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+2 1. Sealily commented 16 years ago on video Antarctica Condition 1 Weather

I thought the flooding and landslides and downed trees here were bad......
That looked nasty. Think I'll have a hot toddy.
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+5 2. Sealily commented 16 years ago on video Cheat at school professionally

And how about spending the time memorizing your cheat sheet? It's easier.
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0 3. Sealily commented 16 years ago on video Don't drink from hotel room glasses

I was a chambermaid at expensive summer resorts when I was a teenager--- as were a number of my friends. You don't know the half of it, my dears. I found all sorts of nasty things left behind-- battery-operated stuff, used condoms, ropes from someone being tied up in a closet. I remember watching a South American girl showing her buddies how to speed up the cleaning-- spray cleaner everywhere, using the toilet brush to swab the toilet and seat, the bathtub and shower walls and handles, the sink and its handles. Then taking the used towels to polish off all the water. And polishing the glasses and putting new paper wrappers on them. The same towels were used to polish the floor. A strip of paper that declares Sanitized For Your Protection.
The coverlets and mattress covers are not changed often. Maybe once a month if you're lucky.
The walls are rarely wiped down. I know we gals never had time to do that. God knows what has been splashed on there. The curtains were cleaned once a year. The plastic shower curtains were supposed to be changed once a month. But we never did that. No time.
This was a fancy expensive resort. Even now, celebrities stay there.
The maids have to clean a lot of rooms in a day- how clean can they make a room in under 30 minutes?
So bring a chlorine solution with you. Clean the phone, handles, TV remote. First thing, turn down the coverlet/bedspread so you don't lie on it. Don't touch the blanket, ever. Make sure the sheets have been changed. Don't walk barefoot on the carpet or tiles. Only use disposable cups. ;)