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+2 1. LiquidMice commented 13 years ago on video Space shuttle rocket booster test

#4 Nasa even can't tell them they're sorry because all the animals went deaf :(
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-6 2. LiquidMice commented 13 years ago on video Getting Excited

#1 You should give him a wii remote and play some wii boxing ^^
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+4 3. LiquidMice commented 13 years ago on video Pinky and the Brain prove why old cartoons are better.

#9 But was it shown in English?[1] Because this ingenious display of words can't be easy to translate to another language without losing the alliteration and rime and therefore the joke.

[1] The reason I ask is that it's common to dub these cartoons in Germany like #7 implied.
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+3 4. LiquidMice commented 13 years ago on video Michael Gregorio imitates guitar with his voice

And now play some metal \m/
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+13 5. LiquidMice commented 13 years ago on video Hilarious Co-Driver

He is definitely enthusiastic :)
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+2 6. LiquidMice commented 14 years ago on video Real life version of Minority Report's user interface.

#13 It's learnability is far greater then using a keyboard and a mouse. You intuitively can manipulate computer files. I think then when using this all day you would be faster :) Besides all the people who will be born after this technology can't even imagine that we used a mouse and a keyboard for handling a computer. :p
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+19 7. LiquidMice commented 15 years ago on video A tour of the galaxy

This is why I love science