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+1 1. JudyinVegas commented 15 years ago on video Woman parallel parks car

All the woman hater's really love this. Not all woman drive like this. Isn't there a race car driving woman that won over men? This is meant for fun and don't we all feel better about ourselves being able to put down this woman? Come on. Leave out the f-bomb, makes you sound dumb to me. Have some class.
I bet she is better at something YOU can't do. We all have differant gifts. :) :)
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+8 2. JudyinVegas commented 15 years ago on video Are women born this way?

I just had to get on here and say how much this little girl is loved and taken care of, but previous number beat me to it!
This is great. She knows what she is saying. My son was 7 months old and would get really excited and go stiff in my arms when he heard this truck sound : :) ; He would point and say "Geh-ba-wok". That was the garbage truck! They know what they are saying---we don't. Love her.