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+11 1. NStolwijk commented 2 years ago on video Climate Scientists Destroy Climate Change Alarmism

The heartland institute which is presenting these scientist is known for its climate change denial.
Of course you should listen to their arguments and measure them against the measured facts.

The problem with their argument is that they are partially true but not really talking about the measured facts.
If you talk about climate change scientist are talking about periods of 10000 years. And now the temperature is rising in a period of 100 years which is about 100 times faster.

I have not heard a convincing argument why the temperature is rising so fast from these scientist.
That the temperature was warmer millions of years ago is true but can not be applied to the current period of time.

Not going to waste more time on this. These scientist are no climate Einsteins I'm sorry to say!
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0 2. NStolwijk commented 1 year ago on video No God?

Sometimes I wonder if people have ever seen this.

Also separate episodes are available.
The nice thing is it debunks a lot of creationist arguments
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-1 3. NStolwijk commented 6 years ago on video Here's How Being A Pessimist Can Actually Be Good For You

I once heard a nice discription of optimists and pessimist.

An Optimist is a person with both feet firmly in the air.
A Pessimist is a person with both feet fimly on the ground.

I hope you like it ;-D