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0 1. Splat commented 16 years ago on video Reverse bungee jump

Seriously, doing that is just stupid and ignorant. The acceleration at the start is very likely to make you pass out unless you're conditioned for it... and even then there's always a risk. And if you pass out, you're not waking up in one piece.
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+1 2. Splat commented 16 years ago on video sudo rm -rf /


Because in Linux practically everything is represented as a file on the filesystem even if it's not a file at all. This includes things like processes, devices, network interfaces and so on and so forth. That's what most of those messages are. Obviously you can't delete your keyboard, your mouse, your internet connection, the systems random number generator, etc...
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+4 3. Splat commented 16 years ago on video Amazing new 3D technology from Japan


In the first scene (starting at 0:12) the reporter is explaining what this is all about. He says something along the lines of "Here we can see for the first time a new 3D technology. It allows manipulation of faces, addition of makeup, changing of hairstyle and much more while I move. All of this happens in real-time". If you look carefully right at the beginning, when the reporter is facing the camera and the screen shows the back of his head, you can see that there's actually a very slight delay between him moving his head and the movement being shown on the screen. That's probably the time it takes to render what will be shown.

The scene with the woman is the same thing just to show someone else doing it.

The catwalk scene I'm not entirely sure about, but if you'll look carefully at 0:48-0:49 you'll see that the simulation you'll see on the left later is actually projected on the wall behind the woman walking down the catwalk in real-time. Probably just showing an example of a possible practical application of this technology.
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+6 4. Splat commented 17 years ago on video Amazing martial arts moves

Looks cool and all that, but this isn't really martial arts at all. More like gymnastics with a martial artish theme. None of this is suited for combat or self defense because any kind of disturbance or impact would throw you completely off balance if you tried those kind of moves.
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+4 5. Splat commented 17 years ago on video "I have three PS3s"

What's up with all of you guys taking this so seriously?

I mean.. yeah, it wasn't all that funny because it was a bit redundant after about a minute... but getting all butthurt about it and starting to list reasons why you're better than him despite him having three PS3's?

Wow... just, wow.
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+1 6. Splat commented 17 years ago on video Luckiest kill ever in Halo 3

^ Yup, you're right.

The song itself is called "The Blood of Cuchulainn" to be precise.
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+6 7. Splat commented 17 years ago on video Brilliant prank - No reflection in mirror


That's girls*, not girl. :P
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0 8. Splat commented 17 years ago on video Parrot dance

Wow... just.. wow.

I want that bird's babies.
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+2 9. Splat commented 17 years ago on video Guy solves two Rubik's Cubes at once


You're right, hadn't noticed that when just watching it.

But if you go through it frame by frame, you can see that the patterns are still always the same; just some colors are switched. For example, in the first frame when they're still sitting on the table, Red and Orange are switched as well as White and Yellow (I think, kind of hard to tell). But the patterns those colors make are exactly the same except that they're mirrored.

It's the same throughout the entire thing, which means he can still use the same hand movements on both... and clearly they're prearranged for that to be possible.
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+2 10. Splat commented 17 years ago on video Guy solves two Rubik's Cubes at once

Anyone else notice how this is completely faked?

Note how both rubik's cubes have exactly the same "face" at all times. They're both prearranged in exactly the same way and the dude is just doing the same, predefined, movements on both of them... not really solving them.
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+13 11. Splat commented 17 years ago on video Tractor out of gas

FYI, the little subtitle thing is russian and says "No comment...".
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+3 12. Splat commented 17 years ago on video Sony BRAVIA "Play-Doh" ad


But I don't know about it being the biggest stop motion ever created. Hell, I don't even think this is a proper stop motion. Looks to me like they stop motioned only the background and added the bunnies/etc via special effects later.
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+2 13. Splat commented 17 years ago on video Countryside driving

He was neither irresponsible not an asshole.

If you look carefully, and you know how to drive yourself, you will see he takes special care to slow back down when he needs to. This includes situations where there's a car in front of him but he can't see enough of the road ahead to pass safely on the other lane. He knows his limits and drives with safety of himself and others in mind.

If all bikers were like this guy, they wouldn't have a bad name in the first place.
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+3 14. Splat commented 17 years ago on video Guantanamo Prisoner on MTV's Cribs

So you're saying you enjoyed a satire of the suffering of a prisoner being held indefinately in a 1 square meter cell without trial or reason until you realized it was about getting said prisoner out of there?