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+1 1. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video Beatbox Brilliance

I didn't know about this talented individual. Going to look for his music, maybe he made some cds.

But Dub FX remains, at least for me, some sort of musical demigod.
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-1 2. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video Is Math a Feature of the Universe or a Feature of Human Creation?

I think the video is rather useless and does not accurately depict the entire image.

Saying math is fiction is like saying physics is also made up.

Of course it is the creation of the human mind but that does not mean is not real.

The first thing I learned about math in school is that it is a concord. An universal language that can be understood by all beyond the usual language barrier, depicting the beauty of our universe.

But anyway, watching this is like watching the History Channel. Prepare for the alien probes.
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+13 3. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video Can Cuttlefish camouflage in a living room?

Well, that's very interesting but I do not think it's actually saying anything about that awesome creature.

He has evolved in a given environment and has developed skills for that particular set of rules.

If he was going to survive in that type of environment for enough time for him to properly adapt to it, I'm sure he won't have any problems doing it.

But, as I said, interesting video.
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+33 4. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video Maillardet's Automaton

This is... beyond.... it's.... Even this comment is useless.
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+2 5. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video How do you make intersections safer?

Well, #5 is a bit off and most likely got his license in a country where you have to study some random brochure of 3-4 pages in order to get it.

Quick example - in Focsani, small Romanian city, the administration began eliminating the lights from the intersections by building high circles in the middle of the them.

The concept is easy - the first one in the intersection (actually on the rim of the circle) has the right to cross it first and you have enter the circle with a certain maximum speed (I think it's a max of 30 km/h).

The pedestrians have priority and they cross first no matter how many cars there are in the circle.

This comes down to:

- you have to slow down every time you approach such intersection
- the traffic is more fluent than it was before
- because everybody slows down, there are no more accidents
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-1 6. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video Ronald Reagan tells Soviet jokes

Yes, Reagan was one of the leaders that heavily promoted/sustained neoliberalism.

What happened some years after that? Well, poverty increased, famine hit some amazing new heights and 'a few' lost their houses.

Yey for neoliberalism!
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+1 7. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video 10 Unexplained Discoveries

Don't forget Göbekli Tepe.
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+2 8. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video Luckiest people

And this is how "Big Underwear" makes "Big Bucks".
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+22 9. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video The slave trade explained...

Slavery gets shit done.

No matter how you put it, a lot of world achievements were doable because of incredibly cheap labor.

I know, it sucks but slavery gets shit done.
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0 10. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video Have You Ever Smoked Pot?

I was trolled by the length of the comment.

There was an introduction and 4 direct replies to your problems raised.

@ As I do not have the time to write it all again, I hope I will get the time to get back on the issues you raised.

Short coverage of my points:

- they will want monopoly -> they will make sure the average joe will not be able to grow it legally; they will be able to do what they want with the product and you will have to suck it up
- the old infrastructure and HR will have to respecialize
- my question was a rhetorical one - if you think now is bad, wait for them to take on new ventures
- the money will still end up where they should
- Ask Nixon - smiley face
- you cannot compare growing fruits or vegetables with growing this particular product

People that yell "legalize MJ" do not think it through. It will not all be fine and dandy and everybody will be able to grow it on near their porch. They will not let us do that. The promise of high profits is too great.

I do not think you know what they do with regular tobacco. If you think localized splicing of MJ is bad, wait for it to get into the hands of corporations.

Organized crime is just another branch of the power.
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+1 11. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video What if Money Did not Matter?

Yes, this is true to some extent.

Improving ourselves for the better of the ones around us without the promise of better pecuniary recompense should be the primary objective of a human being.

The problem lies in the fact that we are too many and we have to few resources to sustain such a way of living. And we also have the crappy human mentality.

This will happen when we will be able to provide the same level of living to all humans on the planet, without discrimination.

We are not there technologically.

A few hundred years at least. When we will manage to eliminate the current economical system and shift the gravity of importance from wealth to global evolution and improvement, we will be able to create an utopia.

But I doubt that will happen any time soon.
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-2 12. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video Have You Ever Smoked Pot?


1. Marijuana on the black market is sometimes cut with harder, more addicting drugs like PCP

-> this will also happen when they will legalize it and big tobacco or other giant industry will get its hold onto it and chemically modify it just like they do with normal, pure tobacco

2. By eliminating the black market distribution of it, you eliminate the violence and crimes associated with it.

-> What violence and crimes are associated with marijuana?

3. You won't be clogging up the judicial and penal systems with a downright stupid law.

Oo yes it will be clogged by frivolous lawsuits started by retarded individuals or by class action lawsuits against the big industry that took over the national production of MJ.

People don't sue the dealers because they can't. If they could, they would.

Americans love to sue.

These are not valid arguments for legalizing MJ. Tbh, I can't really think, for the moment, at any sound minded reasons for which I would want such a thing.

The thing is that most of the people do not understand what will happen when it becomes legalized.

It's the same thing as with the brainwashing that goes around in the world about democracy. A beautiful word that isn't even in the US Constitution. Imagine that. But every American thinks they live in a democracy.

When it becomes legalized, all that will happen is that you will be able to buy it without the fear of getting busted.

The problems will still be there.

Organized crime has always worked with the state power. The money goes where it should.

By legalizing it, all you do is transferring the source of the income from a black/grey area to a white one but most of the problems will still be there.

Instead of dealers, you will have corporations.

Do you actually think that one will be allowed to cultivate his own stuff in the back garden? They are not that stupid.
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-4 13. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video Have You Ever Smoked Pot?

All of them if abused will f**k you over in the long term.

These crappy arguments that I keep hearing about how the legal ones are so much more "evil" than the one in question really are f**ktardic.

Alcohol is more than fine if consumed in decent quantities and being of a decent quality. (red wine, white wine even the hard stuff - do not start combining energizers with whiskey - ofc you will fuck your system).

Tobacco if 100% natural and pure (not the crap that we have in today's generic smokes) is again fine if consumed in decent quantities. The natural one does not trigger addiction as fast as the chemical improved one.

MJ is fine if used seldom. Long term usage and on a daily basis will decrease your intellectual prowess and you will be operating at a suboptimal level. Not to get into other long term side effects. And they are still learning the bad stuff as well as the good parts.

Every shit that is consumed in gigantic quantities will do you harm.

Stop with the labeling and craptastic, ignorant arguments for legalizing a certain drug (it does not matter which).

The arguments for legalizing something must come from the benefits of legalizing it and not from negative comparison with other products.

The question is - why legalize a drug that, at this point in time, brings more money into the economy through it's black market and finances (like any other drug business) campaigns and other big businesses?

It is most likely we will see starting to be legalized in more countries as newer, cheaper drugs are developed and they will then invest in public campaigns that will lower the adversity of certain communities towards it by changing its nature through "safe language".
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+2 14. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video Michio Kaku: How to travel to other stars, so unimaginably far away.

@dear Sizzlik, I managed to understand the first time :)

My point was that if we get that far with our technology, I doubt we will be having problems with transportation.

Ofc people can minus the hell out of my comment but having nanobots that replicate and build/rebuild, have a complex AI, I doubt that we will be needing Jupiter.
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-5 15. PuffPuff commented 10 years ago on video Michio Kaku: How to travel to other stars, so unimaginably far away.

Not to burst any bubbles here but if we actually manage to build such advanced nano robots why not just make them build bigger and faster ships? If they are able to self replicate that wouldn't be so hard (I think).

If we can do that and get so far, why start so small?
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-1 16. PuffPuff commented 11 years ago on video Afterlife

As it has been stated before, I do not think that such onesided views (be it from atheists or any other religious individuals) are going to ever solve anything.

From my limited life experience, both meta-groups have very few intelligent individuals, some intelligent individuals, most of them are mediocre and some are plain stupid. Just like the general panoply of society.

I've been called a lot of names during these few years just for the fact that I try to promote some sort of neutrality and an equal distance towards both ends.

I'm a religious individual, I truly believe that my existence was not an accident (existence seen as a whole, not just mine).

I cannot claim I posses the knowledge to properly ensue after such a vast topic. I am blind in a sea of knowledge that I cannot access so far.

We have learned a lot (humanity) but we still have a very long way ahead of us. The wonders that we might discover beckon us to keep an open mind towards any possibility and not encrust ourselves in a futile dogma of belief, be it one way or the other.

Faith is paramount to religion to make sense but religion is not paramount to faith.

Thus, the whole point of acceding towards a religion is to have faith in something that is greater than you and guide your life based on a set of rules (be them any kind) to improve your life by improving the lives of the ones around you (find inner peace, be in an equilibrium with life etc.). Some need that guidance that they find in faith. Is not a matter of intelligence (I sincerely do not think it is).

I've had spectacular conversations both with very religious individuals and with "true" atheists. (I might think that the new generations just call themselves atheists because it has become cool).