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0 1. MenelecJoe commented 12 years ago on video ABB Robotics - Picking pancakes

i want the technical specs of the"pancake buffer" ... i think we could all benefit from one of these in day to day life. thats as long as we dont get a buffer overflow from corrupt pancakes, that would be a shame.
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+1 2. MenelecJoe commented 12 years ago on video ARES I X Test Flight

If all the scientists went round thinking that certain things simply cant be done, then we would be living in a very different world. I think all people that are active thinkers should consider it a duty to question established ideas...based on empirical evidence of course :)

*my actual two cents - why we building massive fusion reactors, make em smaller - cheaper with more test sites, more configurations in more science labs. I would not be opposed to dieing in cleaner less f***** up world.
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-4 3. MenelecJoe commented 12 years ago on video Hammer and feather drop on moon

"dancing and beeping around the hammer" - real world first person lol :) i like the: "a falcon feather...from a falcon" they say part of the entry shielding is made from dove feathers, so you can see where hes coming from... makes me think, why do they say "re-entry" since getting into space is more of an exit routine?
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+2 4. MenelecJoe commented 12 years ago on video Weaponized RC plane

cant imagine why the video footage is so bad? Not like the video has to be transmitted wirelessly over 400ft or anything...jesus

My whole view of life has changed because of this video, if i can spend the rest of my days attaching fireworks to RC planes and flying them round with friends trying to shoot each other up, maybe bombing a small lake with an island made of boxes...i would be a happy man. Add beer, good food / music a T3 connection and smokes then im laughing!
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-3 5. MenelecJoe commented 12 years ago on video Steel frame building demolish

i still remember the documentry, dramaitc computer doubt about the facts, look at what the simulation says. Hot fire and steel, thick strong inner core steel. meh. ruined, turned to dust. no question about it look at this man he will agree.

well, its nice to hear the rhetoric.

if the day ever comes, where i find myself outside with an unusual amount of security personel, who might through one way or another, make the fact aware that they are acting in my best interest / doing their job /securing the area or fighting terrorism. (a speaker tower perhaps?)

Then i can imagine that those folks, who question the action and sincerity of events. They will be the ones who end up in emergency camps / held for questioning / re-located / no longer an issue - the last...or maybe they will be first?

cant wait for the next tower / explosion / colapse video to see this debate continue.
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+38 6. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video Guy with a Bow

This guys going to be sorted when the new world order try and take over.
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0 7. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video Greater Egyptian Jerboa

bird mouse with third leg at the back...i feel it has great wisdom to share with us. telepathy?
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-2 8. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video Be careful how you open a bottle

*google video - "Zeitgiest" federal reserve documentry
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-2 9. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video Be careful how you open a bottle

*google video - "Zeitgiest" federal reserve documentry
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+2 10. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video Be careful how you open a bottle

I would be happy to elaborate, suggest some links but i dont want to go off topic.

also, as a warning plenty of folks would regard what i think as being consiracy theory bull - i dont believe something without seeing some facts. Im not religious and im keen on science.

I also think there is an international consiracy setup by the bankers, a "elites" of western society, who to one extent or another want to remove the liberty and freedom of the average Joe. I couldnt tell you why they want to? i personally see it as being those in positions of power feer what my dismantle them, and to the people involved the enemy is you.

They slowly push elements of soical control, while slowly enforcing stronger checks on people individual freedom and ideas.

Many many good men of sound charecter have questioned the powers that be.

Thomas Jefferson said "I beleive that the banking instituations are more dangerous than standing armies. If the american people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency. The Banks and the corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the pople of their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

Where i live in london, 200m from my street are CCTV cameras on posts, with loud speakers...they are painted black and higher than lamp posts. if you have no reason to be looking up at 45 degrees you dont see them.

ANyway, sorry this dosnt elaborate properly on my previous statement.

This would be the background picture on which my other statement is made. For both there is evidence, that really shocks me. I cant beleive, that what i believe is true. But i cant argue with the huge amount of crap out there that points to a very nasty image of the golbal situation.

Apologies to the moderators also. didnt mean to go off on one.
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+2 11. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video Be careful how you open a bottle

the right to bear arms is going to be very important some day, the act was originally thought out so if ever the goverment of the US had gone so far, as to threaten the independance of the states - the people would have the ability to organise an uprising.

Its a damn important part of the constitution. The US millitary is now being trained to conduct open warfare against its own people on american soil. Courtesy of the federal government.

Just as a note, im from the UK and live up really this is none of my business. But when the shit hits the fan...yeh enough already :)
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+3 12. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video Be careful how you open a bottle

For those asuming this video is fake (and posting thier thoughts on the matter) i must inform you this video is infact, completely legitimate. Just one of those bizzare coincdences, the gentleman filming in the "bottle shop" (?) is infact a Mr J T Alderton, a well known bottle collector and film maker, he was on scene making a documentry on texan bottle use (as you can see the shop is full of avid bottle consumers) when this incident occoured. A true example of Gonzo journalism.
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-2 13. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video This is one lucky BASE jumper

butterflies were offended by her choice of headgear - they worked in unison to seak revenge. crafty buggers those butterflies.
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+2 14. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video Dream Fail

this dog is l33t.
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+20 15. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video Heroic dog saves his buddy

im shocked. proof, if proof be need be that some pretty advanced thought process is going on in that dogs head.

"must save comrade from death"

not that canine's dont show examples of being pretty smart...but this just seems to show a real, undeniable emotion based decision at work.

anyway. thats my two cents
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+3 16. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video Interesting magic trick ever

I met this guy in huddersfield bus station last week - he was doing the same trick. on his own, crying in the far corner of the station. His eyebrows have now grown to incompass his entire face. poor guy...
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+1 17. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video Microsoft iPod

4# - Please consider a crash course in applied "sarcasm" - i think this will help you greatly in your future endevours.
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+16 18. MenelecJoe commented 13 years ago on video Microsoft iPod

this video is an excellant piece of work...a true example of what can be achieved by a higher state of being, and a surplus amount of cash for well branded product idealism.

Ah yes - i cant wait to live in the Apple world order. Everyone gets paid £23 p/hour ... and we all share one huge open plan office, where we dont work, we create. Meanwhile we've all gained an extra 350g of jaw bone mass from our perpetual grins because life with apple fills every molecule in our bodies with an infinate sense of joy and ambiguity to anything that dosnt have at least 70% negative space. God damn, i really cant wait.

im still waiting for the macbook wheel to come out...