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+1 1. Paullie2188 commented 11 years ago on video How to unlock handcuffs

1: That method will not work if the cuffs are double-locked. I have never been cuffed without double-locks except while inside the prison/jail...but inside a prison where are you gonna go after your out of the cuffs? They ALWAYS double lock when your in transit.

2: They almost always (but not all of the time), cuff you with your hands behind your back and with the keyholes facing up your arms, making it extremely difficult to gain access to the hole. If your cuffed in the front you can simply twist the wrist and get at the keyhole, but cuffed in the back you have to be very flexible to get to the hole (when cuffed properly).

Here is a video of a guy that uses a completely different method. He slips double locked cuffs with a pad-locked encasement around the keyhole.... a real pro.