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+3 1. JFKendall commented 14 years ago on video Chugging a bottle of vodka

Nope, that's real alcohol but it's not "straight" vodka (40% alcohol). That is a bottle of Leijona (Lion) and it has 32% of alcohol.. Enough, i would say, but it is not uncommon that some people here like to get REALLY DRUNK and NOW! That is not enough to kill you but try to do a second load...about 50% mortality rate, so di i need to say more?

FINNISH people are CRAZY when it comes to drinking. Only the Russians beat us and Norway comes very close. Swedish, well, they just are too soft to do it...

PS:The alcohol percentage mentioned here are the proper way to express the VOLUME of PURE alcohole in the product, not the "proof % blaa blaa", what ever that means . LEARN THE GOD DAMNED METRIC SYSTEM, you idiots..

And, yes, Leiska on paskaa..