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+3 1. JimDunlop commented 7 years ago on video Hit and run caught by bus

To #2, and others who don't get what's happening in the vid. From someone who is both a cyclist AND a motorcyclist, (and have been for MANY years) let me explain WHY, when allowed to do so we will take a whole lane... And why the laws are in place for us to do so.

Because if we don't, cars that pass generally give VERY little clearance. They are lazy. If you are riding the shoulder, your typical car will come within only INCHES of sideswiping you because they don't want to change lanes. On the other hand, if you drive in the middle of the lane, (and I prefer to ride even a little farther -- within a foot of the lane divider) it actually forces drivers to perform a PROPER lane change... Something they should be already doing anyway. I.e. signal, shoulder check, and change lanes. This gives us the safe and proper amount of clearance when the car goes by and you don't feel like you're putting your life at risk for each and every car that almost hits you when it passes.

Edit. Sorry - my bad. #13 already explained it quite well.
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+6 2. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video How to smoothly undress a woman

Now... Question is, can he unhook a bra with that thing? :O
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+18 3. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video The Hamburglar

Right? Third degree burglary? What, isn't burglary just burglary anymore? Why do they need degrees? You break in, you steal shit, it's burglary. Period. Laws are just far more complex than they need to be. Just lock the dumbass up for gross idiocy in the first degree.
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+17 4. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video Why did the salmon cross the road?

First the octopus and now this? I tell ya, all the marine life is probably just sick and tired of living in oceans that man has polluted and they're all just saying: "Fuckit! We're moving out!"
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0 5. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video Mountain Coaster

So, umm.. Anyone else wonder how much it costs to ride that thing?
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+5 6. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video Stay a hero - stay safe

What #13 said. And in addition, it shows how the boy puts on the safety gear so he can be "just like dad" (or big brother, take your pick). If you go out riding without the proper gear, your kids will learn that it's okay to ride recklessly.
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+1 7. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video Boutaoshi, the new Japanese sport

#2 and #7 are right. It's not new -- a friend of mine was on his high school's botaoshi team in Tokyo almost 40 years ago... And the point is to bring the pole down (as the wiki article pointed out). But it's definitely not just academy cadets who play it -- some high schools have it listed as a sport too.

But thanks for posting this. I had only heard of it -- never actually seen it until now. I'll be sure to show this to my friend. Who knows, it may be from his old high school?
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+3 8. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video FPSRussia - The 40mm Machine Gun!

I'd just like to know how much it costs to fire just one round? Can't be cheap! :S
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+4 9. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video the new phone - cigarettes phone

In Soviet Russia.... Cigarettes phone YOU! :D
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+5 10. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video Dog Trainer Saves Dog with CPR

#19 - don't be a dumbass. :S Because YOU have never been upset at the death of a pet, everyone else who reacts differently MUST be overreacting, right? Sorry, I didn't receive the memo that said "mikeaza is the epitome of normal. Anyone who doesn't behave like him is wrong."

Some people get really attached to their pets. For that woman it was probably no different than if her best HUMAN friend were walking next to her and just suddenly collapsed.
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+4 11. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video Strange fish with legs

I'm a scuba diver and I've encountered these guys on rare occasion. They are definitely uncommon and it's really cool to have a video of how it walks. Unfortunately it doesn't really show so much detail.

Here's a photo I took of a frogfish off the coast of Japan (Izu) a few years ago. He was down at around 12 meters, so not that deep. Really cool though! (There's actually two of them if you look very closely).
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+1 12. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video The WTF moment for friday

In Japanese "guru-guru" means to roll, or turn round and round like a sphere... The creature she turns into kinda looks like a "dango-mushi" or "sphere bug" in Japanese. In English they're sometimes called roly polies or pillbugs.
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+10 13. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video Rallying

I was trying to follow along with the navigator... I speak French (and little Spanish) so Italian is a bit farther off....

I THINK I got a good part of it, but maybe some Italian-speaking Snotr viewer could fill in a few more details...? Please? :D

This is what I heard... Please correct me if I made any mistakes.

cinque- = five
quatro = four
tre = three
due = two
uno = one
va = go

sinistra = left
destra = right
veloce = speed
piena = full (not sure about this one)
cinquanta = fifty

Also... cento = percent??? (again, not sure)

ferma qui = stop here
ritarda = delay or slow down maybe?

So, can someone fill in a few more of the words that come up? Maybe this will inspire me to learn Italian. lol. ;)
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+20 14. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video Japanese Happy Meal Commercial

#1: Yes. Yes, it is. (Unfortunately for me as a teacher)... :'(
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+3 15. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video Wrong Number

Aw, man. That brings back some memories. Carol Burnett and Tim Conway! They were amazing together. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! :D
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0 16. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video Hockey Shooting Accuracy Challenge

A guy walks into a bar and asks for an Ovechkin.

The bartender asks, "What's an Ovechkin?"

The guy replies, "A white Russian without a cup."

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+2 17. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video Seal screams like a man

Someone needs to autotune and remix that! :D
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+1 18. JimDunlop commented 8 years ago on video Cami Secret. Custom cleavage.

#18: That's what thongs are for! :P (But no pix please).... ;)
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+1 19. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video 100 Famous Rock Guitar Riffs

Wouldn't mind having this as a playlist too... So I just went through the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs set, and I counted at LEAST 60 of the 100 that weren't on there... Sorry, #18. It was a good suggestion but it's not a good match. Over 50% aren't on there.... :(
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-1 20. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Weird (but cool) instrument

I don't quite get it. How is this not just a highly customized Chapman Stick?
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+2 21. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video ADSL 512Kb Vs 1Mb

I'm on an OC-192 backbone. Grandma's head just asploded! :D
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+9 22. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Siberian Micro-Art

Shhh! No one tell Jesus. ;)

(Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." -Matthew 19:24)
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+7 23. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video You need to get off facebook

I quite dislike Facebook too... Couldn't agree with the vid's author more. However, for me it's not about having 852 friends. I sure don't. (I have 35 if you must know). I also reject friend requests from just about everyone, including those people I DO know in real life. Why? I ask that we have a real-life chat about it beforehand first.

I use Facebook as a tool. As someone who routinely organizes events, coordinates activities with co-workers for both work and non-work related functions, Facebook is the only way things get done! I learned this the hard way -- sending e-mails, phoning people, leaving messages.... None of it is nearly as effective as sending out invitations or messages in Facebook. Why is that? Beats me. All I know is that it works. It might have something to do with the fact that people spend so much time on there that it's always in their face until and unless they action it... It's harder to ignore than an email that you may only check once a day or less.

I also don't engage in stupidity like playing Mafia Wars, or keeping farm animals, or zoo animals or take online quizzes or whatever the hell else it is that people do online. I rarely ever "chat" unless it's immediately relevant and important to what I'm trying to accomplish. If I want to waste some time, I log onto World of Warcraft. Heh. :D
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+9 24. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video How It's Made - Laser Eye Surgery

This is the way it USED to be done (and I suppose in some cases still is) but I got iLASIK done last summer, and the procedure is nothing like this. They should have shown what I went through because it would have been far more interesting.

For starters, there is a LOT of prep work. I had to go through an eye test that lasted over 4 hours, and involved over 20 different specialized, computerized machines. They did everything from precisely measuring the thickness of my corneas to mapping out a 3D topographical map of my eyeball... Then I had an in-depth consult with an eye doctor about all the results...

In modern laser eye procedures there is no microkeratome. (No cheese-slicer that cuts a layer off your eye). It's all done far more precisely by a laser... Sometimes it's called all-laser-lasik because there's no actual cutting involved. The way they do everything else is also kinda different to what they showed here.

I am thrilled with my results! No longer am I dependent on contacts or glasses.... For the first time since 5th grade in elementary school... Best decision I ever made! Now I KNOW there are plenty of people out there who have had bad results and nasty side effects -- and I sympathize with them... But statistically speaking, it is usually a highly successful surgery for most people, and I guess I fall into that larger group of folks (thankfully).

The procedure I chose (iLASIK) is the only procedure that is officially approved by the U.S. air force (and highly pushed on people to get it done, according to my friend who is currently on active duty). The procedure has also been approved by NASA for use by astronauts.

If you want to see a somewhat more modern video about laser eye surgery, look here:

(Yes, this IS a biased video. It's a promotional spot. But opinions aside, it IS accurate in describing actually HOW the procedure is done).
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+4 25. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Woman Lives With Lions

She'll have to find a new home for 'em when they're grown, huh? Well, I got a novel idea... How about AFRICA?! :P
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+5 26. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video 200 beers, please !

I have no issue with WHAT they are pouring/drinking; I DO have a major issue with how they are doing it. I can't see how it could POSSIBLY be more efficient to fill those glasses with 90% foam, then have to wait for the foam to settle, then repeat it several more times.

They seem to be well-staffed -- but probably just lazy as all hell... But if each of those barmen used each of those 5 taps they have to fill each mug PROPERLY, the customers would get their drinks quicker and it would taste fresher too, rather than having it sit (and get warm) while all the foam settles.

I say it's bad bartending! :(
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+3 27. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Truck Dodge

#3: Dash-mounted cameras are becoming quite common and popular in many places. It can really help the cops figure out what happened after a crash (and your insurance company too if you're not at fault). But of course that's a double-edged sword... And maybe incentive to become a better driver. O:)

Nonetheless, looping live camera feeds are standard options on many new cars here in Japan. I know Honda does it on their minivans...
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+1 28. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Godfather Prank

Rémi Gaillard FTW!!! I love this stuff!
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+3 29. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Tokyo Time Lapse

I live about 2 hours from Tokyo. I do own a car here (Prius). Driving here took a little bit of getting used to -- mainly because of stupid drivers, not that it's opposite side from many other countries. Traffic in Tokyo (like any big city) can be absolutely brutal. Thanks for the vid though -- I recognize a fair bit of it... It is indeed a neat city.
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+2 30. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Table Tennis 4 life

Japan also has very strong, world-class table tennis players so it wouldn't be necessarily incorrect to mention them. Case in point: "Ai-chan"
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+6 31. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Korean kids learn Netiquette

#14, let me assure you that is not the case. Having lived over 8 years in Japan, teaching in public schools the entire time (elementary, junior high school, and college) it's certainly NOT like what people from the West think... There's this stereotypical, romantic notion that the Asians are doing it right while in the West things are going from bad to worse.

Not so.

Asia has its share of nasty, NASTY troubles as well. The difference is that they are generally kept hidden where no one sees them. Kinda like the dirty uncle that the whole family tries to hide at family reunions and holidays... But believe me, there is a dark underbelly.

Children here do NOT respect their elders -- it's a myth! Just ask the teacher who was beaten up by her students and duct taped to the fence in the school yard... Just ask the shopping security guards in my town who got the shit kicked out of them by a gang of junior high students from a nearby school... Just ask the family of the girl who recently committed suicide because she was being bullied by her peers. Schools here are a JOKE where students are allowed to do anything they want. Kids sleep in class and no one wakes them up. They talk, yell, and disrupt class and the teachers put up with it. Truancy and absenteeism is not dealt with at all. For the record, I've taught at 16 elementary schools, 3 junior high schools, a college, and a private language academy for all ages... Same shit, different pile. Mileage of course varies -- some classes, schools, and years are better than others, but it's only a matter of time before quiet, polite, respectful Asia can't hide their dirty secrets any longer.

No, things are not as rosy here as they appear. Lord,I wish they were though.
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+1 32. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Raven taking a bath

I couldn't tell you if it were a crow or a raven, but one thing I CAN say is that this was definitely filmed in Japan. The Japanese bathroom/bathtub and faucets are unmistakable, and the newspaper on the table looks like it's in Japanese. ;)
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+1 33. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Schwarzenegger you are a creepy man.

#18 I'll GLADLY take ¥12,000,000 in payment. That's worth $144,655 USD (€105,998 / £90,347). For 30 sec of work? Thank you very much! :D
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+3 34. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Schwarzenegger you are a creepy man.

I've lived here (Japan) for just about 9 years now and I've NEVER heard Schwarzeneger referred to as "Shwa-chan" (although it wouldn't surprise me)...

#12: You're close. "Daijobu" does mean "okay." But he's not saying "poi." There is a "-poi" suffix in Japanese that means "seems like" or "has the appearance of" but in this case, I think he's actually mispronouncing a Japanese mispronunciation.

There is no letter "V" in Japanese, and they have a helluva time saying it (kinda like "R" and "L";)... So the next best solution to saying "veeeee" is "booo-eeee". So if you ask me, he's saying "dai-jo-booyee" since the name of the drink has a "V" at the end.

When Schwarzeneger says it, however, it comes out sounding like "dai-jo-boi" rather than "dai-jo-boo-ee".

The kanji that comes up in the middle of the ad: (snotr won't let me paste the characters) says: majin V, rai-nichi, which roughly translates to: The Demon V comes to Japan!
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+3 35. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Airbus A319 & Car

Mythbusters did the same thing in Episode 90, their "super size" episode. (Google search: Mythbusters, jet wash).


They also flipped a bus and a small plane too! :D
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-3 36. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Yet another reason to love football

Unfortunately, the quality of the vid is so crappy, the white team's keeper looks exactly like a player for the team in black... I had to watch it several times to figure out that he was actually the keeper and not an offside player on the black team.

Speaking of offside, the play WAS questionably offside at 0:02... You can see a black team member running into the onside position at 0:03, but did he make it in time? Looked to me like he didn't.
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+5 37. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Japan National team vs 100 kids

#1: It's mostly just your typical sports play-by-play commentary, talking about who's doing what and what's going on. They mention that this is Cerezo Osaka J1-League team versus 100 elementary school students.

#2: That's actually a good (and valid) question. The reason is, that most of the footage that ends up on the net comes from "variety shows." The standard Japanese variety show format consists of a number of Japanese TV celebrities sitting in a studio, watching various video clips (kinda like Snotr) and then providing some kind of commentary or playing some sort of quiz game with it.

The picture-in-picture is meant to show the home audience the actors' reactions to the videos, as they're seeing them for the first time themselves. It's kinda like when you call your roommate over to show them a Snotr clip, and you look over at them to see their reaction to the vid. Same thing, really.

#5: I've played soccer against some Japanese elementary school students myself. Don't underestimate them! They're quick little buggers! Talented too.
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+6 38. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Doggy Doesn't Want a Bath

#1: The breed is a Chow Chow. They are hands-down one of the awesomest breeds of dog in the world. Any dog with a BLUE tongue kicks ass! (Shar Pei are nice too).

Definitely not Japan. This must be in China or Taiwan... They are clearly speaking Mandarin.
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+1 39. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Alien Vs Predator

#14, #15: +1. :D
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+2 40. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video 3 Brasilians and 1 ball

"What else do you need?" Simple. I can answer that... 2 DUTCH men to kick their asses! LOL!!! :D >:)
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+3 41. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Casting by Helium

In Soviet Russia.... Helium inhales YOU! :(|)
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+9 42. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Most Insane Football Play In History

The commentator should consider taking a position announcing soccer in a Latin-American country! :D
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+4 43. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Tubing Fail Turns Into Win

ta-DAHHH! :D
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+7 44. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video iPhone 4 Fitted Inside A Canon SLR Body

This is kinda like buying a Ferrari, then taking out the engine and replacing it with the engine of something like a Ford Focus... :'(
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0 45. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video worst snorer EVER!

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+8 46. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video towing......

This is precisely why this form of towing is illegal in many places. Got stopped by a cop for doing it once when I was a teenager (got off with a warning) but clearly it's dangerous -- here's the proof.
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+2 47. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Cuteness overload

I love cats! But I can never seem to finish a whole one... :(
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+8 48. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Couple's 27-year romance.

Wow... I don't think I've heard anything so incredibly sad before. Touching? Absolutely. But depressing beyond belief too. Very painful to listen to and watch.
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+7 49. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Obsessed El Camino guy

no brain
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0 50. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Obsessed El Camino guy

Man, it must REALLY suck to be him... How awful. Having said that however, what do you suppose would happen if someone bought him his very own El Camino? I bet it'd blow his mind! >:)

Or put him into a room with like 50,000 Matchbox cars -- all El Caminos.... With El Camino posters on the walls...
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+9 51. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Harpoon The Happy People

I think it's great. It's not racist whatsoever. It's a fact that most Japanese people don't see any problem with commercial whaling and this is a good, harmless, lighthearted way to bring about awareness.

Japanese people live mostly sheltered lives, isolated from the opinions and viewpoints of the outside world. The few people who venture outside of Japan to visit abroad (like the ones in this clip) generally return home with their eyes opened. I wish everyone here could take a trip abroad to learn about the world.

This is good for them as it shows that outside their own, little sphere, there are people who don't agree with their government and gangster-run fishing racket industry. Perhaps someday, small actions like this will convince enough people to bring about change within their own government. If enough Japanese people told their Diet members that they opposed whaling or dolphin hunting, we might actually see change. But it has to come from within. NO other nation (like Australia) will ever be successful in convincing Japan that what they are doing should be stopped. It's an inward-looking country that's also pretty stubborn to boot.
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+1 52. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Waterproof gecko

This is all great but can it get you better rates on car insurance? :D
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+2 53. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video How To Make a Sumo Fight More Interesting

Nice! Never saw it presented like this before, even though I'm a huge sumo fan (pun not intended). 8-) Anyway, even without the special effects, when I watched this bout live a few years ago, it was a TREAT! Both Asashoryu (the kanji of his name read: morning Azure dragon) and Hakuho, Mongolian by birth, achieved professional sumo's top rank of "yokozuna" and whenever they faced off against each other at the end of each 14-day tournament (fought 5 times a year), the battle between them was EPIC! This particular bout is dated "Heisei ni-juu nen" in Japanese at the very beginnings. Heisei 20 was 2 years ago (this year is Heisei 22). I'm pretty sure this was the January tournament where Hakuho won after about a minute-long fight, and he also won the championship with a 14-1 record.

It's a shame the way the association and wrestlers are disgracing the sport nowadays. Asa "retired" soon after assaulting a man outside a Tokyo nightclub, and his family always seemed to be getting into some kind of trouble with the law. Now with all the other scandals hitting, I hope that sumo can regain some of its honor it has recently lost.
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+1 54. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Brick in a washing machine

Wow! An epileptic drier. Who knew? :O
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+10 55. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Impossible Fans For Corner Kick

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+10 56. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video The Truth About Japanese Food

Sure. (Not Japanese) but I do live in Japan.

The meanings of the words can be broken down to their individual kanji (Chinese characters). I won't post them here because many peoples' browsers may not be able to view them properly. Anyway...

teppanyaki: te + pan + yaki

te: solid or iron
pan: board; plank, tin plate
yaki: roast; broiled; baked; burned

sushi: su + shi (often not written in kanji, but in hiragana)

Actually, this one is tough to describe because there are at least 3 ways to write this word. Regional and other variations will play a part in how it's written. But anyway, if you write it using the "1-kanji" method, the left radical (part of the character) means "fish". If you write it using the "2-kanji" method, "su" means long life / happiness, and "shi" means to take a hold of or "grasp." Either way, when your average Japanese person reads or writes the word "sushi" regardless of the method, I can guarantee you he doesn't stop and think about what the individual characters mean.

tempura: ten + pu + ra (usually only the "ten" is in kanji, the two other syllables are written in hiragana)

ten: sky or heaven
fu: bran (the "f" changes to a "p" sound when it's part of a word)
ra: net for catching birds OR gauze

yakitori: yaki + tori

This one's easy. Same "yaki" as before, plus "tori" which means "bird" or in this case, most specifically, "chicken." In Japan, when you say "yakitori" everyone knows it to mean BBQed chicken on bamboo skewers.

Therefore, no. There is no way these words are in fact Japanese swear words. TBH, Japanese doesn't really HAVE swear words -- at least not in the same way English does. You can definitely swear in Japanese... Hell, you can cuss like a sailor, but it's not the words themselves that make you "swear" -- it's how you use them, with whom, along with the tone and intent.
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+3 57. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video The Truth About Japanese Food

Nice! The only thing that's "TRUE" about the whole skit is that they are, in fact saying in Japanese exactly what the subtitles are in English. It's very, very good translation actually. Voting thumbs up on this movie for that alone! ;)
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-2 58. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Woman sings "Flight of the Bumblebee".

#(removed comment): He are playing bagpipes. :P
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+59 59. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Smallest man meets tallest legs

Hell yeah he looked up! He may be 73cm but he's still a MAN! :D

#5: That would be surreal! She'd probably just grab him by the ankles and use ALL of him. :O
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+2 60. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Guess what that commercial is about

Ewww... Just ewww! I'm sure there are gay men out there who'd find this ad disgusting too. :S

Now I feel all icky.

/Goin' to take a shower now
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+13 61. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video look out for each other

You can have the whole damn vehicle made entirely of mirrors but you might still have blind spots, but MUCH more importantly -- no amount of mirrors will save you from a bad driver who chooses not to USE his mirrors.

Any vehicle is only as dangerous as the guy driving it.
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0 62. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Judge Milian owns some idiot lawyer

Whether the judge is male or female here is completely irrelevant. Future lawyer-boy thinks he's ALLLL that (and a bag o' chips) and no one has ever put him in his place. I would've gotten pissed too if I had taught as an instructor at the same law school where that kid is studying currently and I witnessed behavior like that.

The fact that this IS a TV show is probably a good thing. The only thing the kid can get is a tongue-lashing from the TV judge (who is really a judge off the camera too)... If this were a REAL courtroom, buddy-boy would likely have a night in jail and a fine to pay, as the judge would hold him in contempt of court for his bad manners.
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-3 63. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video The stupid Cup - Remi Gaillard

Naw, man! This is classic shit! The category should be Rémi Gaillard... Truly EPIC!
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+6 64. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Crazy traffic in India

Man, I've lived here in Asia WAY the hell too long when I look at that and go, "Yeah, so? Around here we call that Sunday morning." :P
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0 65. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Mario paper stop motion

Lol. This is your TYPICAL Japanese elementary or junior high school classroom. I swear, they look almost identical just about in every city in the country! Too bad there were no credits. I'd like to know who did it and where it was done.
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+3 66. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video How to open wine bottle with shoe.

It's not always successful... That's the loosest cork I've ever seen. Anyway, I'm 1 for 3 on this method. Tried it 3x with different bottles, but have succeeded only once. It's a neat party trick IF it works.
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+3 67. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video What happens if you flip a starfish upside down?

#6: Get a grip, dude. It's a fucking STARFISH! It lacks a brain. Kinda like you! (Except the starfish is far less annoying). Here. learn something:

Someone been watchin' WAY too much Disney. Sheesh!
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+36 68. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Massive Cooling Tower Demolition

Nice! Saving taxpayers money by blowing stuff up! Who would've thought? :D

The real question then is... How much of America would you have to blow up before everyone could stop paying income tax altogether? >:)
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+8 69. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Bottle cork trick

What do you mean useless? Jeez some people can't see the forest because of all the trees. You just dont get it, do you? This is VERY useful. Let me spell it out for those who are still lost.


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+8 70. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Foot 2010 - Put it where you want it (Rémi GAILLARD)

So, riddle me this... Why the hell wasn't HE in South Africa kicking ass on behalf of France??? :(
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+1 71. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video The Monster

Om nom nom nom! :D
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+8 72. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Poor Timo

That would make a great signature line: "Up in the ass of Timo!"
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+2 73. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Lego printer

Look at my horse. My horse is amazing!
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+4 74. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Tornado during a football match in japan

Wow! Matsumoto... That's a city about an hour from where I live.

Crazy stuff. They were yelling at the kids to "get down" but I really wonder if that would be effective.
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+2 75. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Aggressive maneuvers for autonomous quadrotor flight.

It's really cool... But I wonder how stable it really is. All the maneuvers they did, they did very quickly. I wonder if it's possible to do the same maneuvers at about half the speed...
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+7 76. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Autistic girl expresses profound intelligence.

#33: No negative from me, but I don't agree with your assessment. If you go to this girl's website, you'll see a video clip of her writing on her own, and no one is (visibly) giving her cues or supporting her arms. This is not Facilitated Communication. If it were, someone would actually be there, physically helping her type.
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+6 77. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Spanish bullfighter gored

The very fact that there are so many commenters on here that would value the life of an ANIMAL over that of a HUMAN to the point that they would maliciously wish harm upon someone and say that it's good that someone had this happen to them, disturbs me deeply.

Whether or not you agree with bullfighting is one thing, but to wish for an animal to exact revenge on a human isn't right either. If you want to stop bullfighting, write a petition. Start a letter campaign and send it to the Spanish government or to the UN. Attend a protest. But sitting there, mouthing off about how you're glad that a bullfighter got gored is just sick and perverse and it will never solve the problem. If anything, it just makes me want to attend a bullfight out of sheer schadenfreude.
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-1 78. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video How to make thermite

Funny thing is, you could probably smuggle BUCKETS of this crap onto a plane. It's not a liquid -- and the components could be easily disguised as other stuff. Scary.
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+4 79. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video vertical fail

#8: Video upload FAIL! :P
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+17 80. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Non-circular gears and planetary gear.

Automatically and categorically downvoting comments that aren't in English or at least don't have a translation. Last I checked, Snotr was an English-language website. It's NOT or

Not sayin' that English is superior, but using it here is only a matter of common courtesy. I woudn't go onto a Portuguese site and start yammerin away in English either. ;)
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+5 81. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Toilet-meeting ?

Yes, it's in Canada... Specifically, Anjou, Québec. Link to the port-a-potty company in the vid.
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+5 82. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video English is a hard languge

#(removed comment): Hope you never decide to come to Japan then. That's a pretty typical TV show around here...
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-1 83. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Jozin z bazin

As a proud Czech, let me just say that this is awesome! LOL! Jozin z Bazin even has his own wikipedia page here:

Thanks for posting this.
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+10 84. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video The Story of Bottled Water

Neat! This is another short documentary by Annie Leonard. Her first one, The Story of Stuff is really good too...
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+4 85. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video NBA Fail

Yep! Give #9 and #16 a prize! :D
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+14 86. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video NBA Fail

Now if that had been a certain Colombian football (soccer) player, playing in a certain World Cup... I'd give him.. ohhh... about a week to live. >:) See if some of you young'uns can get the reference.... ;)
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+44 87. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Fry an Egg

Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD... Something tells me all that ink in the newspaper can't possibly be good for you. :S
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+2 88. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Would You Intervene?

#16, that version of biased history is no more accurate than my version of biased history. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

Regardless, the bystander effect is quite real and even if the Genovese case were 100% fiction, it doesn't make inaction any less excusable. The "diffusion of responsibility" effect that we see in such cases can be very dangerous.

When you see someone else not reacting to something, that makes it acceptable for you not to react either. I'll call your Kitty Genovese and raise you a Stanley Milgram.

That is a great study of "diffusion of responsibility" where test subjects are willing to hurt or even kill another person because they are told it's alright by an authority figure, and therefore it's no longer "their problem." As soon as we start believing that something is "not my problem," we risk behaving immorally.
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+15 89. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Would You Intervene?

First of all, kudos for not only confronting people with this issue, but a BIG thumbs up for giving people 4 practical suggestions about what to do if they are in that situation.

However, I disagree that people don't react because they don't know how. This is a very old, and very well-known phenomenon that can be summed up in 2 words: Kitty Genovese.

The tragic story of a woman who was brutally murdered in NYC. This woman was being stabbed for almost a half-hour, with several dozen people nearby and no one reacted -- no one helped -- no one called the police.

It's called the bystander effect.

So to answer the question: would you intervene? You might like to think that you would, but my money is on "I doubt it."
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+1 90. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Insane wave pool in Tokyo

I see this vid and shake my head in amazement that Japan actually has a severe underpopulation problem!
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+5 91. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Taiwanese Boy Sings Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'

That just goes to show you. No matter who you are or how special you think you are, there is probably an Asian stunt double of you somewhere in Taiwan or China who can do it better, and probably cheaper too! >:)
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+3 92. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Insane Car Mod

Nice!!! This is indeed Japan. In fact, I recognize the highway markers. It's on the Chuo Expressway, heading from Tokyo, going in the direction of Nagoya, near the town of Otsuki.

Very near where I live -- I drive that road all the time. Can't say I've ever seen that car with the tire mod though.

There are a LOT of kids in Japan whose parents have waaaay too much money, and not only do they buy their kids cars, but they pay for them to pimp 'em out too.
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-7 93. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Traffic in Russia

In Soviet Russia, traffic get stuck in YOU! :D
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+3 94. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video The Food Lift

It isn't real. Try adding any of the products to your cart and none of them are actually in stock...

Plus, if you visit the website and read through a bit of the small print you'll find out that it's a viral ad for BC Dairy Foundation (in Canada) as part of a drink more milk campaign. Creative stuff though. :) Also affiliated with the site is this one: that has some more funny milk ad vids.
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+1 95. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Dupleggcated

Music sounds a bit like Ladysmith Black Mambazo
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0 96. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Godly Tetris skills

246 toothpicks on the floor and 4 left in the box. Jeez. This guy can't be normal. Must be an idiot-savant or something. Take that, Rain Man!
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+9 97. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Cat catches bat out of the air

Om nom nom nom! :D
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+3 98. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Cool mayor

It's not a pissing contest, #8.
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+4 99. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Francis Gets His Warcraft Account Hacked

#1 checked out Boogie2988 on Youtube... He's got his moments where he's funny (like the one where he phones McDonalds to complain that their food made him fat)... Unfortunately, like so many other video bloggers, most of his vids involve staring at HIM going on and on and on talking to his webcam about nothing particular or even interesting.

His "Francis" vids are kinda funny though... Not GREAT mind you, but good for a chuckle.
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0 100. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video Jesus - I will survive.

So how is blaspheming someone else's religion funny? I fail to see it. Christians make a great target. They'll just shrug it off. If they did the same kinda vid with Mohammad, there would be all sorts of fatwas and jihad and it would become an international incident.
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0 101. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago on video So you think that you can fly?

hdwg: Yeah. Mad props to that guy.
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+12 102. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Bring it on!

#4. I agree. Part 2. Cue MASSIVE goon, looking pissed off, pounding his fist into his palm, walking toward the coffee shop with a tiny little sexy girl freaking out, trying to pull his arm, yelling "Ohmygod, Frankie! Don't do it! Don't do it!"
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+4 103. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Nerds Unite

That was played at my university (University of Alberta), Edmonton, Canada. w00t!

Feb. 5, 2010. It involved 1200 students and staff and will (hopefully) be included in the next Guinness Book of World Records (as soon as the officials finish counting all the people, LOL).

Here's another link that includes a TOP view from the ceiling of the Butterdome where this was held.

BTW, I'm not the submitter but thanks for posting this and making my day! Seriously. :D
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-3 104. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Fake n Funny Sport Skills!

#6 Posted 2 hours ago by dvh

It's a slide show, not video!

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-3 105. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Yeah....we love russia

#12, you young whippersnapper. Soviet Russia reverals are the classic Internet meme. Know your meme:

Now git off mah lawn!
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-2 106. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Yeah....we love russia

In Soviet Russia.... Foosball plays YOU!!! >:)
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-4 107. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Winter sports in russia

In Soviet Russia.... Snow jumps in YOU!
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+1 108. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Ball Hits bird in Tennis

#(removed comment) framerate is too low for a sports vid. You can't downgrade framerates too much without losing certain key elements (like the ball)
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+42 109. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Why women shouldn't play soccer

Has got nothing to do with gender. Has everything to do with an idiot referee who should have red carded an unsportsmanlike player in the very beginning.
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-1 110. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Good song :D

Ok.. Fine. You really want the lyrics? Here ya go! :D

PDF of the musical score. Hope you can read "cat".
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+9 111. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Good song :D

For those who are asking WTF... Consider getting getting out a bit more and seeing the world beyond Internet vids. Get a bit of culture or something. ;) This is classic stuff, and yes it IS for real... No, it has nothing to do with special ed. But it IS meant to be funny. (Just in a 19th century sort of way).

It's called "Duetto buffo di due gatti" which means: Humorous Duet for Two Cats in Italian and was written in the early 19th century (around 1820 or so).

Even though it's usually credited to the classical composer G. Rossini, it was actually written by someone else in Rossini's style, based on some other operas Rossini composed already.

I would agree with a "Weird" classification but not for the reason you might think. It's "weird" because it's a boys' choir performing it... Usually it's done as a solo (duet) for two (female) sopranos. Sometimes it's done as a fun encore following a more serious performance.

In terms of the boys' performance itself, I found it rather lackluster. Sure they are in-tune and have nice voices... But it's not enough. They sing it deadpan and expressionless. It's devoid of any feeling and passion. They are singing it as if it were just a recital piece rather than than the operatic aria it's supposed to represent.

Truth be told, there are VERY few performances of this pieces that are actually well performed. I don't think I've ever heard a version that I've thought was adequate.

This one comes close, by Spanish singers and actresses Montserrat Caballé & Concha Velasco:

Another, not-so-good-quality vid is this one (same singers, better costumes, German pre-amble).

The interpretation of this one is very, very good. The first "cat" with a picture of a lover... And the "hissing" in the middle of the bit is great!

Finally, a Russian version performed in Moscow:

I like their expressions in that one. The interpretation is very nice.

(Sorry for the long post).
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0 112. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video The love life of a ninja

#13... That'll be in the sequel. ;)
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+19 113. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video The love life of a ninja

#9 uhhh. So what part of the word "CARTOON" in the vid description did you NOT understand that you were compelled to click on it? Here, let me break it down for you.

  /k?r?tun/ [kahr-toon]

1. a sketch or drawing, usually humorous, as in a newspaper or periodical, symbolizing, satirizing, or caricaturing some action, subject, or person of popular interest.
2. comic strip.
3. animated cartoon.
4. Fine Arts. a full-scale design for a picture, ornamental motif or pattern, or the like, to be transferred to a fresco, tapestry, etc.
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+1 114. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Public-access TV Host Bombarded With Prank Calls

Must be a budget thing -- but I imagine most call-in shows have pre-screeners. This guy had to do it all himself. Kinda felt sorry for him for a while... But then I realized, Nahhh.... He's a New Yorker. He's used to that kinda crap. Just another day for him.
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0 115. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade

At that speed, if he hit the back of a suddenly stopped truck, there wouldn't be enough of him left for even a closed-casket funeral.
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-2 116. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Turborider

#18 Not necessarily. Friend of mine was doing about 150 (km/h) on his R1 when a cop pulled up next to him and signaled for him to pull over. He got scared, gunned it and took off like a shot, accelerating to 300. Pulled off the highway at the next exit then took local roads all the way home.

When he got back, he called me all freaked out that he might be in a LOT of trouble... Nothing ever came of it. I figure for a few reasons:

1. Too much paperwork. Cops ARE lazy as shit.
2. Imagine the ribbing you'd get from other cops when you radio in that you weren't able to pull over some joker on a motorbike. (I bet you anything they neglected to note his license plate # before they signaled for him to pull over)...
3. Too much trouble to track down a guy going that fast. By the time it's radioed in, he could be just about anywhere.
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-2 117. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Box of wine + microwave

What #(removed comment) said. Can't wait to see the Mythbusters do this one! :D
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+1 118. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Ostrich Attack

And one other thing. Riddle me this: why is it unacceptable to call the guy a n****r, but calling him a "fag" gets +8 ratings? Seriously. Hate is hate.

Alvin Hall IS gay, btw. But so what? He's an award-winning author, financial advisor and TV personality. What've you achieved in YOUR (presumably straight) life so far?
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+22 119. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video The Passenger

8 years? Jeez! What, did he orchestrate every instrument 1 at a time in Garageband or something? Very impressive work, but 8 years! That's why animation studios have teams of people working on stuff like this instead of individuals...
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+5 120. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Ostrich Attack

That's giving them way too much credit, #5. Racism, nothing. The far more likely scenario is that we're dealing with 10-yr olds who think they're being clever or funny all the while mum should be supervising them as they play on the net.
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+1 121. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Rémi Gaillard as Tarzan

Epic!!! More Rémi Gaillard vids anytime! The compilation posted earlier was nice too! ;-) This guy does the kind of crazy shit most us would only ever dream of doing for fear of getting arrested or punched out!
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+2 122. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Body scanner

#19 If you have that kind of NEED to travel with a buttplug up your arse then perhaps consider counseling. Most peoples' sexual urges/fetishes (be they normal or kinky) can generally be controlled. If not, you got a much more serious problem than embarrassment caused by a scanner at the airport.

#8 that article seriously scares the bejesus out of me. :S
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+2 123. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Christmas cement truck

#7: They use a really, really long extension cord, and then when they're just about to run out of slack, a sensor comes on and reverses the direction of spinning. 8-)
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+4 124. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Russian Talent Show

In Soviet Russia, arrow shoots YOU!

Oh. Wait...
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+1 125. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Extreme christian view of Pokemon

#34 what the hell are you talking about?

The name Pokémon is the romanized contraction of the Japanese brand Pocket Monsters (Poketto Monsuta-)

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+1 126. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Chinese rocket fly-by

#5: To be sure, the SOURCE of the vid is Japanese.... Doesn't mean the rocket wasn't launched by China.

Honestly though, I don't know. Haven't heard recently if any Asian country launched a rocket. May not be so recent though. Vid isn't dated. The only thing I can tell (my kanji reading isn't that great) is that it came from the Asahi daily newspaper.
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+2 127. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Wedding driver fail

In Soviet Russia... Wedding party crashes YOU!

/Got nuttin'
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+1 128. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Ok..

Hard to say... I understood: "Puha" which I think is Portuguese for "stupid" maybe... Perhaps a Brazilian or Portuguese could comment...
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+5 129. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Beatboxing skills

No matter what anyone here says, Roxorloops has SICK skillz. This vid is solid but if you get onto Youtube, some of the demo stuff he did a few years back is amazing!

Don't even bother checking this link out unless you like beatboxing...
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+12 130. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Facebook status: married

#9, yeah maybe. But she's still getting laid tonight. Are you? >:)
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+2 131. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Maru's magic show

Exactly what #10 said. As for #19, bud, don't worry. I'm going to make sure to bitch about every single cat vid from now on, just to piss you off!
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+2 132. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Maru's magic show

Enough with the goddamn cats. If you love cats so much, go to and stay there. Don't subject everyone else to your silly fetishism. It's like a freaking cult with these people. Seriously. Then when you announce that you don't like cat videos, all of a sudden you must be some kind of freaky animal-hater who doesn't deserve to live or something. I like animals! Just not mangy, stinky annoying-as-shit cats! And just to show how much I like animals, here's some money heads for you all! :(|) ::(|) :(|) ::(|) :(|)
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+1 133. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Little Cute Cat

#26: Exactly! (Minus the loving cats as much as the next guy part). I'd love cats a whole helluva lot more if the local crazy neighbor didn't have 25 of the fucking things... Every few months there's more kittens too. And inevitably, they all end up in my fucking yard, shitting on my lawn and flowers. People have to keep their dogs on leashes or in their yards... Why the hell should cat owners allow their stinking, filthy animals to roam the neighborhood freely? (Yes. A cat house where 25 cats are kept DOES stink. BADLY!).
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+2 134. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Citroen + Ferrari = Citrorrari

Someone's got WAY the hell too much money and time on their hands!
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-1 135. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Little Cute Cat

#19: Hypocrite? I'm not a hypocrite. I firmly believe that ALL species (including humans) can go fuck themselves equally and without prejudice.

Besides I never said anything about not loving animals. I just don't get so easily entertained by someone's meowing cat is all. Please, by all means upload a video of your parrot friend. Then I can tell both of you what I think.
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+9 136. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video The Tunnel of Death

In Soviet Russia, road drives YOU!
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-6 137. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Little Cute Cat

That's it? For 25 seconds we get to watch a cat meow a few times and make a pawing gesture? Holy shit you guys are easy to please!

I weep for the future of humanity when the definition of quality entertainment has come to include people recording, uploading, then watching video clips of a cat meowing. Really! WTF people?
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+1 138. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Hardest Hockey Shot Ever!

The fine print at the bottom is hilarious: "This will not happen at the games themselves."
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+1 139. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Japanese Fanta commericals

#13 nevermind the video... I've been to a restaurant that serves it. It's bloody creepy. They carve up the side of the fish into sashimi then use the fish's still-living body as a serving tray for the slices. The fish stays alive for a disturbingly long time... If you poke at it with a chopstick or something, it will flop and thrash about... Not too much though because they use wooden skewers to prevent it from literally flopping off the plate and causing a mess. FWIW, I do not condone this... Now, if I ever get an invitation to go to that restaurant I always refuse and explain why. I know I'm painting with broad strokes here, but many Japanese don't really give much of a shit about treating animals with respect and have zero concept of cruelty to animals and at times that becomes very apparent.
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0 140. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video She won

A weee bit slow on the uptake there... But yes, it was both funny and cute! ;)
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-1 141. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Boat vs Bridge

#25 Around here we call that: Thursday.
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0 142. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Boat vs Bridge

From the link provided by #3:

"A lift bridge operator who had taken drugs and alcohol, as well as a lack of monitoring procedures, led to an accident that closed a busy waterway in Ontario, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said Thursday."

Enough said. :S

When they say "lack of monitoring procedures" do they mean that they need to monitor the BRIDGE better? Or monitor the fact that their employees aren't pissed & stoned better?
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+5 143. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Human Pixels Perform

#15 I have no idea what this video has to do with pigs (or boars) but the POINT is... It's a way for schools to cheer for their sports teams. Other places have pep rallies, cheerleaders, marching bands and stuff. The Koreans (not Japanese, btw -- the lady at the beginning is speaking Korean) just cheer different. Their cheering squad is choreographed and involves a lot more people. THAT is the point.

Like YOU've never cheered for a sports team before... Besides, have some fun for chrissakes. Are you always all serious and helping humanity? Stop wasting time commenting on Snotr and go feed some starving African children or something. Chop chop! Get to it!
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-2 144. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Not everyone is a lumberjack

Well now, you see his problem was quite clearly that he didn't have buttered scones for tea before he began! :D
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-5 145. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video BMW Parking Fail

Anyone consider that maybe it was done on purpose? Revenge on an ex- maybe? >:)
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+3 146. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Just Taking a Walk

#10: Hard to say. Right after the building falls, the guy says: "KURVA!" which means "whore" -- but it's used as an exclamation -- kinda like fuck in English... Problem is, "kurva" is a pan-Slavic word. It exists in many Slavic languages... like Czech or Slovak to name a couple others...
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+1 147. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Epic Parking Woman Fail

#24 Not true. May not be where you live. Hell, it may not be where I live anymore either -- I did my driving test almost 20 years ago... But it was when I did MY test. As I said -- it was the very first thing they tested when you stepped into the car. You'd pull over to a "parking lane" with two poles. You'd have to park between them, the driving tester would open his door and check that you weren't more than 0.5m from the curb. Once you were clear, you'd go out and do the remainder of your test. (Which, incidentally was done in regular traffic -- not on a closed course, like in some parts of the world).
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+26 148. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Epic Parking Woman Fail

Are you serious? There's actually people who are THAT hopeless? Where I'm from, she wouldn't have even passed her driver's test because parallel parking is the FIRST thing they check (to weed out idiots like her) so they don't waste their time with the rest of the test! No, I'm not kidding!
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+1 149. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video How to ruin $250,000 worth of vodka

Good thing no one lit up a smoke after that! >:)
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+2 150. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Robot walking like a human

Now strap on a set of stiletto heels on that thing... You know, just for shits & giggles.
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+18 151. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Is That a Gun in Your Pants

Oh Gawd I laughed hard when I saw this! :(|) So making students tuck in their shirts and not wear baggy pants means that the school is safe now, right? Are you fucking serious? I don't need an arsenal to pull a Columbine. All I need is a single weapon. I guess the next step is to ban backpacks and require all students to wear skin-tight lycra catsuits.... Oh yeah, in a neutral beige-gray tone... Yeah! That's the ticket!!! 8-)
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+6 152. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Japanese McDonald's ad

What #3 said. They are speaking/singing in Korean, and the text at the end is written in Hangul (Korean script). You can also tell it's not in Japan by the flow of traffic in the background. Koreans drive the same side of the road as North America - on the right. Japan uses the opposite side -- like the U.K.
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+6 153. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Hair hat man

Ask and ye shall receive. (Rough translation)

Announcer: Danny-san has never taken off his hat in 20 years! He eats wearing it... He wears it to the public (Japanese) bath... (Very shocking for Japanese people because you are supposed to be fully naked when you use the public bath)...

Strange yellow dude: Why hasn't he taken his hat off for so long?

Announcer; Danny's hat is actually his hairdo. If he walks down the street....

2 Geisha: Sugoi!!! (Means: Cool!)

Announcer: At the temple (looks like Asakusa in Tokyo)

Visitors: What's that? Cool!

Announcer: When he goes to (another) public bath...

Old man: No hats allowed inside, buddy! (realizing it's hair)... What the hell..? (starts laughing)...

Announcer: After that, it's shampoo time!!! Wash out the brim... What do other people think?

Naked guy: . . . (no comment)

Last few comments I didn't quite understand -- I'm not exactly fluent in Japanese, unfortunately... But I do what I can.

Anyway, hope that gives you all an idea as to what's going on. It's a typical Japanese variety show where they showcase the cool, weird and interesting things/people throughout Japan. They're on TV all the time here.
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0 154. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Your business card is #$@!

Man, hook line and sinker, all of you. This guy is taking the piss! It's fuggin' hilarious! If you think it's real, man -- I got a great deal on some prime real estate in the Florida Everglades you might be interested in too! :D
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+5 155. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Driver soaks kids at bus stop

That was not brilliant. Dumb c$$t should have his license revoked. He speeds up going down a hill to pull a stupid move just so he can put it up on the web. He thinks he's a great driver but doesn't even consider the possibility that 1) one of the kids could have run or fallen in front of his car... or 2) if he had lost control of the vehicle he would have plowed straight into the whole group of them.

Driver should be thrown into a sack and beaten with sticks.
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+2 156. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Norwegian Military Drill Team

Good stuff! Having been a member of a precision drill team myself, I know how many hours, days, weeks & months it would take to get to that level. And when I was doing it, we weren't even chucking around rifles with fixed bayonets like they were juggling balls either. That was impressive.

(Not Norwegian, BTW. Canadian).
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+3 157. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Hidden Camera Prank Gone Wrong

#17 watch the vid again. It's not quite so simple. If you look at the very beginning, the guy doing the prank is fucking with the guy in the background by throwing a green net over his head. The guy in the striped shirt looks around, sees this (maybe is buddies with the guy who got the net thrown over him) so when practical joker dude comes running, the stripey-shirt guy is like BAM! That'll teach you to fuck with my friend. Can't say I would've reacted much differently. Mind you, I can't kick so high so he probably would've gotten it in the nuts.
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+1 158. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Kris Holm unicycle mountainbiker

Mad skillz! I couldn't do that on ANY number of wheels.

#8 #11 #14 #15 Agreed. Horrible music choice. Sounds like someone with Tourette's Syndrome clearing mucous out of his throat.
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+10 159. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Roller coaster fallout warning

#(removed comment) there IS a nudity warning. What do you think NSFW means? (Not safe for work).

Concerned about underage users seeing that? Here's a novel idea: SUPERVISE your kids! I guess it's a long-lost art.

Besides, I'd probably rather have them watching boobies than violence anyhow... ;)
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+1 160. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Car crash

#34 is correct. It is Japan. You can indeed tell by the katakana on the truck and the piece of license plate you see on the front of the demolished white car. Absolutely horrible. But as someone who lives (and drives) in Japan, I am really NOT surprised, the way people drive around here. I see idiots like that on the road every day and I'm seriously surprised that I haven't seen more such accidents.
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+4 161. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Motorbike Vs Pole

Laughing my ASS off!!!

FWIW, it's not really a motorcycle - it's a scooter, the kind that are all over Asia (especially here in Japan). I even drive one. The thing is, (#10), no you don't need any special license or lessons to drive one of those.

They are only 50cc and the engine is restricted to 60 km/h (unless you do some special mod work). All you need is a regular car license to drive one in my parts.
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+4 162. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video A short compilation of mob pranks, courtesy of the Japanese

I'm the submitter... Sorry if it's a repeat - I wouldn't have submitted it had I realized it... I check Snotr pretty frequently but I guess this one must have escaped me. Oh well, I chuckle every time I watch it too...
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+2 163. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Rush Hour London

Time lapse is a wonderful technique but it's a MEANS to an END. When the video itself is pointless, whether it's done in time lapse or not, the results are going to be boring. This vid would have been far more useful and educational in a film studies classroom that teaches camera techniques -- not here.
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+6 164. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Giant water slide

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-3 165. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Studying English

#20, obviously you're trying to get your kicks out of riling me. Sorry to disappoint you -- takes a lot more than using a racist term on purpose and insulting Japanese people to get my goat. Your inane writing only serves to reveal the content of your character. You can crawl back under your rock now, you ignorant hillbilly. :P
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-4 166. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Studying English

#14, that may be true... People are racist -- not words... But tell that to the guy who's kicking your a$$ and twisting your neck into a pretzel for calling him a racial slur... I guarantee that most Japanese people have never even heard of George Carlin... :(|) (I'm not trying to pick a fight with you -- I'm just sayin').

#12 I know. It's a lost cause but there are many people who just don't realize it. I've had friends refer to Pakistani people as "Pakis" not intentionally trying to be ignorant but they just didn't know any better. When someone (wasn't me) told them what they were doing was rude, they stopped.

I know I can't get through to someone who chooses to behave like an idiot -- I just hope I can give someone who doesn't know any better a heads-up... ;)
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+4 167. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Studying English

Hilarious! I live in Japan -- that's pretty typical of local TV shows. Variety shows like this are on all the time. They get tiresome quickly but this clip was good.

I would ask, however that people please stop using "Jap" as an abbreviation for "Japanese." It's incredibly racist and no more acceptable than using the word n****r to describe African-Americans. If you MUST use an abbreviation because you too lazy to type 5 more letters (Jap+anese) then maybe you should invest in some typing classes or something.

I guarantee, sh*tty English skills or not, if you come to Japan and start referring to people here as "Japs" you will get told off or get your a$$ kicked by someone.
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+1 168. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Deepsea something... eeww

#20 actually I realized that after I wrote it... Oops.. Oh well. Thanks for pointing it out though. This beastie is really deep -- and it emits light -- Portuguese Men o' War (plural???) do not. Definitely a siphonophore through.
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+5 169. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Deepsea something... eeww

Ask and ye shall receive.

In Japanese it's called a kuda-kurage (kurage means "jellyfish";). That's pronounced: koo-da koo-rah-geh

You can wikipedia "siphonophorae" for more info.

#12 It would be hard to nail down the exact species, but what you're looking at there looks like a Portguese Man o' War (Physalia physalis):

Technically it's not a jellyfish, but the Japanese call it one.
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+2 170. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Weather girl prank

Here's another vote for removing this vid. It's almost pointless to comment on it any more because most of the above posters have already said it all -- and I agree with them.

Even if it were staged (fake), it looked real enough. There are many people like the ones who were in the vid -- I've met them. Real or fake, it doesn't take away from the fact that it takes a real tool to scream at and assault some poor girl who's only trying to please the boss, and it takes a special brand of retard to think that's funny.
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+5 171. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Speed cooking

Submitter is a dumbass. This is not Japanese. It's quite obviously Chinese. Take it from someone who lives in Japan!
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+3 172. JimDunlop commented 10 years ago on video Galactic center of the Milky Way rises over Texas

Is it just me, or does that look like one, giant, celestial hoo-ha? 8-)
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+2 173. JimDunlop commented 11 years ago on video Tow me away? I'll tow you!

I'm not one of those who yell "fake" on Snotr... But I do think this one is. (Still a cool vid though) but it may be a viral ad campaign for GM.

In order for a tow truck to operate its hydraulics (to lift the car off its back wheels), it has to engage the PTO (power takeoff). In order for the PTO to engage the truck must be in (P)ark. If this were the case, that SUV would be going nowhere even if it IS FWD. You'd ruin the car pretty quick if you tried it.
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+28 174. JimDunlop commented 11 years ago on video Chicken head tracking

Not a stupid video. That's bloody awesome! I wonder if other birds can do that too. (Trying to imagine that guy trying to hold down a turkey to do the same thing)...
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+1 175. JimDunlop commented 11 years ago on video Amazing christmas lights display

Looks similar but likely a different house. If you follow the link to Snopes from the first vid, the guy who created the original display stopped doing them on his house because it caused too much traffic congestion and even an accident. I would like to know more info on this one, however.
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+1 176. JimDunlop commented 11 years ago on video Be kind to your local nazi

The Czech version is also dubbed from German. It aired on Czech channel 1 and someone obviously captured it. I'm not a big fan of dubbing -- much prefer subtitles whenever possible.

Funny as hell though. #2: THIS.
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+1 177. JimDunlop commented 11 years ago on video Street soccer skills

FWIW, this whole vid was filmed in Japan... Just can't tell what city.
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-2 178. JimDunlop commented 11 years ago on video Extreme Biking

Extreme? If by extreme they mean irresponsible then yeah. Idiots like this have no business being on a hill with other riders. The way they were riding was an accident just waiting to happen. And for what? So they can show off on the net with a stupid video clip of their ride.

Doesn't matter if it's skiing, boarding, biking -- people like this give their sport a bad name and hotshots that think they can "handle it" are still human. they can make a mistake. One slipup and they can f### themselves or someone else up for life.

If I was one of the guys that got cut off by these douchebags and I met up with them at the bottom of the hill, one of 'em would be eating that f---n' camera.