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+3 1. Teacher-fromHell commented 17 years ago on video Weirdest music clip ever?

Whats this.. crap? :(
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+2 2. Teacher-fromHell commented 17 years ago on video Ford SportKa vs Bird

He he i must admit that was funny. >:)
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+8 3. Teacher-fromHell commented 17 years ago on video Canon Rock

Good game :)
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+4 4. Teacher-fromHell commented 17 years ago on video Chopin - Fantasie Impromptu

Impressive :D
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+8 5. Teacher-fromHell commented 17 years ago on video Weightlifting Mishaps

Ouch :|
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-5 6. Teacher-fromHell commented 17 years ago on video Superconductivity

You don't want to do this at home, floating Oxygen (Co2) is really, really dangerous, for example: if you ever get floating Oxygen (Co2) on your hands or any other body parts, they will freeze with once you get it on you I guess you know what happens if u by a mistake is falling and put your for example hand in from of you, you will loose one hand and have to live with it, you won't die if you didn't mess any of it on your chest witch is mostly impossible, right? Anyhow don't do this at home.

The way he does it is really simple, he make a plastic box can also be metal, he puts a squire of glass in the middle, and then he have a really strong magnet, and a bit of floating Oxygen (Co2)witch does so the magnet can "fly", as you can see on the movie this could be a dangerous try, I would prefer that you eventually seek up a Lab before making any plans to do this.

One guy said that it's one step closer to build a "modern spaceship" do you really think the power of the spaceship would last for that long? I really don't it would last even 5 minutes in the air, in that case they need more military stuff.
I know this has been tried before, but they didn't make it, I've actually been forming some kind of, anti-virus (not the computer way) and seems like i can make it change into a form of magnetic modification, maybe this will succeed one day and maybe i can find a way to bring "flying cars" to the world, I know it's already been made a prototype, but they disagreed to let it go for sale.
So thats why i am trying to experiment with the magnetic power.

Distance from the ground would be "cool" right young boys and ladies?

If anyone have any ideas of what i can eventually do with this experiment here is my mail:

Thanks for reading, I'm crazy that is writing all of this.
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+9 7. Teacher-fromHell commented 17 years ago on video Dice stacking

Oh my god, that guy must have good eyes and feelings. :O