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0 1. Jimix commented 14 years ago on video The Russian Onslaught

#2 & #3 Thsat is because you don't know about you talk. 30 million of soviet died in that war, more than 50% was civilians, 1.5% of that was the american soldier who died, all soldiers. After stalin's purge, many good generals was killed; at start the war the soviet union was not prepared, they move the factories to other side of Urals, all that under fire, with cities blocked, no food or water. They did a super army that fight againts the nazi army, the courage and smart of soviet people could win the war; in England or USA always minimize the soviet talent, in Stalingrad was a very good strategies, not only the snow, the T-34 was a marveulious of soviet enginering, they was the first in Berlin, the first camps liberate was fro them. What did UK and USA all 1942 and 1943? Not open the second front, the more hard of the war was for Soviet Union and his people, thanks to them to save us of Nazis, while Churchill expect that nazi and saviet died to can go against URSS, that is glorious? And, What war win USA? WWI, much soldiers not fight, they was at last time in Europe, WWII, was a URSS Victory, Corea? no, Vietnam? no, Granada? come on!, Somalia? no, Haiti? do nothing, First Irak war? No fight with republican war, Afghanistan? of course not, Irak 2, no still and pay us dollars to irak generals to no fight (glorious?), what next?