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+3 1. Protreptic commented 12 years ago on video Apollo 11 slow motion launch

Looks like a change of direction but im not sure that "achievable goals" is the right attitude for space. Certainly when Kennedy outlined the commitment in the 60s to put and man on the moon before the end of that decade - that was a tall order.

Space should not be what can be economically achieved but what can be achieved through the human spirit and intellect - one of the few areas where the american nation could be properly and rightly admired.

To start messing that about - and indirectly the ongoing survival of the human species post fossil fuel - is the most dangerous game. Leaving issues like this to be controlled by profit margins is a huge mistake in my opinion.
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+2 2. Protreptic commented 12 years ago on video Apollo 11 slow motion launch

Why #6 what has he done?
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+2 3. Protreptic commented 12 years ago on video Did Not See The Car !

Believe it or not no one recieves any formal training to drive on the motorway in UK. The common belief is that when your joining the traffic drivers in the left hand lane should move to the middle lane to make room for you - this is a politeness not a rule of the road. This mistaken belief and driver fatigue is probably what lead to this incident.

I have no idea what will happen to the truck driver but the car driver's own testimony will be used as evidence in her trial for driving without due care and attention or dangerous driving.

Largest vehicle I have driven had a bridge classification of 75tons with a 21ltr engine and yes you can feel nothing when you strike or get struck by a car.
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+1 4. Protreptic commented 12 years ago on video Hostage rescue exercise in Russia

Open your eyes everyone - that is an assault not a hostage rescue. One vehicle cut the bus off and another carrying the assault team was chasing. All targets were either stunned and captured or killed.

Not sure what the scenario was - perhaps someone can translate and tell us why the targets were using a bus - probably just a cheap vehicle for demo purposes.
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-1 5. Protreptic commented 12 years ago on video Hostage rescue exercise in Russia

With great power comes great responsibility. I wont second guess the actions taken by the pilot and gunner but if they were people trying to get out of the war zone who had the missfortune of arming themselves and being seen with those arms then im sure there families would have been more than happy, post conflict, to assist in the insurgency that has claimed so many American lives.

You reap what you sow. If better judgement had been employed with the use of your superior technology during the initial conflict then the post action clean up might not have taken as long as it has.

Lessons learned? Probably not.
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+2 6. Protreptic commented 12 years ago on video The Long Road Home

The post from #(removed comment) is from australia/NZ. Not British #28
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-2 7. Protreptic commented 12 years ago on video Top 10 Low Pass Flyby's of All Time

#30 I havn't heard "West German" for a while maybe your showing your age a little - despite that it is regrettably rare - to find such humility on the internet and a breath of fresh air thank you.

You have an uphill battle as far as judgement is concerned -your assertion that Obama doesn't represent all americans. Given he is the elected leader of your country by definition his dictates and actions and those of his predecessors are what you are currently judged on. Im English and we are just as guilty of letting foreign policy be run by the elected noob in charge and not the experts in the relevent ministry/department.
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+2 8. Protreptic commented 12 years ago on video Top 10 Low Pass Flyby's of All Time

#14 One of the annoying things that the american developers have been struggling with for decades is that they cannot make a wing as good as the Russians who are by far the most adept at fighter aircraft design, development and control. Not all of those clips were american.

Its not your military people dont like its your whole country atm. Your "if its not our way then its the wrong way" attitude to everything is what gets people annoyed. But you should revel in it whilst it lasts - your military is paying the bill every day.
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+5 9. Protreptic commented 12 years ago on video Top 10 Low Pass Flyby's of All Time

2 and 1 are mixed up - whilst I wont deny skills are required to fly fighter aircraft at low level, the fact is it drops down to point and throttle compared to flying a passenger aircraft at low level.
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+2 10. Protreptic commented 12 years ago on video Amazing performance on the Russian bar

Ghost Busters Mr Carrot - appropriate quote
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0 11. Protreptic commented 12 years ago on video The H-bomb

Sorry to burst the bubble here but Nuclear devices like this have had little or no impact on the planet compared to the carbon footprint of newly developing large nations like China and already developed nations, in particular the USA who still use more fossil fuel power per capita than any other country in the world.

This is history and whilst its not over yet USA and Russia have just recently signed a new reduction plan for their respective nuklear weapon stockpiles.
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+8 12. Protreptic commented 12 years ago on video Blind soldier learns to 'see' with his tongue

No8. Advice - you need to separate what your armed forces are doing and what your government are doing, then react accordingly. It could certainly save your teeth should you adopt that attitude in say, a bar.

You might want to thank your government should it be one of those involved in Iraq/Afgan/Iran issues at the moment because they have not currently adopted the draft - ask your daddy about vietnam.

There is no opt out clause whilst in service - you go where you are told to go and once there you do your best to keep your friends and your self alive.

Show some respect. Your not very clever btw