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+19 1. Neg commented 12 years ago on video The Real Meaning Of MPH

They gotta be trolling the internet..
They see me trollin' They hatin'
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+16 2. Neg commented 12 years ago on video Coca cola , mobile ad demo

You know some people are gonna be camping at these
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+5 4. Neg commented 12 years ago on video We Stopped Dreamin

#4 Sure there's problems here but there always have been.
His point is that we have just that much less to look forward to.
You might not realize it.. but like he said in the 1960s we were at war.
Sure the money -could- have been spent towards that instead.
What happened is that the decision made actually had a positive outcome for decades to come.
People aspired to 'become something more'.
4 10ths of one percent. .4 of 1% .004 of one dollar over the course of 50 years...
What incredible things we -can- accomplish.
Then again.. would you rather we should maybe teach our children to keep their heads down and continue working for minimum wage and not dare to become anything more than what they are today.
We don't learn anything unless we try.