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+1 1. Lami commented 9 years ago on video This Iraqi Guy Loves His Job


Welll.gays ??...oh yeah we have so much problems around the world. The topic "gays" is definetly priority one. Who cares about the "hunger crisis" in africa. Call the united nations <- This was sarkasm

The most religions do not accept gays..hence its not just AGAIN the muslims. This is a typical stereotype. But it does not mean that there is not a gays community within the countries incl. muslim countries. Not sure were you live but I am pretty sure if you go to US i.e. Texas you will be very surprised about the acceptance of gays. I have gay friends and its their personal decision. I would never judge people because of their sexual orientation. But if you spread stereotypes you will be realy not different then the gay haters. You need to differentiate between "extremists" and "liberal" can find them at each religion and in any country around the world.
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0 2. Lami commented 9 years ago on video Australia's Got Talent 2011 - Freddy Mercury

R.I.P Freddy
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+1 3. Lami commented 9 years ago on video Son Electrocutes Dad While Fixing Car

Disrespectfull rugrat..but this looks like a fake. A real brit would show him what respect is.
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+2 4. Lami commented 9 years ago on video This Iraqi Guy Loves His Job

#13 democratize? You realy think the wars were are all about Democracy? :D


Ok and why are they not happy?. Read the history books and take look into the chapers colonisation, slavery, pacification. Cause and results of the 1 and 2 world war and you will get the answers and do not forget to read between the lines.

Anyway your threads are a bit off topic and xenophobic.
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-1 5. Lami commented 9 years ago on video Dude Implants Magnets Into His Wrist to Hold iPod

I dont get it why people are treating their own body like $#!T ...just to be different. Inferiority complex ???
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+2 6. Lami commented 9 years ago on video This Iraqi Guy Loves His Job

#(removed comment)

Benjamin. Thanks for explaining me own culture but sorry you are absolutly wrong. You can have your opinion but your thread is simply "BULLSHIT" as well as xenophobic.

The christians have the bells and the Muslims have the Muezzin. The muezzin is calling the people to the mosque for the prayer. Thats it. And the muslims do not play that stuff before executing someone. It suprises me everytime that some folks who never visited any country outside of the US are trying to explain the culture of other folks. The only one who is brainwashed by the US is you dude.