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+2 1. SSF commented 13 years ago on video A blonde and a 3rd grade geography question

What is with the replies in this chatroom and all the punctuation, grammar, and syntax errors?! Some of them are just god-awful. I know this video is four years old but I have to comment. Trying to read most of these comments was like trying to swim through mud. You're talking about some dumb broad who can barely tie her shoelaces and yet alot of these replies are worse than a 3rd grader. Some of these long diatribes don't even make sense, they have gaping illogical and non-factual holes in them. And for those that think this chick is not ignorant or is simply playing it up, they're deluding themselves. She's a complete and utter idiot. The fact that she is unashamed about it makes it even worse. She's a walking vegetable.

This silly, little girl needs to jump out of the gene pool and get the water out of her head.