all but sticky beggars. Other, really sick, taken at hospitals, will shit everywhere, destroy everything to their reach and stole as much drugs as they can.

I must add that nobody will help you if you are attacked on the street and the police may jail you if you manage to respond successfully to a physical attack - some villains are astute... So if you try to help somebody who turn aggressive, you are on your own.

Stay some months in France without any revenue and the state may propose you... Not a work (it would be fantastic!) but a small Welfare and free medical care. People in France are not so bad, only they fear by experience homeless and beggars.
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+4 10. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 10 years ago on video Super Bowl Commercial

Coca-cola may lost some true haters and racists, but also regain some customers in the vast majority of non-racists and openminded people. I bet the haters are a minority else Coke would have made another choice of advertisement!!! They don't do that kind of campaign without thinking a lot and without extensive testing work, billions of dollars are in stake...
With this in mind, even the haters made a good buzz for Coca-cola, even it's against their will!
See, we all had had a look to this advert and saw who is against.
Very very well done.
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+5 11. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 10 years ago on video Australian Food

Maybe the girl feel like the smell as dog food? Or maybe she had been pranked with dog food in the past?
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+5 12. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 10 years ago on video Game Of Thrones Real Castle

What a beautiful and intelligent work! :O <3 :O Impressive!
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+6 13. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 10 years ago on video Security kid

Okay, what the kid have done is dangerous. And brave, I totally agree.

But, how can you be sure to stay alive after a robbery?
Who knows, maybe the robber could have shot the both to insure no witness are left behind.
Or even kill one or two by a mishandling of the gun.

So, you may let the bad guys rob everything and still end into a wheelchair or in a grave...

Please don't forget, too, that the money doesn't come from nothing. If you have nothing to sell or too depressed to work again, you may end quickly homeless and too soon dead. Never heard about PTSD? So a "successful" robbery, with no bullets fired, may mean death at the end for the victims and their families. Don't speak about insurances, because insurances soon stop to reimburse for robberies when it happens too often. And a regular robbed shop stop to have any value to anyone, so you may end to have no escape solution.

So I am at the side of the people praising this very brave kid. No, this kid don't watch too many movies, else he wouldn't try anything, the television trains ourselves not to react, reacting is useless when watching a movie. At the contrary, he saw his life was in real danger and done his best to save his life, that's all.
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+5 14. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video How to handle a road rage confrontation

Thanks to Zebulun to give the link - - which explains and gives more details. Comments in the same page against the bad behaviour of the angry guy are very interesting too.
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+3 15. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video A cockpit tour of the SR-71

Very interesting!

Thanks for the post, the SR71 is such a piece excellent engineer work and it's clear that level of precise machinery could only be guided by very talented pilots after a long dedicated training. A simple mistake or distraction (Oops! It seems I've transferred too much fuel, after all...) and that's over, for you and anybody in the path of this titanium monster...

I suppose that with today technology, more people could pilot a plane like this one, if assisted by fast computers with delicate softwares as close to perfection as possible.

Maybe a bigger similar "plane" could launch small satellites into space? But at what astonishing costs for creating a more ambitious and bigger JP7 fed monster, if it's ever possible to scale up the SR71?

Americans and Russians have made so many quasi-alien technological monsters!
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+1 16. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video My Shoes

I liked this movie. Very true. Many people are jealous without having the entire picture. For instance, they would like to be as wealthy as the surgeons are, but forget it means at least ten years of hard studies, and then hard working days trying to save lives, sometimes in vain, alas, and so on.
But... You can also try to make the necessary efforts to get richer. Of course, I agree it's much easier when you come from a loving and wealthy family.
People should appreciate what they already have, ok, but some may also try to earn more by clever and honest work, not magic wishes or magic irrational daydream...
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+1 17. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Fracking explained

#4: You're right! "The contamination is so severe than the water could not even be clean in an treatment plant" :'( Maybe Americans thinks they have enough space to move to another place in this case. Or maybe they don't have enough space for democratic expression to let people reject fracking. At least, did they really got these 650.000 jobs? Or just one or two new billionaires?
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+2 18. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Fracking explained

In France, today media says it gave 650.000 jobs to USA citizens. True or false? Who knows?
Implicitly, these french medias let french people think that giving the same authorization in France would give also many jobs in these time of high unemployment levels...
But I do understand it also mean undrinkable water in many places, possible cancer rise because of polluted areas and various other environmental damages, so I would prefer this technology not to be used.
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+1 19. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Mirror's Edge parkour

It hurts me anticipating many potential fails. Thanks for Snotr, there were no fails at all!
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+2 20. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Could you do it better ???

#9: It depends on where it's filmed. In France big cities, clearly no, except in August. Plus in France you'll have to pay, from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. It's very difficult to park ; political leaders choose to discourage car usage by reducing the number of available places. It's also nearly impossible to keep your car undamaged (neglect, jealousy...)
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+3 21. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Brain Divided

A very talented team! I hope I'll see other creations like this one soon! Please, please continue!
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+1 22. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Why Are American Health Care Costs So High ?

#9: You said Empire? Where is the American Empire? Are there settlements, slaves, vassal states, colonies? The American "Empire" isn't like French Empire or United Kingdom Empire, the last two Empire are gone but France and United Kingdom still exists, you know. It's the same for Spain and Portugal: they were much bigger three centuries ago but they are still alive now. The last remnants of the Islamic Empire downed a century ago, it's why Turkey is close to be a modern state now, even they are going backward now (tempted to recreate an Islamic Empire?).

To my point of view, America is just currently the best in matters of power (number of units) and advanced technology. Some states may be more advanced, but smaller, some states (China, India) are bigger.

Maybe in twenty years from now, China and India will be more powerful than USA - this doesn't implies that USA will be down neither be in war against China or India or Russia, nobody in these countries is mad enough to go to such a gigantic conflict. (Maybe I'm too optimistic?)

I think USA citizens will be richer with less investments in military stuff and more investments in education and civil research.

#11, etplayer: You know your USA? Do you mean they may refuse to heal you because of lack of money? It's awful and against the Hippocratic Oath ; I know in France they can't refuse you in an hospital speaking about money. And all the medical procedures have a fixed cost... With some adds depending on the doctor/surgeon. Adds may be partly paid by optional insurances. Many doctors don't ask for more money when you are very poor.
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+8 23. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Why Are American Health Care Costs So High ?

#6: I'm not sure you're right. I've heard the same thing in many places, that old people cost too much at the end of their lives. In France we don't kill old people when they are condemned. Some suffer a lot because doctors continue the treatment even it's desperate. Patient could ask for some help to die (if they are still able to speak or if written before...) but it's a minefield not completely accepted. On the other side, in many cases, we put homeless and old people in hospital because there are no other places for them: this cost a lot for nothing. And hospitals are not pleasant places. If the children stop to pay the retirement house, elders are sent to hospital. If the children forgot completely the elderly, elders forgot to eat, attempt suicide or whatever silly things and they are sent to the hospital while they only in need of human relationship. It's sad. Also many lost their minds before their health and are in need constant care. Do you mean we should kill Alzheimer's? Unemployment cost a lot too: we have million of people ready to work but doing nothing because of the unresolved 2008 financial crisis.

What is leading the USA to bankruptcy is huge spending on military and huge spending on spying other countries. You pay too much for your military planes, you have too much too costly military boats and submarines... On the other side, I do believe the world would be worse without american help. Maybe it could be done for less money. Let's imagine how the world would be if the only great powers were China and Russia... Rogue states would really know what it meant to be defeated, in the ancient times!

I think the must interesting thing the guy said is that American healthcare companies should negotiate BEFORE for fixed-rate prices. It's the key element, because when you in the need of medical help your are not in position to negotiate individually...
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0 24. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Fire with Fire

#4, #10 (Dmitry): You never read scientific articles, do you?

A very simple research on google give back tons of answers about these publications, like

The very first publications, in 1983/1984, may not be easy to find: the Web wasn't available at these old time.


... And en.wikipedia references some of the very first publications!
See there -->

So, according to you, the scientific community is wrong for thirty years, after thousands of expensive studies, after millions of deaths (by lack of knowledge) and millions of saved lives (by detection and by medication)

I'm very curious to read your unproven theories and the weird cures you propose.

Thousands are dead refusing to listen to doctors, of AIDS and opportunistic infections, no need of hit man to hide the very sad truth.
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+1 25. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Self-Recognition in Apes

#6: Optishock: I agree with you, it's a pity to see them jailed, as they are largely enough intelligent to be hurt by this. Even they are useful for science, we never asked them if they agree to have their life oppressed by some humans.
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+3 26. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video How $50 tablets are made in China

Anybody noticed how young they all seems to be, expected for the image of a boss in a tablet?
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+1 27. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Russian soldier has a bullet stuck in his forehead

Not so much blood for such a wound in the head? Maybe he kept this bullet for days before finding someone to help him?

This film is a proof of a new russian secret weapon: titanium reinforced skulls! But impossible to pass civilian airports security then.
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+4 28. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Ronald Reagan tells Soviet jokes

#4: Your point of view seems twisted, else there are many many "war criminals", which leads to a lost of meaning. Nazis, Slobodan Miloševi?, many Hutus against Tutsis, had been directly war criminals. But many others solely made wrong or ruthless decisions.
I may agree I would prefer the american governments to give a better support democracy outside their own country rather only a support to the interests of a minority of wealthy people. But I may address the same criticism against many french governments (And some others, when I know closely their political decisions.)
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+1 29. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Massive landslide in the French Alps

#18: I didn't know anything about that custom (the problem with the french is ...). As you say it's a joke, I searched and found a pseudo-bushism on the subject: and more explanation there:
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+2 30. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Massive landslide in the French Alps

#12: You made me think again. You mean, this time we have two different words/locutions for two different phenomenon. "Avalanche" for big amount of snow sliding (in french), and "glissement de terrain" for land-slide, so english is not better in this example (but still shorter).

Looking in the english dictionary, I see that english is less precise in the case of "avalanche" because this word contains also (in english only) the meaning of "landslide", so you're right, it's clearly not a good example to illustrate my good opinion about english language! Thank you!

I also wanted to underline that #6, gouranga4ever, was misleading because french language do have words for landslide and avalanche.
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+6 31. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Massive landslide in the French Alps

#6, #7, #10: As a french native speaker, I may say that "landslide" can be traduced in exact french by "glissement de terrain" (terrain == land, glissement == slide, so it's literally "slide of land";). Then you may say "avalanche" to picture a sudden lot of something: "I have tons of work/phone calls" == "J'ai une avalanche de travail/d'appels téléphoniques".
But the main meaning of "avalanche" is for big amounts of snow sliding down a mountain.

I think that english have more words than french, partly because you don't fell guilty borrowing foreigner words. As far as I know, borrowing words begun a long, long time ago in United Kingdom, while ancient french was the kings and queens language, until a french king made an idiot and failed war against them. Then, centuries later, when america was discovered, americans also made a mix with foreign words.

Today, when we traduce an english documentation, it leads to a significantly bigger text in french, we need more words to explain the same things.
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+4 32. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Chris Hadfield can brighten anyone's day...

#(removed comment), #3, #4 #8: There is at least one solution: swallowable toothpaste:
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+2 33. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Incredible 6,000 lb JDAM Airstrike in Afghanistan

@Kendo885: A rapid internet search lead me to think "several million" is a ten times exaggeration. And the vast majority of the deaths are indirect consequences, mainly by the release of islamic terrorism between Sunnis and Shiites. When there was under the bloody dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, only the iraqi police and military could kill people and they do kill Kurds by thousands (182 000 according to Does the civil wars and islamic empowerment all over the muslim countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria and Iran are the USA fault? Does the 70 000 deaths in today war in Syria are the USA - or Russia - fault?

I do think the credo which give an external cause to the permanent civil and religious wars inside muslims people is poisonous "gift" made to them. This wrong "analysis" will only lead to more and more deaths and losses of freedom in muslims countries first, in christian countries then (because the costs of these wars is HUGE), and, on the middle term, to other developed countries like China, when they'll be forced to invade and occupy these damn lands of petrol and Islam.
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+6 34. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Incredible 6,000 lb JDAM Airstrike in Afghanistan

Zebulon, etplayer: I'm not an american citizen, and probably I'll never be an american citizen. Your country issues about poverty, Wall Street and excessive investments in military stuff are well-known all over the world. But also honest people knows it's also your country, after independence from Britain which made a definitive peace with indians peoples, which build a great country then (industry, cars and planes, big cities with skyscrapers, global enrichment of everyone in your country, ...), which send men to the Moon, which win so many Nobel Prizes, which deliver Europe from nazis and fascist, and maybe also from communists, and the list is to be continued...

I'll never forget how haters like Mohammed Merah in Toulouse (France) kills innocent children and a father in a school less than a year ago. That's a real civilian targeting, that's a act of terrorism. Then that hater repeat "Allah Wakbar" ("God is Great";) a hundred times ad nauseum, and pretend having made something good. That shitty coward killed also some unarmed young military men, a few days before. We have no free circulation of guns in France, but we have killing in schools because of the haters whose ideology is close to most of american haters. And I should recall that many of these haters are jailed by the french police just before the beginning of theirs acts. These haters are many, the war is not close to be ended. Don't hope it will end with the withdrawal from one of their training country, Afghanistan... Don't forget Madrid bombings and London bombings, the end is not close.

These terrorists will attack China soon or later, and China will NEVER withdraw from their countries of origin then. And this will be the end of islamic terror, and the very beginning of a long prosperity era for the world.
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0 35. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video The voyager satellite witnesses the death of a star

#14: I asked "Shazam" App for you, (available free of charges on iPhones, iPods, iPads and on Android devices) it answered: "The Lost Button" by "Black Eagle Child"

Sad video, but well done, it's scientifically wrong, I agree with the others. Means, for me: everything dies so give money for research against cancer.
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+2 36. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Zebra Drowning a Lion

#7, huldu: that's not sure. Sometimes wounds heals without any help, with no infection or minor infections. Flies and their eggs could also be a danger for the stallion. For sure the stallion would have died from infections if it was a varan's bites instead of a lioness.
I think the lioness was not so hungry, or was tired by the struggle. Why don't she uses her claws more? The stallion was more powerful and more clever this time, it seems! His scars will make him a star in his herd!
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+1 37. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video This 10 second video made my day.

?? This video is interesting only for people staying in the couch all days, all the week long...
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+1 38. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Bigger Red Hot Nickel Ball In Hot Water

#11: Thanks, it's explain why the ball looks transparent in the beginning inside the water!
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+3 39. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video The New Luckiest Guy in the World

Yeah, the pedestrians crossing are there for receiving falling trucks, it's a well-known fact else a rule... For me, the truck is completely wrong: he drives too fast and turns too roughly. Maybe there is something wrong with the container, it may be not well attached to the truck ? It's a chance he didn't killed a bunch of pedestrians, I hope he isn't hurt. The biker were here like a pedestrian could be, endangering nobody, not hidden or trespassing somewhere unauthorized.
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-1 40. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Footage from inside a plane with its engine burning during the flight !

#8 Very interesting documentary there, but an old story and this plane looks recent. Maybe this video is related to the volcano with an unpronounceable name (Eyjafjallajökull) in Iceland?
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0 41. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video How Malian Troops Train

I feel [accent too strong to understand] is "Maintenant eux avancent pour marcher sous leurs appuis" which could be traduced as "Now they advance under their support" (they == the first squad)
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+5 42. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video Fish Grabs Man's Arm for Dangling it above Water

Barracudas have a better taste. But don't try that with a barracuda, else you'll miss some fingers or the entire hand... :D
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-1 43. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 11 years ago on video The Flaw in the Enigma Code.

#2: I think we cannot compare civil encryption techniques with military ones. I suppose all civil and public encryptions systems are broken by a way or another by the authorities, else extremists could organize themselves more easily (and try to make a coup).
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+1 44. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Pet fox

The fox looks healthy!
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+2 45. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video VX Nerve Gas

French people also has had chemical weapons, starting in Word War I. There are still today some old military dumps in France which are leaking, killing or hurting some guys in caves few years ago, in 1995 and 2005.
French authorities denied this story of chemical weapons leaking, but there are strong presumptions for it, any people living in France for a long time knows there are still scars (military dumps, old battle places not completely cleaned, old bombs forgotten...) of the two Word Wars. It's impossible to clean everything. This is not making France more dangerous than another place in Europe and not every remains of these wars are dangerous, but it's a constant reminder of the sad past.

Some sources, in french:

Left-oriented newspaper:
Center-right oriented newspaper:

From caves explorers:

A firefighters website:

Misc, interested in movies and documentaries:

Another firefighters website:

I'm not sure you may find something accurate from serious websites in english on the subject of these accidents in France, I mean not schizo-paranoid-usually lying.
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+4 46. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video A tour of the ISS orbital laboratory

#10: What you describe is what pumping iron ... Does on Earth. Spend hours on a thing when you are enough gifted mades you super in that thing. Study violin thousands hours, you'll become a musician, if you have two hands fully functional at first, and if you ears are not in too bad conditions.
By the way, I don't think space is a good place to be physically stronger. Other more intellectual abilities may be improved by the tasks they do, but they were already very good at these tasks before! Theirs activities are a real benefit for all mankind.
I am very impressed by this video. <3
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+3 47. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Gramps Rocks Out To Insomnia On The Spoons

#9: You're probably globally right but for this case in particular, how can you tell? I've discussed yesterday with a man who owns enough money to stop working and he says he prefer working to keep an activity and contacts with normal people. And this man I encountered is not the only one in this case: I know others like him. They don't look special in any way, they only have enough success making new companies or building houses or they had had an heritage...
In Europe and North America, we can even have fat people who are poor, like they have to much to eat. Things are not like they seems.
I hope this old man do what he does because he loves it. Else, you are right, it's a pity to be an homeless when you get old ; young people should be wise enough to never go older without having the minimum: work hard to get educated, work enough to get an home and to rise children, find real friends to help and to be helped if necessary, have an honest life and try to make the wisest choice of bosses and politicians!
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+23 48. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Low cost solution to landmine clearance

The idea is not bad but it cannot assure a total landmine clearance. A german man invented a kind of tank to do that too: that's what they say to him: it mustn't miss any landmine and this is only possible by human workers. It was tried in a difficult place, in Vietnam if I remember well.
Nevertheless, it's better to clear some landmines than doing nothing.
I think a combination of the german tank and a complete and deep analysis with heavy plows in the sand-ground in these deserts should be tried.
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+3 49. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video iPad Mini Commercial

#12: People loose files under Windows sometimes because the hardware is too cheap, sometimes because they mix software from unknown sources, buggy 'optimized' drivers or because bad counseling like modify blindly bits in the registry (like I did on my Windows laptop one time)... Some people buy Windows computers to have the cheapest and easiest solution, cheapest also mean too flimsy.

We still have less virus under MacOS because MacOS users do less skilled and risky things, like installing more and more softwares from suspicious origins, and, like Linuxes, there is only a lesser percentage of users on MacOS. I think at least 9 on 10 desktop users are Windows. So if someone want to develop a malware for MacOS or Linux, it spreads less because the user base is much smaller!
And the closed design of Apple products unease the install of unwanted software, insofar. (And of course makes Apple make more money per consumer, with AppleStore monopoly!)

Of course, for filling the disk with crap, any OS fits, even Linux. Cleaning when there are things to keep is also unpleasant and time-consuming.

...But Android phones, especially the cheapest ones, are easier to fill up than expensive iPhones. For some reasons I don't fully accept, some Android applications refuse to relocate on the SDCard, so my cheap Gingerbread Android phone is not filled up with applications, even I have an 32Gb SDCard. I should root the phone, I know...

To summaries (a bit late!), Apple is expensive but with a better quality in general and no one constrain you to buy it, Microsoft products are less expensive to buy at first but Word/Excel/PowerPoint are nearly unescapable, sometimes even Internet Explorer too is unescapable, and the viruses, too.
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+2 50. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Misheard Song Lyrics

But: what are the real lyrics?
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+4 51. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video iPad Mini Commercial

I'm an Apple semi addict. I have some of their production. I also have an Android, some Windows, some Linuxes...
But I prefer Apple hardware and software, even I also like freedom of Linux, Android (put your own software in it without paying any license!), Windows...
I never had tricky issues with my Apple products. But, like everyone, I had issues with Windows (virus, data losses, software/documents loss...), and some issues with my Android (permanent lack of space, strange behavior of the phone like it is still experimental... ). I don't speak about technical issues with Linux: it's normal to spend time administering an Linux ; in return, all inside is free of charge, freely modifiable, and so on. But what if you don't want to spend time on computer science? In that cases, Linux and Windows are not so good.

Despite that, I loved this video. I loved also the video of iPhone-Brick. Maybe because I'm not a complete addict!
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+1 52. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video The value of simple ideas...

Inspiring things. Okay, like @1 said, it tooks now more studying than ever to invent things. But like #11 said, Adam Savage has applied what he propose to himself, see He is not the only one to be so inspired and enthusiastic... It's a very good way to success in life!

There are still areas to discover, or to re-discover. Okay, it takes efforts, too. Less efforts for english-speaking people, for sure, in scientific areas. You may discover fantastic ideas in other languages, even the forgotten ones, too!
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+3 53. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video How Much Does a Shadow Weigh?

This man is great!

Thanks for oliverjantar for mentioning youtube channel, so I searched over google and youtube for his channel, there it is: His book "Fun with Hand Shadows" is easy to find, it cost only 2$ on Amazon!
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+6 54. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Tattoo removal

#9: But after some sun exposure, it will again be visible because the tan will be different.
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+7 55. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Space Shuttle Endeavour's last flight

Images of the fantastic cockpits inside the shuttles:

I hope americans will sort out their financial crisis and go back to the space, like they did for the Moon.
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+2 56. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video 10 Useless Human Body Parts

#16: "The Coccyx is used when having sex"??
Explain it please, I don't understand how is the Coccyx used?
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+1 57. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Whales play around and give rides to dolphins in the wild

Like we say in french: "Un peu de douceur dans un monde de brutes", I mean: "A little softness in a brutal world" and I hope the translation is good enough.
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+2 58. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Volvo's new Pedestrian Airbag

#10: They are bad drivers, for sure, but they are also foolish pedestrians too. I have been very close to hit a drunken young man, a night in town. I was not driving too fast but he appeared, coming from a narrow street and stop at the very last millisecond. Would he had continued to walk across my way, I might have hurt him, or worse... We nearly never hit wild animals here, but accidents against other humans are very frequent.
Should we define a license to be a pedestrian, too?
Even this Volvo system isn't perfect, it will save lives, it's a good thing.
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+1 59. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Celluon Magic Cube - World's only virtual projection keyboard and multi-touch mouse

#6 - #8: In France, dentists and doctors use a keyboard connected to a computer to update their files or for drugs prescriptions for each patients. So this technology can be useful for them! For travelers also, because it's difficult to keep your luggage in good conditions if not with you all the time, so it must be as light as possible.
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+1 60. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Roof Jump Into Kiddie Pool

#10, cameramaster: I agree, I also thought he was going to miss the pool. :O
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-2 61. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Hate your job?

#6 loadme I don't know you in any way, but I experienced a similar point of view change after a death of a grandfather, when even seeing a burial in a movie at the TV make me remember my sorrow. Would it be for a comedy, I wouldn't be able to see it as humor. :S
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+1 62. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Cabbie Falls Into a Sinkhole

Excellent! LOL, LOL, LOL!
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+6 63. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Ship launch gone wrong...

I'd like to know what happened next?
Did they find a solution ? Or did they have to scrap it?
Maybe it didn't sink and just stay there, useless and uneasy to manage?
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+1 64. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Hit and run caught by bus

#21: I don't know if they are allowed or not. We do nearly whatever we want on bicycles in France. No stops signs, not taking traffic lights for serious, sometimes no lights on the bikes... Except that everybody knows that it's not allowed to ride a bicycle on highway!
I don't know the laws about riding in the middle, but when a car arrives behind, the cyclists generally goes on the right, even when they are in a group (on sundays, they are many)... The roads are very often too narrow. And of course, the cars open theirs doors or get out a parking lot or change their direction or stop anywhere on the road all the sudden without taking in account the bikes, so riding in the middle or slowly is not a bad idea in cities. Another thing: we nearly never ride on the left ; it's different in Canada, where bicycles can (or must?) ride on the left, to see the cars coming ; I think riding on the left, especially when you are slow, is a good idea.
It's also difficult to keep a bicycle for a long time in France, it's very very often stolen. Or somebody stole the seat, a wheel or show it's stupidness by breaking it. It's much more easier to keep a car (but with scratches very soon).
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+4 65. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Hit and run caught by bus

In France, we don't drive bicycle in the middle of the road. But some (few) bicycles do have a two feet long plastic stick at their left side, soft enough to be pushed without endangering the stability of the bicycle if touched by a car, maybe it could make some scratches on a car passing too close... (I didn't find any image to illustrate this)
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+4 66. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Underwater Missile Launch

All this interesting debate about NATO and USA wars, and #14 said it's a Russian Weapon, if true we should discuss about legality of Russian wars, using this kind of terrific weapons, shouldn't we?

About the debate, I do think Serbian lost the medias wars at first, and Kosovaars and Croatians weren't completely clean. I don't understand the point about OIL in Yugoslavia? Security of the pipeline in Kosovo could also be assured by the Serbians, if there hadn't an military intervention from outside?
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+1 67. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Snow Circles

@5: I feel some healing may come from a kind of return to simple outdoors games like we did when we were children. For example simple pleasure of walking in the snow, breathing, looking all over the landscape and not trying to do some extra work during free time.
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+2 68. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video no animal was hurt during this video :D

#12: It's a trained kangaroo who knows humans... If he had felt forced to fight, he would have knocked down Woody Allen and the other guy in a matter of seconds... It's only a game, for the Kangaroo too !
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+6 69. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Russian Style

Excellent! :)
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-2 70. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Yamaha R1 - skill or luck?

@12: Cleaning the gene pool is a bad idea, especially because taking useless risks is a very common mistake for the young males. We do *NEED* to take risks to feel alive. But I think it's better when you choose the right place to do it.
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+2 71. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 12 years ago on video Yamaha R1 - skill or luck?

@4: louder exhaust isn't enough, some people listens to music inside their cars at a very high volume. Even without noise inside, we are so polluted by motor noises everywhere that hearing a motorbike from far away isn't took in account.
The only solution is to calm down, make a real sport to express the desire of speed, risk and adrenalin somewhere else, without risking to kill somebody on the road.
The road is a public space to be shared with many kind of users.
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0 73. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Full Earth-rise

@4: The scale depends on your view point. If you are close to the Moon's surface, the earth looks smaller.

@1: It goes worse and worse, liberty has to be regained at each generation, but this generation has a harder work, partly because of Debts and consequences. It may be easier when, in a thousand years from now, every country will be in some form of freedom and democracy, with acceptable laws understood by the vast majority. I hope the wars will be over forever.
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+2 74. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video 100 Years in 10 Minutes

@13, @6: it's the choice of events of this video and your initial ideas that influence what we say about history.
Many wars involved europeans too, the biggest, WW1 and WW2, were initiated by the europeans (and the japanese), are the americans guilty for everybody else big mistakes?
And for the nowadays issues with islamics countries, should we blame only americans, and/or europeans (colonialism in the old times) or just think a little about freedom usage made by muslim countries during the recent history?

When somebody give votes to war makers, nazis or islamists or whatever mass killers, for sure you obtain war and destruction all over the world. But as for WW2 preparation, the americans/canadians are quiet, far away behind their missile shield still in construction, for some time.

@medicino: I didn't read this book yet, I guess you mean "The Better Angels of Our Nature",, but I have a question: how to deal with differences with archaic people, making wars for ancestral/religious reasons, even when they are much weaker than us?

As @11 said, they forgot Penicillin, Martin Luther King, Israel independence, and I'd like to add Relativity, Quantum theories, end of european colonialism (a very good thing, a bit late however), ... And computer science, and nanotechnologies, and their application to our biology and our health. And don't forget Three Miles Island, Tchernobyl, Fukushima.
I don't know if I should be optimistic or pessimistic.
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+4 75. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Crazy Truck driver

Costly way to spend boring time on the road... He probably hates his boss and want him to pay again and again for new tires.
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+3 76. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Epic Pee Prank

#16: Are you really sure we should be proud of "2000 years of war" in Europe? For what? A pure dumb blood?
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+7 77. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Russian Parkour

Some moves he makes are beautiful, when he climbs the building, but he may finish his life in a wheeling chair, it's a pity. Too young for that. I stopped viewing the video and went directly to the end, because I fear too much for him, even I suppose and hope he didn't fell in this video.
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+3 78. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video French bulldog vs. Cat

Not all the french are like that pussy dog. But some are in key points of power for the french politics:
- the "Quai d'Orsay", preparing foreign office work, not elected, in lonely love with arabs especially when they are idiotic, i.e. islamist or at least non-democratic. It seems to initiate wrong politics from decades, at least since "De Gaule", whatever people we elect. In exchange with "pro-arab" and anti-american politics, some french leaders may have undercover money, like some british too, known for Saddam Hussein (United Nations Oil-for-Food Program). The last known bribes were in Tunisia before revolution...
- the french national television, where known liars are regularly promoted.
- ....
These non-elected guys are NOT representing France, they are working, knowingly or not, for a very long term end of democracy in France.
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0 79. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Lil' Drac

#5: I don't believe we already have cure for all kinds of cancer. If you have it, you'll be richer than you can imagine...
Protecting and feeding children of Africa means sending an army there, some will soon see that as 'colonization' and will reject you, your democracy, your religions, ... And hate you for twenty generations.

I do think Africa need us to explain how to do things better, and direct communication man to man, woman to woman, to exchange food, work, ideas. Africa need to change, discover future, technology, science, planning, tolerance... And our civilizations also need changes, we should ask africans how we could live better. Banks, money and religion should not be so important they are nowadays.

It's much easier to feed animals around us than to change african human future. If we even master our future of europeans/americans/whatsoever 'rich' countries...

Maybe we'd better begin by our poor persons inside our countries before try to solve somebody else issues? It should be easier, as we speak the same language and share more or less the same values? Then, the rich africans could apply the same solutions - yet not invented - to their poor people.
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-2 80. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Demolition man

#15: I was caricaturing 911 conspiracy adepts. I suppose I wasn't understood, never mind, my english isn't good enough. A french-speaking man living in Lebanon has published a entire book to explain how bad the americans are, enough evil to kill themselves (911) to ensure their world domination.

To continue in the same spirit of shit, the americans are supposed to be the only violent people in the world, there would be no war all over the world if americans (meaning USA) didn't exist. All the things americans have have been stolen to the indians, even the skyscrapers have been constructed by the genocided indians, the dollar makes the world poverty, the capitalism is a slavery used by the americans to make the remaining of the world slave for them, south americans and arabs would be rich and free if America didn't support dictatorship...
Democracy in America is a myth (ask Michael Moore), islamic law is supposed to be better (an example - without slaves - please?), or communist law is better (no need of examples), or my color skin is the only good one (and americans aren't a racially pure and does the blacks even have a soul?), and CIA dominate the world and impose dictatorship everywhere. Oh, and I forgot, americans are racists, a world-leadership in racism (Don't ask Barack Hussein Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and so on).

Some colleagues strongly believe in that or in a large part of that shit. I had to work with them, fortunately on completely different subjects.

Now, I see a tower collapsing and I remember all theses ten years after nine eleven. Not so good ol'times.
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-7 81. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Demolition man

It's a fake demolition, a normal man would never took such risks. And an anonymous physician says to me, under strict conditions of anonymity, that a silo would not felt this way under normal conditions. The anonymous physician is very intelligent and/because he fear CIA who is infiltrated everywhere and rules the world. Also, the cloud strongly suggest the use of banned unauthorized explosives. I can also make citations of an anonymous former agent of whatever you want to support whatever weirdly allegations to prove my point: I'm a the good here and you are <put any censored word here>.
Unbelievable isn't it?
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+4 82. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Resilliant Truck Drivers

Going against the flood like they were salmons!
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0 83. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Le Tango Vertical

@Natan_el_Tigre (#17): Thank you! In HD it's better.
@khebhekh & @ZaMpTi (#18 & #12): Didn't you saw her hands and her toes hurts at the end? Even the HD version, it looks a bit reddish, she looks at her hands like she evaluate how bloody are the scratches on her skin.

I agree also with #16, @Johannsommer, I also appreciate the video because I think she was not risking her life, I see more the beauty in this conditions.
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+5 84. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Le Tango Vertical

A bit slow, but much closer to real life than "Fail compilations" stuff.
A pretty woman, all in muscles and suppleness.

Is it an old video? Who is she?
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+6 85. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video At the funeral

@Pangit (#3): I loved your comment! I'm still laughing right now! SLWW! (Still Laughing While Writing!)
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-2 86. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video I ate your candy

@Sizzlik: No, I'm definitively not one of those that call playing a little prank on a kid a child abuse!
Do you have such strange parents in USA and/or Canada that never makes pranks to their children? Weird countries!

But the moments where the children are explained it's a prank is missing, so it seems that I misunderstood this video. I go directly to the end of the video, to hear "you're sneaky", well said by the little boy!

I like making pranks to children but I don't like to make cry a child - if he/she didn't make anything wrong before. I remember when I was a child, and crying is like ... how to say ? ... Like the entire world is broken and is full of hate against you. Adult laughing against a real cry from a child is wrong. Laughing at a false cry or for something really not so big and not so important may be okay if well explained to the child. This is what I believe.
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-8 87. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video I ate your candy

I stopped the video when I heard the contradiction between the laughs of the public and the cries of the children. I dislike too much the cries of children, these things doesn't make me laugh at all, or they should tell the children it's only a joke and give them back what they have stolen. Not good games.
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+2 88. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Don't Mess With Crabs

#16: you're wrong, nobody speaks french in this video. Looks like russian, but I don't speak russian, so I'm not sure.
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+3 89. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Little russian Bear

Animals are not better or worser than us. They are different. They even can be smarter than us (dolphins in water, bonobos in 3D space understanding)... But I do prefer humans lives. We must try to avoid putting ourselves in danger, else we may be forced to kill or to be killed, that's normal. That little bear is cute, I would love to play with him, but when he'll grow, he may eat a man.... If we killed his mother, we are responsible of the next, making the life of this bear not too bad... A zoo is a jail but as he is not frightened by human, what can we do with him now?
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+6 90. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Why do we dream ?

Einstein improved Newton theories, this didn't make Newton smaller.
One day somebody - or a team - will improve Einstein theories, or find better theories explaining better the universe. This will not make Einstein smaller.
I admire Einstein and I hope somebody will make something greater than he does, it's not incompatible.
Einstein was also very kind in the real life, a model we can follow even we are not genius in Physics!

About the video, many scientists made discoveries, finding conclusions about their hard work while dreaming...
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+2 91. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video True Love and Affection - Narayanan Krishnan

#18 and you, what do you know about Khadafi? His propaganda, his "green book"'?

The only thing I may agree with you, kevlar, is that the replacement of this crazy dictator and awful family looks worse.

Few things he does were good. Irrigation of the desert for instance. But civil planes bombing, torture of opponents and bulgarian nurses and ... I forget some of the many bad things he does. They are many testimonies and witnesses of theses crimes. And our countries in Europe sold him many many weapons and means to spy his people...
It would have been much better if Khadafi had had a jugdment in court, I don't mind a dead sentence for this kind of monster but this crazy man also may have said some disturbing facts about his "democratic" opponents.
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+3 92. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Quantum Levitation

When electricity was discovered, it was only a curiosity like this 'Supraconductivity Quantum Levitation'.

What will be the future current life applications of this discovery, I cannot imagine now... Maybe there is some other discoveries to make to associate with this, leading to ultra effective transportation?
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+2 93. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Close call with a landmine

American are the cause of everything wrong in the world? So what, you want to kill them all? First, you began by spreading lies, like "jews weren't in the towers" (#13): bullshit is better than that lies. Than, you will explain that american kill other americans doing fake attacks because of oil greed or whatever. Explain me the big crisis in which we are now: where is the oil for free? Big parts of our money, american and european, is gone in the wars against terrorists. Too many lives too.

Telling americans are bad because of lack of culture... What is it permitted to say about other peoples in the world? In arabs countries, they have nearly no translation about our books, because we are "infidels". Do you know that is a muslim goes christian by conversion, he can be automatically sentenced to death? Is it the same any christian countries, for people converting to islam? Is it the same in the unique jewish country? No!

And all of that wrong behaviors are the american's fault? Really?

Does the hundreds of mad mens and women coming and arrested just before putting bombs in public places in France since september 2001 are fake terrorists remotely controlled by the CIA? Or, much simpler, very badly educated people?
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0 94. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Close call with a landmine

Okay we are much stronger than Afghans, Irakis... Shouldn't we defend ourselves if they attack or threaten us?

If I am crazy enough to give a punch in martial art champion's face, wouldn't he be right to break my arm and kick my ass in return?

In France we have anti racist movements, it's a good thing, but why they don't have such movements in arabs and african countries?

Why it is permitted in France to express "criticism" against "americans" (because of capitalism, world leadership, success in sciences, ecological issues, wasp domination against blacks, Mac Donald's food, Walt Disney, Hollywood, big cars, big people, american flag on the moon, ...) (Haters also forgot canadians, mexicans, ... live also in america...). But expressing criticism against arabs is always racist? (here arabs means muslims and forgot christian arabs)

Many people have not well balanced ideas.

Okay, let them continue to send us terrorists (police arrest more than one hundred of them per year in France), let them build massive destruction bombs, one day or another we'll have no choice fight or die.
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+1 95. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Snow man scare prank gone wrong

Ok sux2bu, with the context you describe, I understand that the man had had a completely inappropriate reaction.
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-4 96. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Snow man scare prank gone wrong

This guy has overreacted, yes, but when you are surprised AND on the nerves anyone may react excessively. You may be a good guy, but if you are being threatened, if you have weeks of bad sleeping, if somebody express of hate against you (maybe anonymous...) with no solutions, you may soon overreact to anything. He could be a former soldier in Irak, or a survivor of 9/11 attacks: Post-Traumatic Disorders can make you aggressive or depressed or both.
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-3 97. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Bmx rope swing

Everyone should read
Create things and enterprise with passion, american dream at his best expression. <3

I liked this video !
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+7 98. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video One lucky squirrel!

If the car hit his tail, the squirrel may die few hours after. Sad for the squirrel. These cars should be avoided. ;)
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+9 99. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Cat boxes dog face

Still playing, else the cat won't show his belly. (A bit fat, by the way. Should train boxes more often...) ;)
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+3 100. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Ridiculous traffic intersection in Iran

#18: Yes, you're right, there is something weird about chaos on the road and authoritarian regimes. Strict rules are observed by nearly everyone on the roads in democratic regimes, maybe every human on the earth regardless to religions and education need some freedom somewhere, in the regime or on the road, and it have to be expressed somewhere?
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+1 101. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Win compilation

I do think it's simply a stick. 8-)
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+3 102. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Nothing to worry about...

#3 Thank you very much for the "version with boobs"!

My preferred comment on your youtube video is "if? you focus rely hard you can see a guy driving the car :D": Great!
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+4 103. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Concrete Canvas Shelters

Great but it lacks windows. I think it should be customized with windows before being solidified.

U.N., rescues teams all around the word should buy some of these in advance!

It last ten years, protects against fire and gunfire... Good ideas.
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+1 104. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Guy falls from top of mountain

Does somebody knows what's happened then? I hope he had no broken bones!
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+1 105. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 13 years ago on video Ugandan Movie Masterpiece

Not so bad, I would be curious to see the whole thing. Probably the total cost of the film production is one millionth of any movie from Hollywood. Does they have a real special story to tell or is it only action?
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0 106. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Feel young again

It's sad. Pleasure for the elderly could not be reach by any medicine. Publicist would better make us see some elders in a good mood being able to play with the children without being hurt by screams and the speed of the youngers.
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+3 107. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video X Factor Worst Audition EVER

Does they ever try to film or record themselves to see and hear if they are good enough?
Or maybe their perception are different than usual persons and they don't see and hear like the others?
I mean, I've recorded myself, I know for sure I mustn't try to to sing on a scene before years of work on my voice!
The audience was very sympathetic, it's very kind, maybe because they know he is going to be rejected, maybe because the leaders inside were good people.
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+1 108. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Exoskeleton Suit

#11 : who are "soldiers for wrong countries" ? Soldiers from democracies? (like USA, Israel, most of european states, Japan...) Or "soldiers" (kind of-) from Talibans and similar idiotic morons? Being weak, love martyrdom, shooting civilians by easiness and loose every war you begun doesn't make you the good guy and not even the God guy, special dedication to Ben Laden and co.!

Whoever you'd like to let alone with theirs wheelchairs, everybody should be taken in care by doctors (Hippocratic Oath and so on : Of course it's too late for successful suicide bombers I'm so afraid for that.

If this great invention cost now 20000$, tomorrow it will be less expensive.
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+3 109. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Underwater Sculptures and Statues

I don't like it, it's like dead bodies, maybe the music doesn't fit, maybe I'm in a bad mood, I don't know.
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+3 110. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Truck going Down

I am not sure there is nobody in that truck... Maybe the truck driver has no other way to feed his family, in this case he/she can take the risk to loose his/here life rather having nothing to eat tomorrow.
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+3 111. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Sensational solar system discovery.

In the old days, because we were unable to find clues about other solar systems with planets, some thought that the life was only on the earth.
Now we know life begun here on the earth 4.3 billions years ago. And the universe is around 15 billions years old. And there are hundred billions of galaxies in our universe, and each galaxy contain hundreds of billions of stars... How could we tell the life exist only on the earth??? Simple probabilities are completely against that idea of life uniquely on the earth!

I don't say we'll find a way to communicate soon with another intelligent form of life somewhere in the universe, because the distances are so huge, and they could be so different than us...

But maybe one day we may understand more how civilizations evolve globally simply by observation with bigger (radio-)telescopes built by our future robots for us at the dark side of the moon...
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+3 112. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video humongous rats

I already saw this size of rats thirty-five years ago, while we didn't have garbage collecting, in a open place where all people throw away their garbage. In Europe. They didn't looked as sympathetic as this one, through.
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+7 113. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Customer deters robber, chasing suspect with his cane

Yes, the robber was enough smart to avoid killing somebody for money. Because even if he only had a water gun, he may try to knock-down his opponent, this could kill an old man. Money is not worth it. He'd better work at school first, in the real life thereafter.
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0 114. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Two Idiots And A Sword

Why use sharpened swords for such films? With the video resolution we have here, we wouldn't see the difference but nobody would have been hurt. The thing they want to cut could also been cut before the filmed action, so their movie would be near perfect...
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+2 115. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Break his iPhone before he breaks your heart

Why do you even need Internet ? Go out and enjoy life, and ...
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0 116. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video How To Avoid Fights While Driving

Some people carry weapons in their cars... What if they fight back while you only have a plastic toy ?? What if they simply call the police to complain...
I agree it looks like a small part of some movie, like the old movies from UK.
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-3 117. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Buried alive prank

When the pranked doesn't laugh at the end, it's definitively not a good joke. It's a kind of humiliation. He told them it's a big fear for him and that's exactly what they've done, they are not "good friends"!

In this case in particular, awaking someone so badly is not a good idea, he may die because of it or he may never sleep well since that or he may be psyco for a while.

Even if this video could be staged, what's in the show is wrong. Scare me to the same level while I'm sleeping, and you need to be very very good friends (I mean, you had saved my life once a time) or I may "overreact" in ways I should regret... Later. Especially if you are a man as I do. A woman would pay in terms of bad pranks, many bad pranks and many bad words...
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+9 118. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Car crash

If he was chased, or if he had the feeling of being chased, then he couldn't do anything else than going in a relatively straight line. I remember it happened to me. The fear makes strange things to the mind, in many cases we are completely dumb when under a big fear. It takes time to think, and the low-level brain, inherited from very simple animals, has got only simple escape strategies ; being very quick is the main objective.
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+5 119. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video What is one red paper clip worth?

Isn't it the same story, in a much smaller size, for Rockfeller, who found a small pin on the ground and began his trade from that? But maybe it's just a tale.
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+2 120. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Alien vs. Human Intelligence

Maybe the small differences resides in communication/exchange abilities, so every one could be more specialized it its domain and very skilled, then we trade the results of our works, it's why we go so far.
Much better said in this:
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-5 122. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Drunk cop tries to pass a sobriety field test

Well done if it's fake. Else, these things happens in real life with real cops. Their jobs are so boring that they should not even begin drink because if you likes alcohol, it's a big temptation to drink often to forget the boredom.
I agree with #8: it's scary to have somebody with a gun under influence.
Even he is not so aggressive as a cop. But with alcohol it could change quickly for no apparent reason.
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+69 123. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Gummy Bear vs Potassium Chlorate

So: Don't eat Gummy Bears while drinking hot Potassium Chlorate >:)
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+17 124. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Tree Branch Falls On Power Lines

Impressive... I suppose the branch was not completely dry, the high-voltage electricity flows through it, making hot enough to set the fire we've seen. And the ionized gas from the fire also conduct electricity like a small lightning, so we have the firework-effect.
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+3 125. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Swinging nutshot

Why??? I don't understand why, fake or not, he tries that? Okay, if it's a fake, only to sell the video?
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-1 126. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Top Gear - Car Darts

Okay these cars maybe were too much used to be useful for anyone in Western Europe (too expensive to repair) but in Madagascar for example they are able to restore such used cars, maybe it cost too much to move these cars there?

But the worst waste to my point of view is the caravan, it could be useful for the poorest without home, we do have many people homeless in Europe...
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+1 127. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video The surprising science of motivation.

Something in the same ideas wave, with english subtitles if you want :
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+2 128. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video How a differential gear works

Thanks for this video. Where is the complete version? Could it be purchased somewhere? (iTunes?)
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+4 129. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video The surprising science of motivation.

Great ! Many thanks !

But even I already know some part of this theory, there is still something somewhere which makes me uncomfortable... Does free software writers give really all at no fee? What's about the others, working to feed their families?
I like free software, but does free software is fair, especially when it's better than purchased software?
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+2 130. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Kevin Richardson and his pets

Okay it's dangerous but it's so beautiful and amazing! I would love to live such an experience one day... My whole life would be never the same after (Okay, if I'm still alive then!!!)
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+5 131. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video Texas police secretly deploy spy drones.

@shahboys : "... every one would have a tracker ..."

It's already the case, for everyone having a mobile phone!
And your friends are known if you phone them or send them message or to some people close to them, and yours conversations could be recorded, even by private investigators...

It's already the case, when you use a computer. And you can innocently associate your mobile phone number with your main email address...

... Or you are a very well skilled hacker and you use forbidden techniques, but you cannot escape for future drones equipped with facial recognition software ...

Spy drones are another level of surveillance I also dislike. Some years ago, a Swiss had been arrested for marijuana use: a drone had filmed him smoking far away in the mountains. When he went down, the police arrested him and found the prohibited substance...

In Europe, we tend to have more and more automatic radars and automatic detection of forbidden crossing of traffic lights. If you are caught too often, you loose your driving license! (And of course you pay every time you are photographed. Or you fake the car plates ids, it's uneasy and things can go very wrong for you in this case).
In Australia, they have automatic cameras to catch license plate of every one, in particular speeding.

Laws must be softened in some areas, I do think.

Next step for homeland use of drone: armed drones. A small, low cost missile and bank robbers should have an anti missile with them to increase their chances of escape!!!!
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+3 132. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago on video San Francisco in 1905

Thank you very much for this very impressive video !

They look strong, their legs in particular.

I created my account only because of this film.