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0 1. Suneeku commented 11 years ago on video Drifting with zero experience

#21 Sorry mate, but all the merit it's from us, the Spanish drivers. :S

This it's an old clip as said before (prolly year 2001 or so) from a very famous mountain pass road called "La Arrabassada" in Barcelona (Spain) where people stay in the top viewpoint and watch the idiots pass doing such awesome professional stunts.
Anyways, the driver surpassed his grip by far and got what he deserves by trying to attract the attention of his grateful public viewers. :D
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+8 2. Suneeku commented 11 years ago on video Gas Pump Prank

Friggin' brilliant! >:)
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+6 3. Suneeku commented 12 years ago on video Golden Eagle vs mountain goats

This video it's taken from the spanish documentary 'El hombre y la tierra' (The man and the earth).
The most famous ecologist & scientist here, Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, made this program on the 70's and unfortunedly died in an hellicopter's crash in 1980.
His legacy it's one of the more awesome works capturing the wild life, taking in mind thats actually a footage from around 25 years ago :)