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+2 1. Koinu commented 16 years ago on video Charice Pempengco at Star King

I am sure that we will see and hear more about her. She is really something. Someone should get her on the tonight show so that the world can see her talent.
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+1 2. Koinu commented 16 years ago on video Girl 'sings' in front of webcam

There is a lot of talent there. Too bad it is not focused on the right kind of music. With her looks and her voice capabilities she could be the next super star. Girl try some good music you can go far.
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0 3. Koinu commented 16 years ago on video Don't drink from hotel room glasses

Wow, In order to clean this up, perhaps all of us who stays at the hotel should place a camera to document the cleaning. Yes, it should be open and a note should be left for the maid to see that you are documenting the cleaning. Or you can just put a note that says you have a hidden camera documenting the cleaning.
Ha... I bet your room will be cleaned pretty well. But, I would still not drink from the cup without washing the cup with very hot water. This goes true with you glasses at home. When I go anywhere, I constantly wash my hands. A good habit to get into. I also wash everything before I use them. Even when I go to a restaurant, I wash the forks and spoons in the water and cleaning them prior. I am not sure it helps but it make the chances of dirty hands handling the forks and spoons form the dirty money that the people are handling.