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+19 1. MisterFreak commented 15 years ago on video Lethal street fighting

Sweet! I bet I could use these tactics to get my self 3 years in prison for assault and If I use the knife I could get 10 years for assault with a deadly weapon. Of course if I'm really lucky I could get 25 to life for manslaughter or murder! Heres some fight tips. Never start a fight. If someone is trying to start a fight with you - leave. If they make it impossible to leave and start assaulting you **fight back**. STOP fighting back at the first opportunity you have to LEAVE the attacker behind. If you "end" the fight you might find yourself locked in a cage for the rest of your life even if you didn't start the fight. When the cops show up tell them you were defending yourself from an attack you could not flee from then STFU. If you are arrested STFU and call an attorney. Or you could be a badass like this guy and learn to like tossing salad.