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+7 1. Licksgza commented 5 years ago on video Pedestrian 0, biker also 0

#4 She did not have the right of way, It is not a zebra crossing and the light was green for vehicles
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0 2. Licksgza commented 13 years ago on video Tire ski jumping

Did anyone notice that the song used is also the same song as in Evangelion 2.22?
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+12 3. Licksgza commented 13 years ago on video Wear the seat-belt (Proton)

For people who think like #4, I dont mind that if you do not wear a seatbelt when you drive, just make sure that when you get into an accident, as long as you do not hurt/kill someone or damage any property.(other than your car) it is fine. But, don't expect any help from any one including disability claims. Lost an arm and cannot work any more? Blame youself, don't expect the people who make laws and levy fines to compensate you because you are unable to work, can't gat a job due to lack of a limb, don't go aound making claims that it is discrimination. Cause someone to loose their job, you have to work for them and give that salary to them.
Bottom line if you want to live your life the way you want to, go ahead, just be able to take the responsibilty of your decisions affect others.
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+24 4. Licksgza commented 13 years ago on video bus driver fights with child

I actually, side with the river this time round. No kid should ever call an adult motherf**er. I only hope that the parents see the error of the kid and have him punished instead.If I had done it as a kid I would have gotten slapped. It is not child abuse, it is teaching your kids manners. Child abuse is when the kid ends up in hospital, or, worse. If they never learn resect at that age imagine how the pareants are treated when the kids are older. Sorry mom I don't like your lecture *and goes on to slap their parents*. Is this how we teach our children nowadays? Not to respect a figure of authority?