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+2 1. MaouTsaou commented 8 years ago on video So papa, how do you like the iPad we got you?

I wonder if this will seem so funny four or five years from now? I can make more for old imac's by gutting them and making fishtanks than I could get leaving them running. I've got a booting macintosh that's probably going the same way. In about 5 years this will probably be the most effective use for an ipad. Corning glass has an investor presentation on You Tube called 'A Day Made of Glass'. These content viewers aren't gonna be the bricks they currently are too much longer. Google's coming with the "glasses" already. And notice that even in the slick Corning production the content is being viewed and shared but not produced. Nobody is making their ipad app on an ipad. Maybe the father knew all along what it was supposed to be for and still chose to use it that way. I quit bothering to learn phones years ago. No point when your likely to end up with something very different in a year or so.