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+2 1. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video VideoGioco

Twisted... Brilliant, but twisted. I have to say I loved the originality of the concept, but I just wish it had better content so I could openly share it with my kids. :S
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-4 2. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Max as Batman

Yeah, um... #19, While I agree the clip isn't the greatest, there is no call to make violent comments, especially towards a kid.
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+3 3. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Lifted

I thought I felt like crap every morning because I was getting older... Now I know the truth. Damn aliens. :S
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+2 4. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video A little bit tipsy

I know it is sad, but I found myself cheering for the poor bugger... 8-)
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+10 5. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Red Green Show

Another idea that is a cut above...
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+1 6. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Scooter fail after fail after fail...

Ordinary Wizarding Level... And believe me I think that drive is a wizard since he is obviously failing miserably in the muggle world...

Sorry it took so long to respond. I had to look up O.W.L. on Harry Potter sites. Who would have thought that watching this video would get me interested in finally watching a Harry Potter film. And to the first person who tells me that the book was better... The book costs $7.50 the movie can be rented for 99¢
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+1 7. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Tunnels Under Sin City

Wow, I was totally bored, but couldn't tear myself away. I must admit I actually liked it in hindsight. :O
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+1 8. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Catwalk girl

Makes me want to grease a runway right before the finale... is that wrong? >:)
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+1 9. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Shower cat

#4 Next time, try spraying the neighbor. See how often they let their cat out into your yard again...
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+1 10. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video John Cleese - How to Irritate People

Too damned funny. I have GOT to get the Full Monty...

Python collection that is.
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+1 11. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video A grande wedding

I have heard of a shotgun wedding, but a machine gun wedding? Where do I sign up? >:)
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+9 12. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Peace day in Afghanistan

Oddly it is was a dove with the same spelling as what it did... It dove.

On another note, it is a shame that the official cerimony went awry. The poor animal probably died of stress induced heart failure caused by the fright of being captured... Many birds are known to suffer this symptom... This poor fella died of stage fright.

I do wonder however why that dove is the only one with a black forehead.
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-1 13. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Terrible accident in the Netherlands

I don't get why people still blame the cop. Yes he was foolish, but then again he also tried to avoid being hit by running. Look at the car... 0:26 it swirves RIGHT into the police officer, not away from him.

Sadly many people are allowed to get their licenses with no formal training what so ever. Especially here in the U.S. We as human beings do not naturally move at these speeds, hell 15 miles per hour is top speed for the best of us, yet how many of us actually drive a car at that speed. We even revert into a primal reaction at those speeds in many instances because our minds are coping with faster movements, control from the feeling of the car over the movement of our bodies, eyesight over riding natural balance or directional movement motor reflex. It is hard to have a natural response to a sudden change in an unfamiliar capability nor are our minds readily reprogrammed to do so. We do not think well when something occurs out of the ordinary, typically many people panic and do the wrong thing. It is easy for us to sit on our asses and speak of everything he/she and the other guy did wrong, but how many of you would have reacted better? Are you certain or just an over confident fool?

Worse yet, most of us feel once we are in our car we are the masters of the road. Anything we do is right and if something happens, it is never our fault. Good God people you are in a 1 ton bullet. So many people enter their car and they are impervious to everything. Godlike in there self importance. I could comment on so many of the people who have posted their self righteous comments about how the cop deserved it or how the driver was a woman or on the cell phone... The only comment I am going to make is stop being stupid. The comment should be OMFG is he ok? Did he even survive? Currently I am looking for more information and coming back to comment on the deplorable actions most of you posters have made. You seem to have ALL the answers AFTER it happened. We as consciencious, RESPONSIBLE drivers should have taken it into account before it happened, next time it could be the idiot behind the steering wheel of the car YOU are driving.

Oh, and by the way, all you repugnant idiots who are blaming a woman... Look at the end of the video. It is obviously a guy getting out to check on the officer...
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+3 14. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Schwarzenegger the dumbbell finder

Unfortunately they let a dumbbell do the comedy too...
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+4 15. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Machine Gun Prank

I have heard of people that shot out of bed before, but that one is gunning for first place...
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+2 16. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Motorbike Vs Pole

That was just Nuts. Literally. :D
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0 17. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Mailman prank

Remember this the next time your grocer asks "Flash paper or Plastique?"

Those kids really had a blast with that gag.

Who knew the answer to what is in a woman's purse would truly blow your mind?

Beats the old policy where we cut their hands off for the first attempt at stealing...
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+2 18. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Top 10 funny/cute cat moments

#5 LOL at your post...

7: Answer *It is a trick question, the real evil clone is in 6 which is still nothing compaired to the diabolical duo at number 4 in the count down...

1: Answer *That'z Phunny Beekauz it iz a real phreakin' Kat... Look up Himilayan or Persian katz... They really R that ugly.
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+10 19. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video No signal / out of service phones

The trailer says: "If real life was similar to movies, your phone would be broken most of the time..."

I think if our real life was similar to movies, there would be a whole lot more to worry about than crummy cellular service... Especially if M Night Shyamalan wrote the life you got cast in.
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+4 20. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Top 10 funny/cute cat moments

Thanks for posting. There were some cute scenes...
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+5 21. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video It’s better when it’s French

How did one stupid commercial open the way for hateful remarks? I actually kind of enjoyed myself until I got to the comments. The saddest part is that this is the norm not just for Americans or French, but for people on the whole. We tend to only need to be told we don't like something to believe we honestly don't like something. With no proof at all, we learn to be biased and hate something we have NEVER SEEN or even READ about. Thanks to all the haters for making this cute commercial suddenly unenjoyable in less than 36 posts...
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-1 22. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Twitter in real life

#(removed comment) and #13 Sadly your opinion of what is great doesn't autimatically qualify it for posting. It may not agree with that of the moderators on this site. I don't deny you posting that you feel your videos should have qualified, but to berate this video simply because of your personal tastes is not exactly cool... I wouldn't mind at least giving your posts a look at, but that doesn't always mean it will be well recieved. Why not post it on Youtube where it is 90% un monitored and mixed in with millions of other like minded video's. (Also please be careful with double posting. Especially with nefarious or already unpopular posts. You might get banned, and I would hate to see you go for such a silly reason.)

#6, #7 you ostracize #(removed comment) for their comment. Yours are not much better.
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-1 23. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Non-illegal robbery

Monty Python is always a winner...
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+5 24. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Where shooting stars come from

#11 Yes, I did. And the greatest compliment is for someone such as yourself to have noticed. I really appreciate that. :D

I am quite new here, but I am outspoken, so expect to see more smart alec or smart assed comments from me. >:)
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+2 25. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Taco Town

And if you eat it all in less than one hour you get a free desert, AND you get you picture posted on the wall for everyone to see, complete with everything that feel from your mouth onto your shirt or smeared in your hair... Now where is my official Taco Town "Boston Baked Beans, Bakalava, Brussel sprout, Baby Back Burrito Bib." I'm gonna get my picture up on that wall again. :D
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+2 26. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Gas station explosion

#11 Mathematically speaking... WAY LESS than 1% otherwise the other 80% would have less than the poorest 10% of the world... I think you need to go back to statistical evaluation and then review the statistics you posted. Better ywt, just provide me with a link to the statistic so I can review it myself for plausibility and maybe salvage what was actually trying to be said.

#(removed comment) I am not seeing a whole lot of free gas coming from Alaska, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas or... Oh wait, those are all right here in the US. What the Heck??? While I agree The U.S. is the best country in the world, we are not with out our flaws. Pride and ignorance feeding the fires of our arrogance is giving us a very bad reputation world wide.
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+24 27. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video 100 famous clips in 4 minutes

Oh, Great... Now I am going to spend days locked up in the basement looking for all these videos. Thanks!!! :S

How do you expect me to go out and play when I haven't seen all of these wonderful videos?

Looks like we're going to lose the soccer tornament tonight and it is all your fault because the star striker has locked himself in the basement...
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-1 28. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Dan Bull - Dear Lily

#1 and #4 I guess I am a little confused. While I repsect and value oposing inclinations, I also want to know reasoning. Me just saying I liked it would be a pointless comment to make so I included that it was enjoyable and why I felt it was so. So I have a few questions for you;

1) I understand that you feel it does not belong here, but neither of you states why not. Care to elaborate?

2) In your opinion, what should Snotr be limited to?

3) Where do you feel this video clip belongs?

#6 where was this published? I would love to see it first hand.
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+3 29. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video A moment of clarity

#15 LOL, I love it. I guess all that is possible, but you forgot the Guerillas Returning the Earth to an Extremely Natural Process for Elite Animal Conservation Enterprises movement that is right now planning to steal nuclear weapons for the EMP value alone. Creating a global black out, and secondary fallout from the mass explosion of multiple high yield warheads in the upper atmospher and a few in the stratosphere in an attempt to knock out satelites, effectively throwing the whole world back into the Dark/Ice ages all over again. Survival of the fittest. Hunting, fishing, farming and tribal communities all over again. Disease and plague uncontained by the advances of modern medicine. New deseases released as containment facilities fail. Superstrains released, whole continents becoming sapien, animal, even completely life free if need be to rid the world of the planet's current infestation of humanoid life forms... :(|)
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-2 30. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Deep Green, the pool-playing robot

Wow!!! Amazing if we pool our resources into less creative ideas, we could have a sinking feeling about our outcome. Looking at this reminds me just how deep our colleges pockets really are. That takes some real balls to post how you got snookered into using all your energies to make a new scientific table. :D

Sorry, it really is a cool table. I am still trying to come up with an actual use for the table though. It is not something that will be practical in any measure as it will not make enough money to be practical, it will not provide enjoyment for enough people to be entertaining, and it is obviously too expensive to mass produce in quantity or quality. :S
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+4 31. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Dan Bull - Dear Lily

#1, please don't take me wrong, but it is a farce and as such I think it does agree with what Snotr is all about. Sadly there is no set standard so each person's review of each video will greatly vary. There are other videos here that I think don't belong, but as for this one I think it fits, and some of us (such as myself) actually like it. I value your opinion though, so thanks for placing it up there...

As far as this vid goes, I liked it. And while not the norm, I feel it was a welcome change. I myself miss the old Lily, or at least what she represented. Even if it wasn't exactly true Lily, at least at one time she was original. Pink seems to be the last one standing of the old freedom of music fighters who went popular...
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+3 32. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Marshmallow test

#16 I agree with #17 and I think it is a shame that admin's aren't given more lee way to simply delete stupid, erroneous, or completely callous comments like that...
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+2 33. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Hammer and feather drop on moon

My only comment about this whole thing has nothing to do with the video which is really a shame. It has to do with the ensuing discussions. My comment is on the failure of our education systems to teach our children (past and present) the basics, AND the failure of parents to ensure their children receive a proper education. Sadly I can't place all the blame on parents or the education system. Currently there are way too many of us are happier in our own ignorance than in the ability to understand that WE actually are not the center of the universe.

Most of these discussions should never have happened unless the misunderstanding people in question are under the age of 14.

Now that's enough on that, let's go to the school sponsored sports program of your choice... Get rid of Recess in schools, but for goodness sake let's keep sports a school function!
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+5 34. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Where shooting stars come from

Well according to NASA, Stars are great balls of GAS billions of miles away that are heated to super high temperatures and burn so brightly as to be seen from us here on earth, so it only stands to reason that a Shooting Stars should be Feces heated to temperatures high enough to burn brightly in our own atmosphere.

Oh, and if you were listening to what he said, there is a constant suction of air so even when you eliminate, you don't smell it. Now we have a scientific explaination as to why NASA Asstronauts think their Stuff doesn't stink!
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-3 35. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video Gas station explosion

Oh, man this joke was a gas. To say it bombed would be wrong, I just think it was a little blown out of proportion. Let us review the situation after the smoke clears. :(|)
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+1 36. Miq2u commented 14 years ago on video President Obama calls Kanye West a jackass

I don't care whether you like or support Obama, the fact remains, he called it like he saw it and I agree with him on this issue... Now as for some of the other issues... :S