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+2 1. Trooper commented 4 years ago on video How to defeat Hypersonic-Missile?

Can we tell all the military in the world that they are developing weapons to fight over a planet that will soon be inhabitable if we don't start to fight against the biodiversity collapse, climate change and the destruction of the environment?
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0 2. Trooper commented 5 years ago on video Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains How we are programmed at birth.

I know plenty of people who came from dirt poor families with horrible parents and who became rich out of sheer willpower and the desire to not be like their parents.
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0 3. Trooper commented 5 years ago on video Selfish Driver Refuses to Move for Rescue 1 Because They Were “Waiting for a Spot”

That's how firefighters do it in Montreal...

Warning: a BMW gets it too...
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+3 4. Trooper commented 5 years ago on video Actors Cold Read Facts on Illegal Immigration off of a Teleprompter

#1 The Republicans would not do anything better... There is a reason why illegal immigrants go to California (and other states), it;'s because some people profit from it.

The old police maxim goes like this : "Look to whom the crime profits"...

In this case, the "crime" obviously profits employers looking for temporary and CHEAP labor... The fruits and vegetables in California are mostly picked by illegals because nothing is stopping the producers from hiring them and paying them under the table. Hotel maids, nannies, gardeners and a host of other jobs that pay badly are done by illegals.

If you think for a second that the Republicans would risk getting on the wrong side of the powerful fruits & vegetable lobby... Not even talking about the Republican donors who hire these people and those who use them as maids in their mansions and hotels...

The solution to the problem will come when labor laws will be enacted forcing everyone to pay their laborers on the books and with an equal wage to everyone else. The fact is that labor regulations and strong unions are the answer...

And remember that union workers who get excellent wages pay more taxes.
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+5 5. Trooper commented 5 years ago on video Synthol shoulder leaking

I wonder if its the first time someone gets disqualified from any sporting event for a "Leaking bicep"...
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+3 6. Trooper commented 5 years ago on video Salmon Swimming Upstream to Spawn

You have to admit, the drive to reproduce is amazingly strong...
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+3 7. Trooper commented 6 years ago on video BGT 2017 AUDITION = MAGICIAN JOSEPHINE LEE

The flying ball part is obviously done with very tiny wires, operated by an assistant on the catwalk.

There is also a cut in the ball, from the bottom towards the top, from left to right and a tiny wire attached across the width of the ring. The ring also has a detachable section that enables her to split it open to release the top wire.

When she spins the ring around the ball, the ball is supported by the ring's wire. When she spins it, you can see the ball bobbing up and down, a sign the top wire is being disturbed.

Once she is done, she rapidly opens the split in the ring, releasing and untangling the top wire while the ball is still being supported by the ring's middle wire. As the same time, the assistant on the catwalk picks up the slack in the top wire. The ball flies away and goes back to the box and that's all the catwalk assistant's making.

The balls coming out of the case and "flying away is easy, a collapsible half sphere is already attached to the fabric on the rack with a wire also already attached. On the second ball, you can see the sphere outline under the fabric even before she climbs onto the platform which indicates that the catwalk assistant was holding the wire too short.

all the assistant had to do is to pull the wire, walk 10 feet and hook the wire to a quick release hook... Then do the same on the other side. Once the balls need to be dropped to the ground, assistant pulls a cable the releases both quick release hooks at the same time. (or 2 assistants for all I care.

The platform is very thick and you can't see through it, which indicates a compartment for an assistant to be hiding in.

When the last "ball" floats away, it is the magician herself, holding a collapsible half sphere over her head. Notice the third ball moves around while the 2 others are perfectly static.

The magician vanishing in the box part is the assistant wearing a wig, someone that looks very much like the magician, has the same height and same looks, the assistant peeking above the fabric and looking just like the magician is made more convincing by the magician wearing some sort of veil that helps disguise her upper face.

So the assistant closes the box while the magician walks away under the piece of fabric.

Tada! Simple trick, difficult in its execution.
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-1 8. Trooper commented 6 years ago on video Verizon Hum Rider rises above traffic

Good CGI work, except for the part when they show the car changing from normal to elevated... If tires were really pushed sideways against the pavement, there would be a lot of tire screech, smoke and vibrations.

I assume that if there is a practical effect in there, they start with a normal SUV and a static elevated platform that are not connected. Cut to CGI for the transformation part. A crane is probably used to drop the car body on the static platform. They film the platform going over a row of cars, Cut to CGI and finish by filming the normal SUV driving away.
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+2 9. Trooper commented 6 years ago on video What happens when you leave a tetherball in the forest

#2 Because testosterone... Look at the size of those balls on the ram...

More testosterone = angrier...

In a wide range of vertebrate species, there is a clear relationship between a male’s aggressiveness and his circulating levels of androgens such as testosterone,

And that's also why people cut off the balls of their dogs...
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+7 10. Trooper commented 6 years ago on video GF Thinks Smart Water Makes You Smarter

And this is exactly how religion works... It makes people believe that they know more than they really know, that they are special...
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+5 11. Trooper commented 6 years ago on video Momondo - The DNA Journey

#1 Since the first humans have been traced back to Africa, logic screams that we are all at least a bit African.

Americans have DNA from all over the place except if they are from groups who absolutely don`t mix, but even them carry the DNA from many people from the time before their group isolated themselves.

And I agree, now I am very interested in knowing where my different ancestors come from.
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+5 12. Trooper commented 6 years ago on video Butterfly takes over Koala Joey's Photoshoot and owns it like a BOSS!

Koala fact: In some areas of Australia, koalas suffer from chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease, at a rate as high as 90%.

Chlamydia can make the koalas infertile, cause blindness and incontinence.

Even baby koalas can get infected.
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0 13. Trooper commented 7 years ago on video The HyperAdapt

I can't wait for someone to ask me : "Hey, is there a power outlet nearby? I need to recharge my shoes"....

Also: "Sorry I can't meet you right now because my shoes are charging..."

Now the question is: How do you tie your shoes when the batteries are dead and you can't recharge them,,,
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+25 14. Trooper commented 7 years ago on video Testing the new Iphone 7 headphones

One more proof that you could stick an Apple logo on an empty shoe box, call it the ibox and people would pay 600$ for it and feel smart...
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+3 15. Trooper commented 7 years ago on video Does Socialism Makes People Selfish

Wake up call for American people:

- People in socialist countries live longer on average than Americans

- People in socialist countries live healthier on average than Americans

- People in socialist countries are happier on average than people in the USA

- Socialist countries spend less on healthcare than the USA but generally get a better outcome while treating everyone and leaving no one behind.

- People in socialist countries generally make more money for less work than in the USA, then can make even more money than Americans if they are willing to work as much as Americans.

- The USA has one of the highest poverty rate of all industrialized nations.

- The USA is ranked 22nd best country to do business, 9 of the top 10 countries for business are SOCIALIST countries., ...

- The USA has the highest death count by firearms of all industrialized countries and the largest proportion of its population in jail in the WORLD...

Despite all of that, the USA still believes that it is the best country in the world... Talking about self-imposed blindness...
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+2 16. Trooper commented 7 years ago on video Koenigsegg One:1 heavy highspeed crash at Nürburgring Nordschleife

The danger of having more money than common sense.

It is not because one can afford such a car that one should drive such a car...
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+11 17. Trooper commented 7 years ago on video Lion attempts to Attack, pounce on little Boy in a zoo but slams head first into glass, Japan

Disney made us believe that wild animals are nice, goofy and funny creatures... But reality is that a lion would kill and eat your child if he had the chance... And never feel bad about it...
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+10 18. Trooper commented 7 years ago on video What Your Handwriting Says About You

There are 7.3 billion different people on this earth. This video means absolutely nothing.

The reason why people try to come up with these so-called tricks is from out instinctive need to classify stuff.

Friends from foes, light from dark, happy from sad, rich from poor... etc.

So basically they try to classify people using their handwriting but they could have tried to classify them by the way they open an envelope, the way they mow their lawn, the way they comb their hair, the way they brush their teeth, the way they eat their M&M...

All of these are meaningless and can be sometimes fun... The problem starts when some people make important decisions such as hiring people based on those flawed techniques.

Most job interviewers base themselves on idiotic stuff when they hire someone. For instance the firmness of a handshake, which means absolutely NOTHING about a person's character, skills or honesty.

To push the point, most HR people end up hiring the wrong person at the end of the day.. Imagine all the people you know at work that obviously don't belong there... Well now realize that they are the ones who came up on top during the interview process... Which should tell you everything you need to know about the Hocus-Pokus crap that a job interview is.

Based on current hiring techniques, Albert Einstein himself would be out of a job, collecting social security.
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+1 19. Trooper commented 7 years ago on video China Uncensored - China's One Child Policy

#4 Exactly, there are already too many humans on Earth who consume too much for the planet to remain sustainable.

We will EITHER have to accept to live more modestly or we risk running out of resources fairly quickly.

The environmental problem comes from the fact that the populations of China, Africa and the Middle East look at how Europeans and American live and want to live like them.

If everyone on Earth lived like the Americans, we would need 4 planets in order to sustain that kind of consumption.

So either we reduce the number of humans or we accept to live more poorly...
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+18 20. Trooper commented 8 years ago on video The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Experiment) Boy Edition

The real unfortunate truth is all those experiments is that TEENAGERS are NOT necessarily naive, but that they are horny...

If any of you still imagine that those kids just took those risks in order to make a new friend, think again.

It is very uncomfortable for anyone, specially a parent like me, to come to terms with the fact that our teens do have those urges and that even if the vast majority would not go all the way to have sex at 12-13 or 14 years old, the main driver of those events is their need to meet a potential romantic partner.

There are 3 main motivators in life that will make most people act stupid:

1 - Religion

2- Money

3- Sex

As long as we keep on forcing ourselves to be willfully blind to this fact, we won't be able to keep our kids safe.

Teenagers are biologically programmed to reproduce and it will take more than one warning to undo a million years of evolution.
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+3 21. Trooper commented 8 years ago on video A Magician Never Shows You How A Trick Is Done, Unless They're Penn & Teller

#3 what is this nonsense about Teller being mute???

He speaks just fine
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+5 22. Trooper commented 8 years ago on video Jason Becker - Altitude - Tina S Cover

One thing that Youtube has thought me is that there are many thousands of people with incredible talent... Which make extraordinary talent somewhat of a common thing after all.

Before the internet, we thought that only 3 or 4 people could sing the opera at Maria Callas level... After the internet we find that hundred of people, if not thousands can sing the opera just as well...

I am not pissing on these people's talent... Just saying that the internet has changed our outlook on the world in many ways.
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+18 23. Trooper commented 8 years ago on video How to date in Norway

#3 No, STD are even less of a problem in Norway (and most Scandinavian countries) because sex education starts early in schools and the curriculum is quite explicit. Kids by the time hormones kick in already know how to protect themselves, how to practice sex safely, how to lube properly and, more importantly, they understand the concept of consent and a lot of other things.

STD (and teen pregnancies) are more of a problem in countries that teach abstinence, because the information is not given to the teens and teens will have sex anyway, no matter if they know what they are doing or not and no matter what their parents or religious leaders or teachers say.

Young people are horny and no amount of preaching abstinence will keep them from having sex. So if they are going to have sex anyway, why not give them the right information so they can protect themselves.
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+4 24. Trooper commented 8 years ago on video 2014 Big Crash Fail Compilation Nürburgring

People imagine that GT cars have a lot more grip than they really have.

Downforce does nothing at low speed (Low meaning low speed for a race car), race tires must get their rubber hot before they grip as they should and a cold track keeps the tires cold.

Race cars do not stick to the road as many believe, in order to be able to corner at high speed, race cars must have an unstable (twitchy) design and require constant steering wheel input. It is the driver who "finds the grip" for the tires and not the car itself.

GT cars are quite bad at low speeds and that's why there are so many videos of Ferrari and corvettes crashing taking off from a red light.
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+7 25. Trooper commented 8 years ago on video Helium IPA (Berkshire Brewing Company)

"Liquid Helium"... LOL

Helium becomes liquid at -452°F (-270°C)... LOL

Good joke!
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+9 26. Trooper commented 8 years ago on video All fun and sporting until it isnt - for the human

#1 I completely agree.
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+3 27. Trooper commented 8 years ago on video Restoration of a General Electric 1936 antique radio

Always funny to hear the Quebec accent on Snotr... Those radio stations he tunes in and out of are in Quebec, in the Montreal area.
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+5 28. Trooper commented 8 years ago on video Bitcoin mine in Northeast China - Turnover of $1.5million worth of Bitcoins per month

A few things:

1- Bitcoins can be trusted because of the blockchain... To make it very simple, a blockchain is like the path that bitcoin has followed since its creation until now... you can use the blockchain to follow a bitcoin as it gets traded and goes from one hand to another... Blockchain is why bitcoins cannot be faked.

2- The problem with bitcoin is that provided that one party has enough computing power, in theory it is possible for one party to mine the majority of all the bitcoin.

this is exactly what's hurting the bitcoin value right now, too few people own too many bitcoin resulting in too few bitcoin in circulation for it to become mainstream.

3- There will be a maximum of 30 million BTC mined in the world, not a single more. So at today's value, all the BTC would be worth $6 billion US. Completely insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

4- Bitcoin can be stolen as we saw in various cases where BTC exchanges were hacked. Bitcoin can also be seized by police...

5- Bitcoin cannot accrue interests unlike money since the creation of bitcoin require mining. Imagine you own all the bitcoin (30 million of them) and put them in a bitcoin bank... They can't return you more than 30 million BTC because there will never be more than 30 million BTC...
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+40 29. Trooper commented 9 years ago on video Never noticed this creepy part of Back to the Future 3 before....

The kid is simply indicating to his Mom that he needed a bathroom break after this shot. Every year someone posts this on Reddit or elsewhere...

The Kid in question, Dannel Evans, thought his hand was out of the field of view of the camera.

Only a weirdo would look at this and see something sexual... The kid is 7 yo for crying out loud...
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0 30. Trooper commented 9 years ago on video Terre des Hommes - Sweetie Case

The only problem with pedophilia and the public outrage is that, according to the Canadian correctional service, between 30% and 50% of children victim of sexual abuse have been abused by another minor...


The US department of Justice estimates that more than one third (35.6%) of sex offenses against children are committed by juveniles.


Health Canada also says that in a significant number of cases of juvenile abuser, the victim is older than the offender.


Another issue is that the problem of female sex offenders is not well researched and completely underestimated. Corrections Canada estimates that victims of female sex offenders are more commonly girls, mostly children and often the abuser's own children.


So before you get your pitchforks out and call for the killing of all child molester, maybe you should reevaluate your basic understanding of WHO exactly is a child molester... I, personally,cannot bring myself to call for the killing of a 12 yo abuser...
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+3 31. Trooper commented 9 years ago on video Narcisse Snake Dens

I think I understand #1 in the sense that people should be giving the snakes more breathing room and not pick them up like that without knowing what impact it can have on the animals.
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+7 32. Trooper commented 9 years ago on video Knife production at Wusthof

so... Everything is made by robots...
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+1 33. Trooper commented 9 years ago on video The science of Bar-b-q

Don't want to be a killjoy here but BBQ smoke contains Heterocyclic Amines (HCA) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), which are deemed to be carcinogenic (to cause cancer).

BBQ is great but like anything else, excess is bad.
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+1 34. Trooper commented 9 years ago on video Kid hoopster is 7'5" (Shaq is 7'1")

Those a THICK glasses.
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+2 35. Trooper commented 9 years ago on video Isle of Mann lap record

there have been 242 rider deaths during official practices or races on the Snaefell Mountain Course (this number includes the riders killed during the Manx Grand Prix and Clubman TT races). The worst year for fatalities was 1970 when six riders lost their lives at the TT. Another racer died at the Manx Grand Prix later in the same year.
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+9 36. Trooper commented 9 years ago on video Firefighting aircraft

Water bomber number 241 and 242 are out of Quebec, Canada. You can see the Government of Quebec logo on them. Continent wide cooperation!
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+8 37. Trooper commented 9 years ago on video Hackschooling makes me Happy

the biggest problem in education is the family circle, the home environment.

If these home schooled kids seem to be doing better than the average public school kid it's because their parents are heavily engage in their success.

Bullies don't wake up one day and decide "hey I should be a bully". They learned at home for years that violence and intimidation bring results.

Kids who have a hard time learning (excluding the one who have a condition) most of the time come from a household where they were never challenged, where knowledge and achievement were not celebrated.

The kind of parents a kid has will, most of the time, define the type of adults these kids will turn out to be.

It's not rocket science!
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0 38. Trooper commented 9 years ago on video The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Alright, enough with the ET rubbish...

What did the Europeans do when they arrived in Africa, in the Americas, in Asia?

Did they hide? No, they did not need to hide since they had superior technology.

What would extra terrestrials do if they ever here to Earth? Would they hide or would they do exactly like the Conquistadors?

Believe me, if ET had ever landed here, we would know! Ask the Africans and the Aztecs!
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+1 39. Trooper commented 9 years ago on video Armored Combat League

it is incredible to witness America walk into the footsteps of the Roman Empire.

Just before their collapse, Romans were also running an Empire with many soldiers all over the known world, they wasted their wealth on the military, they got lazy and had their work done by slaves (read "outsource their work to cheap labor";) and forgot their problems by indulging in violent combat sports, gladiators...

What made Rome strong was its engineering achievements, they invented concrete, the revolutionized road building, invented the Aquaeducts,theaters, the alphabet, the justice system (innocent until proven guilty), the Roman Arche, Public health, welfare and so much more...

Then they let their building and infrastructure crumble, the rich got richer and the middle class became poor. They clear cut all trees around Rome giving way to errosion and the loss of arable land. Game animals became rare, hunger and diseases took hold... The political leaders became autocratic, democracy went out the door along with civil rights and privacy... Religion also played a major part in keeping romans happy with being poor, happy to be put in chains by the banks, the rich and the Emperor...

And when Rome was at its weakest... A more disciplined force of Ostrogoths (Germans) basically walked in and took it over...

From masters of the world to nothing at all, the Roman Empire has never recovered... How many of you still speak Latin? How many of you sing Roman songs? Recite Roman poetry? Eat Roman food?

America is doing this to itself and the Chinese, the Indians and basically everyone else is watching and taking precaution to shield themselves from the eventual American collapse...

So long America, it was nice knowing you... Too bad you couldn't learn from history and could not listen to your founding fathers.
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+4 40. Trooper commented 10 years ago on video Child Actor Henry Thomas's Audition For E.T.

Impressive but at the same time SCARY!
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+4 41. Trooper commented 10 years ago on video What's so funny about mental illness?

Ok for another point of view:

We live in the modern world where it is relatively safe, though our brains are technically identical to those of a caveman who lived in a very dangerous time.

Our world has changed faster than our brain can adapt. Our safe world has changed the way we perceive danger and has gone from being afraid of a tiger all the way to being afraid of missing a credit card payment or missing a phone call.

Basically, what kept us alive in the past, the mechanism that made us protect ourselves from danger, is making us sick. Because there is virtually no real danger left we use the same mechanism to deal with trivial things. It's like using a sledgehammer to fix a broken cell phone.
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+36 42. Trooper commented 11 years ago on video A wife learns her husband's fate

List of countries who joined the Allies during WW2:

British Malaya (today's Malaysia and Singapore)
British Raj (today's India, Bangladesh, Burma and Pakistan)
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
Dutch East Indies (present-day Indonesia and New Guinea)
El Salvador
French Indochina (today's Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam)
French Guiana
The Netherlands
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
Soviet Union
Trucial States (today's United Arab Emirates)
The United States

So in short, thank you USA and THANK YOU TO THE REST OF THE WORLD TOO!
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+55 43. Trooper commented 11 years ago on video Solution for global warming...

funny nobody pointed out that air conditioning is just a transfer of energy. For all the heat you remove from the air on one side (cooling), the same (if not grater) amount of heat of released on the other side. I said greater because the electric fan and compressor produce their own heat while in operation.

For those who want to know how it works, here it is:
A cooling agent is compressed in the... Compressor (of course). When you compress a gas it becomes hot (just take my word). so up to now you have a hot gas under pressure. You run this hot gas through a heat exchanger (much like a car radiator) while keeping it under pressure. So we now have a cooler but still compressed gas. Next step is to run this gas through the low pressure heat exchanger. To "produce a cooling effect, you have to lower the pressure of the gas by releasing it in a larger diameter tube. The same effect can be felt when using a spray can. As you press the can's trigger, you release (lower) the pressure inside the can and that's why the can feels cool to the touch.
Since the "cool" radiator is equipped with larger diameter tubing than the "hot" radiator, the gas loses its pressure, cools down a lot and then starts absorbing heat from the air going through the cool radiator.

then the gas goes back into the compressor, gets compressed, gets hot, loses its heat in the hot radiator, gets fed into larger pipes on the cool side, loses its pressure, becomes cool, than cool the air... rince and repeat!
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+7 44. Trooper commented 11 years ago on video Scooter Jump FAIL

Kids need to learn more science...

Ramp too short in relation to the length of the scooter, too steep at the end making the back suspension kick like a bronco.
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+70 45. Trooper commented 11 years ago on video Inside of a CT scanner at max speed

#2 you are mistaken, the long tunnel is a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)...

This is a CT Scan (Computerized Tomography), they work totally differently!

The CT Scan spins a X-Ray generator on a 360 degree plane (means it spins the X-Ray machine around you to create a 3D image of your insides like taking a few hundred X-Ray from all angles at almost the same time. The CT spins really fast because all "snapshots" must be taken almost at the same time otherwise your "insides" may move an invalidate the images.

An MRI scanner is a device in which the patient lies within a large, powerful magnet where the magnetic field is used to align the magnetization of some atomic nuclei in the body, and radio frequency fields to systematically alter the alignment of this magnetization. This causes the nuclei to produce a rotating magnetic field detectable by the scanner—and this information is recorded to construct an image of the scanned area of the body. (Got that last one on Wiki)
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+7 46. Trooper commented 11 years ago on video A Liberal Prison System - Bastoy Island, in the fjord of Oslo, Norway

Norway is showing us that by treating criminals as people they have achieved a lower recidivism rate than any other country. As a result, their country is safer than any other.

You can't convince an offender to let go of its criminal ways by treating him like garbage and making him angry at society.

I will never understand societies that wish to hurt their criminals while trying to convince them that hurting someone is bad... Hurting your criminals will only convince them that hurting people is the way to go!
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+1 47. Trooper commented 11 years ago on video Afgan Bread makers....


1) An Outbreak of Hepatic Veno-Occlusive Disease in Western Afghanistan Associated with Exposure to Wheat Flour Contaminated with Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids

"Although direct analysis was not possible, contaminated wheat flour used to make bread was the likely source of PA causing the outbreak."

2) Fatal Disease Claims 150 Lives in Afghanistan

"The disease had for the first time erupted in Gulrang district some 25 years ago and now it has broken out for the second time this year. The basic cause of the disease, she said, is a poisonous plant that grows along with the wheat crop. When the people use the wheat bread, they suffer from the disease. "

3)Charmak Disease In Afghanistan

"Soldiers can get charmak disease by eating flour-based foods, such
as bread"

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-16 48. Trooper commented 11 years ago on video Afgan Bread makers....

the guys are sitting on the ingredients... Foot fungus bread anyone?
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+10 49. Trooper commented 11 years ago on video Parachute fail , wingsuit saves him

#4 Without the wingsuit, he would have hit the water at 200 Mph...
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+31 50. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Snow man scare prank gone wrong

"But your Honor... I genuinely thought I was getting attacked by a real evil snowman... I plead legitimate defense!"

This guy is not normal, whoever reacts like that is expressing uncontrollable fear. The same story why small dogs are responsible for 95% of dog bites.
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0 51. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video POC Bike Excursion

Am I the only one who is slowly getting sick of Red Bull extreme sports videos?

Once you've seen one... You kinda seen em all...
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+1 52. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video The demise of guys?

One thing this guy got wrong: Video Games and Porn are NOT the problem, they are symptoms of a wider problem which is that Boys have a hard time finding their place in this new society that has changed the role of males and destroyed the old model that used to define manhood.
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+1 53. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Night Surf

I learned on Sharkweek that sharks hunt at night...
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+3 54. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Martin Jetpack 5000ft flight

#10 If you recall the episode, the Mythbusters used a 4 stroke engine which is much heavier than the 2 strokes engine Martin is using. Also, the drive system on Martin's machine is a lot more efficient and lighter than the flexible belt used on the show. Finally, the Martin Jetpack is about half the weight of the machine built by the Mythbusters because they use carbon fiber instead of aluminum.

You must also keep in mind that the MB built their machine is the space of a couple weeks while Martin have spent years on their design...
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+4 55. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video English with French accent

It's an American movie with an American actor made for an American public, it is so exaggerated! The funniest part though is that the other guy at the beginning (Jean Reno) speaks French even if he is originally from a Spanish speaking family living in Morocco. His real name is Juan Moreno. So if you want to hear a really thick French accent, listen to this:

Just remember that Jean Reno has a very thick accent because he isn't French, most French don't have such a huge accent when they speak English.

And since most people in Europe speak more than 2 languages, listen to Jean Reno speak Spanish and Japanese.

Last bit of Trivia, on top of Spanish, English, Japanese and French, Jean Reno also speaks Italian.
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+14 56. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Handfeeding a great white shark

Those researchers are irresponsible, because they have 40 years experience with sharks does not excuse the fact that some idiot will try to immitate them and get eaten alive.

Wild animals are not pets!
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-1 57. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video You better don't dance in america...

Americans often arm themselves with phrases like “freedom is not free” and “live free or die”, but most educated individuals recognize that freedom is nothing more than an illusion.
Unless you are filthy rich, unless you can influence the government, you are not free.
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+22 58. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video 5 vs 300 ... ouch

#8 Running on the pitch is not illegal! The guy was not breaking any law, he was just delaying a football (soccer) match.

There was no reason to get the police involved into this in the first place, all that was required is a couple security guards who would have walked the guy off the pitch, then they could have decided to throw him out of the stadium...

There is a huge problem with the officer using a nightstick on the guy, it should have never ever happened, (unless the fan was posing an immediate and obvious threat to the safety of the officers which was NOT the case!).

The guy is on the ground, 4 officers restraining him... There was no need to hit him on top of that. The crowd reacted justly!

On a side note, maybe we should give all police officers some medication to keep their anomalously high level of testosterone under control...
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+3 59. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Woman Teases Wild Cheetahs

I can foresee the next headline: "Blond woman's DNA found in wild cheetah's droppings"...
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+50 60. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Mureen bites of divers thumb

Everyone repeat after me: "Wild animals are not pets, they are not sweet and they will hurt you if they want to."
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+6 61. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video the new phone - cigarettes phone

If he was in a collision (most likely) he may have hit his head and that might explain some of the confusion.
People with a head injury (even a small bump at the right place) can act exactly like this. Disorientation, not remembering what happened, mistaking a cigarette pack for a phone, being unable to form complete sentences...
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+1 62. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Street Dance in Paris

The guy is very good, no doubt! The reason why he isn't on France got talent is because too many people do what he does, even kids do that. It's not unique enough.
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-11 63. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video 1 month old talking baby

The week after they went to the doctor to find out the baby has a broken jaw... Seriously, it's a human being, not a puppet! Retarded parents!
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+5 64. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Impressive Gay Marriage Speech

That's the part I don't get about the USA, this place was founded by people who wanted to have freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from oppressive regimes back in Europe.

I find it very weird to see that same sex marriage is such a hot issue in America... Sometimes I feel like the entire society has been hijacked by some religious zealots who's only agenda is to crush freedom and impose oppressive rules much like those from which the original American settlers ran away from in the first place...

I feel that some Americans have lost the true sense of the word freedom!
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+3 65. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Domestic violence

#21 Excellent point! Even if it seems that domestic violence is mostly perpetrated by men, there is a whole world of different types of violence out there!

Violence against the person, physical, emotional or psychological, is unacceptable... Period! People have to learn to live together and if they can't, they should live alone.

I just wished they showed the other faces of domestic abuse, not just the one where the man is to at blame but also where the men are victims. Yes, men are also victim of domestic violence, just the more insidious type of violence.
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+16 66. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Chinese Toddlers Play On Big Guitars

Somehow I am unsure that is what little children should be doing...
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+7 67. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Sexy Sax Man

The world needs to grow a sense of humor! We NEED more people like this in our over regulated and depressive society!
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+12 68. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Waste Management of Xbox..

FPS Russia is in fact an American, some say he is FPS Kyle, a game commentator who used to make videos of Call of Duty matches. His accent is fake as in "acting".

Most of the guns he features are completely illegal in Russia and believe me, gun control laws in Russia are totally insane!

Good videos though, I love them!
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+2 69. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Messing up with a 'bully'

There are 2 social ladders in the schoolyard, those who can potentially be bullied and those who can't be bullied. Those who you are not afraid of and those who you are afraid of...

I remember being bullied to a certain point in high school, it all stopped the day I stood up to the bully and laid down the smack down on his face. That action made me jump from the potential victim ladder to the "safe" ladder. Being in the safe ladder; I was never bullied again and fortunately I never had to confirm my status again meaning that I was never involved in a fight again.

Some individuals though feel the need to reassert their status continuously by fear of being downgraded to the victim ladder. Those are bullies. Their fear usually come from low self esteem and/or weird family dynamics.

Lastly there are the pathological violent ones who will never be able to function in a normal society. These guys normally end up in jail at some point in time in their adult life.

My point is that as unfortunate as it is, at one point, you have to find your spot in the social ladder. The problem remains with the ones who can't stop bullying others.
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+13 70. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Drunk man near miss with a train

My Grand Pa used to say: "There is a God for the drunks"... Guess he was right!
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+20 71. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Scary little girl in a hotel corridor

It is simply amazing that people have been conditioned by horror movies to be scared of what amounts to nothing more than a small girl standing in a hallway.

I remember reading a study on the suggestibility of people brought on by religious teachings. While atheists don't believe in spirits, devils and other malevolent supernatural manifestations, religious people on the other hand have been conditioned by their faith to accept irrational explanations for unexpected events or situations.

Think about it for a second, if nobody had ever forced fed you that ghosts, monsters and spirits exist, all you would have seen entering the hallway is a little girl holding a doll...
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+1 72. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Misery Bear Goes to Work

Another point is that the system needs you to act in a certain way in order to keep the system alive even if acting this way is not in your best interest.

Happiness comes from the sense of pride you have for your accomplishments. Today`s workplace with its segmentation and overspecialization of tasks break the connection between work and result. so the result for work is money instead of an actual accomplishment.

People use money to buy good which they think will bring them happiness. This happiness is short lived and soon you need more stuff to get another "high". Result is that you end up addicted to the revenues from your job so you can go out and buy more stuff so you can feel happy of a few minutes.

The system is engineered so people get addicted to money instead of being happy with their accomplishments. I'm not saying that money is evil, I'm saying that money should only be a tool, not an end.
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0 73. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Ronaldo Vs Rémi Gaillard

Anybody who knows about Remi also knows that he has been doing these trick shot videos for years, way before the time when motion tracking techniques became available to the public. Also note that Remi has indeed performed some of his tricks in front of an audience during one of his famous parties.

He has been arrested dozen of times, got some publicity contracts over the years (not that many) and basically lives off a very little income. He does it because he can and because he has fun doing it. He's not after your money.

Oh yeah and BTW he didn't fake the handshake with the President of the Republic of France either... Remi is the genuine article! (move to 0:17 to see)

#16 please read on someone before making wild accusations!
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+9 74. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Unpractical shoes

Ok I am not the biggest feminist guy out there but I always found weird how some fashion forces women to torture themselves in order to fit into the picture of what others find to be sexy.

Seriously, there are limits out there when women feel the need to look like skeletons and walk on stilts to be able to make a living...
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+4 75. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Truck accident

We complain about the Office of work safety but somehow things like that do not happend over here...
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+45 76. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Suspect jumps out of a moving police car!

We have to allow stupid people to remove themselves from the gene pool.
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+2 77. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video A house guest ..... up North

Judging by the guy's accent, he is most probably from the Quebec city region or anywhere south of there towards the border with the USA. People in other regions of Quebec have very noticeable accents.

#7 It doesn't have to be up north since deers roam around everywhere in the Province of Quebec. I have them in my backyard once in a while.

#14 Unlike humans, animals don't kill of fight for fun. There is no threat to the deer and I doubt that guy's cottage would be a matter of territory.

#9 is right, feeding wild animals get them closer to humans, we should admire them from far and respect their wild nature.

You guys should pay us a visit someday, the Province of Quebec is such a beautiful place and its people are as friendly as they get. The French culture might also make you feel like you are visiting Europe before they covered it with concrete and asphalt!
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+21 78. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Satellites

It does look impressive but remember that the satellites in this video are not drawn to scale, they are in fact much, much smaller.

Mow, remember that the satellites are a few hundred if not thousands of miles up in space. Remember that the surface area of a sphere increases with the radius(squared). At the altitudes we are talking about, the "space" available in space is quite amazing, many times the amount of space available on the surface of the Earth. So fitting 13,000 satellites up there is like fitting 13,000 grain of sands in a football stadium.

Bottom line, you probably have better odds of winning the lottery twice than to hit a satellite while traveling through Earth's low orbit space.

Now the question is: Do we really need 13,000 satellites and how much damn carbon have we put in the atmosphere getting those things up there?
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+3 79. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Golden Globes 2011 - Ricky Gervais Opening Monologue

Too bad if any of these guys got their feathers ruffled, I'm sure that when they got back home looking at their bank account statement made it alright!
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+11 80. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Rear View Of a Flying Arrow

I wonder how small the camera has to be to fit on an arrow.
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0 81. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Anonymous on Colbert Report

#5 I agree
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+3 82. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video French cop Relay race

#10 You forgot to mention they would have made the family of the deceased pay for the bullet...
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-5 83. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Baby Leaf Monkey

to all my detractors: You have not understood anything that I am talking about! I meant to highlight the stupidity of journalists who provide us with cute animal stories perpetrating the most insidious lies. Lies like "only humans can help endangered species" which is WRONG!

So here is what was written between the lines: I am against the fact that journalists flock to cover news like the birth of a baby animal. Why? Because we live in a world where many of them are endangered because of our own stupidity and that the only way to give these furry critters a chance is BY NOT INTERFERING IN THEIR LIVES!

As long as we will have people who want to "connect on an emotional level" with animals, we will also have people who will enslave animals to provide us "animal junkies" with our "fix". Don't you understand that to really love an animal is to have the common sense to stay away from it?

Our "love" for animals might just be the reason why they are going extinct! Thousands of dolphins get captured each season in Taiji, Japan, only to provide Marineland and other parks with SHOW ANIMALS! Those who don't make the cut end up on dinner plates! All of this so you can bring your kid to the Marine park so he can see "Flipper" run after a ball or get kissed by a killer whale!
This is insane! Most of those captured dolphins suffer from stress related illness and die a premature death. This is not loving, this is slavery!

Loving animals means staying away from them. All that is achieved by those journalists is to convince all of us that animals are here to be petted and be seen through the bars of a cage!

This is why I advocate less interaction between humans and animals and I request that journalists stop entertaining the illusion that animals need us. They DON'T !!!
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+1 84. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video How things are made: CD

I am not sure I give this "comedy" piece even 1 lol...

I don't see the point of making this fake video.

1) Real "How CD are made" videos have been around for at least a decade. I would be surprised if you have never stumbled on one of them yet.

2) If you are to make a spoof video, pick a topic that hasn't been covered so extensively. Pick a product nobody knows about like: "How iPods are made".

I guess the author wanted to make it obvious that it was a fake video or he is not very good at it. For myself I will stick with the "Onion News Network".
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-15 85. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Baby Leaf Monkey

Somebody pinch me!

I still have a hard time figuring out why the birth of a baby monkey (or panda or bear or tiger or (insert name of animal here) is deemed to be a newsworthy event.

I know they are cute and everything but have we been numbed so much to everything else that journalists flock to cover non-events like that?

Seriously, I feel that the birth of a baby human is far more important and may produce much more newsworthy results! Think of the birth of Mandela or Churchill or Georges Orwell, where were the journalists then?

Of course, it is impossible to look at a human baby and know that she/he will be the next Darwin, the next Celine Dion or even the next Hitler! I guess that for humans, it is imperative to achieve something (wonderful or horrific) to be deemed newsworthy.

Since an animal will never achieves anything of importance in our world but at the same time will never become a murderous tyrant, a deprived bank executive or a sexual abuser, I can only assume that the birth of an animal becomes "the safe play" for journalists. After all, its cuteness is not open to controversies.

So this is our world: Reporting on things that are sure to gain universal approval! Despite hundred of important event that take place everyday throughout the world, here we are going stupid watching baby animals and posting insipid comments!

When it comes to animals, being cute is some kind of weapon of mass seduction!
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+19 86. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video The Trolley Problem

first scenario, DO NOTHING: WHy?
Ok, let's say you pull the lever and get the single guy killed, saving the 4 other guys. Then what? What if the secondary track where the single guy is ends up looping around? Then the trolley comes back to kill the 4 men and you ended up killing 5...

Second scenario:
There is no way you can justify pushing the fat guy on the tracks, Whatever if you have saved 4 guys, you are still guilty of first degree murder! Like #5 said: Be a hero and throw yourself on the track.

Fact is that this story is flawed. It requires you (inside the story) to have prior knowledge of how pulling the lever could help you save the 4 guys. It also requires you to have prior knowledge that there is a single guy standing on the secondary track.

Finally, this story deprives you from other courses of action such as screaming at the guys to get their attention or blowing up the trolley with an RPG (ok, that one I inserted for fun).

That's what is absurd with those hypothetical questions that are supposed to expose the inner working of our value system. By presenting only 2 options which are equally horrible, they remove the possibility for a true moral decision.
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+36 87. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Shark Expert Attacked During Filming

I'll never blame a shark for acting like a shark. I blame humans for thinking animals are supposed to act like in a Disney movie. Surprise, nobody cared enough to provide the shark with the script for that TV show!

Too often we see people trying to prove that dangerous animals aren't dangerous and are only misunderstood. I don't know how doctors describe this weird belief but the fact is that it is at least wishful thinking and AT WORST a mental disease.

Animals should be protected from harmful habitat destruction by humans and by over-exploitation by humans. They should also be respected and admired FROM FAR!

Swimming with dolphins, with sharks (both popular tourists attractions) should also be made illegal. Animals have thrived for thousands of years in the absence of humans and they need our absence to keep on thriving.
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+5 88. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Alligator In The Sewer

I heard somewhere that Alligators don't have a "reverse gear", meaning they can only go forward unless they get to a place where they have enough room to do a 180 degree turn.

Can anyone confirm?
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+44 89. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Good ol'boy taking a scizzor lift to the beer store.

For once I am on the side of the police, very professional, most other cops would have used the teaser gun.
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+13 90. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Bull Poker

Rednecks must have a really high birthrate, because with stupid "sports" like this, I wonder how they haven't gone extinct already!
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+73 91. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video The Kings' Dessert

Hey, always funny to see most people in other countries speak many languages while in the USA most people only speak one language...
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+5 92. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Chinese Military Multifunctional Shovel

OMG ! RUNNNNN the Chinese army has shovels!

I smell another arms race, the USA must deploy an anti shovel defense shield!
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+6 93. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Air Show

business opportunity: Selling puke bags to Southwest Airlines.
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+13 94. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Gimme a hug

The main problem with sharks is that they have no hands to touch stuff. When a shark is courious about something or wants to know if something is edible, it has to "taste" it. Tasting it is called a "test bite" and can only be done with their mouth which have hundred to teeth. Sharks explore their world using their mouth.

In the case of a small shark, the swimmer might be ok of be left only with a small wound. The problem arises when a 16 foot Great White tried to taste you. Even if the Great White finds that he doesn't want to eat you (after tasting), the wound from the "test bite" is often enough to kill you as you bleed profusely until your last drop.

To those who call sharks "a under water dog", I don't recall having to dress in chain mail last time I played with my real dog...
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+6 95. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video fun at work

the reason why this is a dumb idea is that, unlike roller coasters, there are no backup mechanism if something goes wrong.

Then again, I would be ashamed to explain to people that I became quadriplegic after doing something as dangerous as this.

#2 said it: It looks fun... Till it goes wrong!
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+9 96. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Quadrotor Ball Juggling

Inching our way towards the design for The Terminator... Run!
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+44 97. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video The loneliest animal on the planet

Humans really are a form of virus. Why does anyone needs to settle on these islands? Why can't we let nature have a bit of space without us?

We are destroying our planet, soon enough we will cause our own extinction!
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+25 98. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Ariane Launch, 18:30, 26/11/2010

#1 This is not the space shuttle, this is a FRENCH rocket called "Ariane" and unlike the space shuttle, the side boosters are part of the main body of the rocket and do not separate like they do with the American Space Shuttle.

#6 The space trash is a somewhat of a problem, possible collisions with the space stations, satellites... Even if space trash is the only trash I know that can travel at over 45,000 miles per hour, you must also remember that at the altitudes at which this stuff floats (between 300 and 23,300 miles, yes 23 thousand miles) there is a lot more "space" than on the surface of the earth.

In fact the total surface area available on earth is 196,940,400 square miles while the "surface" of a sphere at 23,000 miles of altitude would be closer to 1,700,000,000 square miles. And then you have to count all the space at different altitudes which should amount at 50 miles increments (very conservatively) to about 1200 time the total surface area of the earth.

Bottom line, getting hit by space trash is less likely than getting hit by a flying whale while sitting on your couch in your basement. So you can see why I am not too worried about space trash.
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+12 99. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Operation Payback Representative

#13 That is exactly the point of Anonymous, there is no structure, there are no leaders, there is no agenda, there are no controls.

Anonymous is everyone and it is no one. It is a manifestation of our collective consciousness, our aspirations, our despair.

There is no organization that the police can infiltrate, there is no breadcrumb trail to follow. You can't go after these people like you go after any other group of people. Anonymous don't know each other, they have no IRL contact with one another. They don't meet outside their online channels, no one can rat on the others. There is no head office to raid, no cars to follow, no phone to tap. Lastly you can't tell the difference between someone who's computer was hacked and someone who volunteered for the action.

One second you are part of Anonymous, the second you are just another internet user. The justice system requires names, they have none. The police needs to build evidence over weeks, months, Anonymous unite and dissolve over night.

Simply said: They are anonymous!
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+19 100. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Operation Payback Representative

Just a word of caution:

Those familiar with the "underworld" where Anonymous thrives will know that members of this online community like to prank people and do stuff "for the lulz".

Whenever a "spokesperson" "represents" anonymous, you have to take this with a grain of salt.

#2 You may know that the "9000 people" and "don't know how to internets" are 2 "internet meme" that have been popular in the anonymous community for some time. The fact that this "representative" uses them is a clear indication of his intention to "lulz" at the expense of the reporter.

Anonymous does not have representatives, it does not have a structure, it does not have one single goal. Anonymous is everyone and no one.
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+4 101. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Fail Compilation October

Modern science won't deny nature's ways.

Nature aims at balancing everything, that's why when there are too many individual of a particular specie, nature will throw at it a nice epidemic. As long as the numbers aren't reduced drastically, nature will kill as many individuals in order to reach a balancing point.

Same goes for humans, some of us are born with handicaps because nature can't afford to have all of us survive. Because of modern science we have multiplied and thrived. But nature won't be undone by science because even science is powerless in front of stupidity!

Stupidity, Nature's own way to keep things in balance!
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+54 102. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Not Scared Of Heights

All guts, no brains!
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+5 103. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Accident during circus

At 0:53 you can see that the bike chain has fallen off the sprocket... That might help explain why their stunt backfired.
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+50 104. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Chinese President In France On State Visit

Ridiculous! Wonder if our dearly beloved (joke) world leaders ever heard of SKYPE ! Would save us a bundle of money!
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+55 105. Trooper commented 12 years ago on video Talking to Americans

As a Canadian, I admit we like to make fun of our cousins to the south. Thing is that Americans are not necessarily stupid or ignorant, they are self centered!

Most Americans know a lot about their own country, but most of the time they are unaware that there are other people living outside of the USA.

It's hard to blame them because their media almost never say anything about the rest of the world. All they hear on TV is stuff about the USA; unless there is some kind of natural disaster elsewhere or they invade another country.

Fact is that America is not used to have to worry about the rest of the world, it was just a place for them to dump their manufactured goods and wage wars.

Now that the USA is slowly slipping under, they will have to start paying attention to and respecting other countries.
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+5 106. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Impossible Fans For Corner Kick

#4 the world is turning into an IDIOCRACY! the perfect system for idiot people.
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+28 107. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Boxer beaten by the ropes

Maybe he learned to box without a ring, could have been his first time.
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+10 108. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Ad From 1990 for mobile phones

I wonder if cell phones got stolen then at the same rate they are now...

To spot a cell phone thief, look for a strong man,
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-1 109. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Kangaroo joins Australian car race

LEET kangaroo!
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+1 110. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Giant vuvuzela!!!

I love it when human imagination serves a useless purpose!
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+3 111. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video will it blend

wish this guy would try to blend himself!
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+4 112. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Online Gamer 3

I bet Microsoft did not sponsor this one!
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-4 113. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Trilobite Beetle

I am sick of insect videos! sick of it!
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+6 114. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Hero donates 200 kidneys

Haha Onion News Network!! Love em !!! for those who don't know, ONN is a prank news network, nothing but a prank.

I loved their Macbook Wheel too!
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+5 115. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video inside a birdhouse

Love the cat mugshot on TV !!! Priceless!
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+6 116. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Baby born with 12 perfectly functional fingers.

If he ever get arrested, I can see the face of the police officer trying to fingerprint him on a 5 finger fingerprint form...
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+15 117. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Looter Owned

There is hope when good people start doing the right thing!
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0 118. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Don't touch my car

#9 I don't think that's the message Fiat wanted to carry over... :P
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+30 119. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Lightning strikes 3 of the tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time!

Nature is awesome!
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-8 120. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Man carves watermelon into something beautiful.

Talking about vegetables, I have seem a woman do something interesting with a cucumber once on the intrawebz... Oh, and this guy is very talented with a watermelon!
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+4 121. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Monkey cooperation and fairness

Great example why animals have managed to survive this long while humans are running towards their own destruction.

We should fill up the United nations with monkeys, maybe they'd bring us world peace!
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+5 122. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Monkeys do not like to be cheated

this video tell us a lot about people who spend their time inside casinos!
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+2 123. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Future mechanic

The biggest problem is : What does the computer do if you give it a car that you have modified? Let's say you have replaced the air box with a P-Flow assembly? Let's say you have replaced the rad with a racing heat exchanger?

Any modification you make to the car will render this system useless. Or is it that it will become illegal to modify your car in the future? I want my freedom and so do most people!
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+11 124. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Reporter Enjoys Close Call

I love how the woman struggles not to explode in laughter, accounting for the fact that nobody got hurt.
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+3 125. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video 20 Parrot Tricks in 2 Minutes

Parrots are the smartest of the bird specie but once again I am not in favor of training animals to do our bidding, I'd rather see them free in the wilderness.
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-5 126. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Samsung 3D Projection

My only problem with those adverts is that it does not talk about the quality of their products, how does this translate into viewing experience at home? Unless you have a building in your living room and 10 of those 20,000 lumen Christie projectors...

Very cool technology demo though.
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+12 127. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video cray horse

Human behavior and rules don't apply to animals, I hope the girl is ok though.
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+11 128. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video How to pronounce Snotr

now ppl will believe me!
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0 129. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Do-Re-Mi at the train station

I love how it put a smile on onlooker's face
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+1 130. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Some of the luckiest people alive

you roll the dice, roll the dice, until you lose...
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+2 131. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Goalkeeper

Imaginative, great advert!
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+1 132. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video How to open a bottle of wine without an opener

Love the French
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+1 133. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Harrier Extremely Low Flyby

probably faked but impressive if its true
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0 134. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video It’s better when it’s French

always better when it's french
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+1 135. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Superconductivity

Science makes cool things!
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+8 136. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Grandpa rides in the back

It's because of ppl like this that we have to suffer under a ton of dumb laws that restrict our freedom. smart people don't need laws to act properly, because of dumb people, the state has to make laws that apply to everyone.
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0 137. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Sneaky Racoon

Good for dogs, don't count on a cat to protect your home
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+3 138. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Parkour escape

Love this movie!
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+4 139. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video RC drifting

drifting is really huge now! even in RC circles I guess
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+3 140. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Piano playing cat

another cute cat video... plz kill me!
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+4 141. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Bored of marshalling?

I bet he got in trouble for that... wouldn't surprise me!
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+4 142. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video New: The Internet

and downloading pr0n all day and all night... Long live the interwebz!
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+1 143. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Bad breath

I think I am allergic to cute cats videos... It's worst when its an advert!
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+2 144. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Bush' State of the Union (edited)

Haha, well done! So close to the truth!
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+3 145. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video The Tunnel of Death

Scary, public utilities should always be safe...
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+4 146. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Hi Jack!

Sometimes it's so bad that it's good
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+2 147. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Cheeta

nature rocks! Too bad it's an advert...
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+1 148. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Human Tetris

Some positions are impossible to do...
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+1 149. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Ford SportKa vs Bird

another one in a long series, have you seen the one with the cat? It's funny because it's not true :)
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+2 150. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Skateboarding dog

At least it's not a cute cat video! Go dogs!
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+3 151. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Canon Rock

Kudos for the talent! Something else I wish I could do!
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+2 152. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Matrix ping pong

It is well done, low tech but still well done!
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+1 153. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Top 50 sports bloopers

Bloopers = fail videos, I like it!
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+4 154. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video How to kill a bird

"hurry up, take a picture"... What? Are they gonna frame it an put it in the bedroom?
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+3 155. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video How to solve a conflict

Comedy does not always translate well
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+3 156. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Weightlifting Mishaps

Fail videos are always funny :)
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-2 157. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video The Mootrix

Cows (females) have horns now?
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+4 158. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Mafia

How is this supposed to convince buyers of the quality of this car? Who gets bombed on a regular basis?
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+3 159. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Trained goldfishes

always wondered if people who train animals have a need to dominate something or someone... I, for myself, would rather see animals outside, free to live their lives without human interference...
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+4 160. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Honda Civic choir

I think it's nice from Honda to try to bring some class to their car adverts.
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+4 161. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video It's peanut butter jelly time!

Family guy, it's part of our culture now!
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+3 162. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video This is why you need CPU cooling

Old but shows how video like this forced CPU manufacturer to improve their products.
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+7 163. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Lethal street fighting

For some reason I fail to see how this makes the world a better place.
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+3 164. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Rally crashes

any car crash makes for a great video, unless someone dies that would be bad.
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+3 165. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video A Pepsi please...

#11 If he wasn't already dead... but I guess that wouldn't stop marketing corps.
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+3 166. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Für Elise scanner song

I would have never stumbled upon this by chance, some people are explorers...
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+4 167. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Philips light bulb commercial

Haha, imagination, did not expect that
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+13 168. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Funny cats

I don't hate cats but I think there are just too many "cute cats" videos out there...
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+3 169. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Extreme crosswind landings

Dangerous, I wonder if people on board had a clue...
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-1 170. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Geri's Game

Love Pixar, their animations are always top notch
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+4 171. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Boemerang fake TV show

Funny and weird, a bit ungerman like...
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-2 172. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Pot Noodle ad

#9 yeah some things should be off limits...
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+6 173. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Christmas lights

Very cool, wish I could do something like that
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+89 174. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Would you buy the pizza after watching this promoter?

Love this guy! All advertising should be made by heavy metal dudes! Buy my pizza or I'll date your daughter!
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+7 175. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Shaolin Kung Fu

Kung Fu, a lifetime of practice and discipline,

A Machine gun, instant success...

The only beef I have with martial arts is that it can't address a gun problem from 10 feet away.

It does bring the user self confidence, self control and discipline and for that I admire martial artists.
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-1 176. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Horse and Buggy Fail

We are at an age of technical progress where we could afford not to bother animals with our cheesy wedding ideas!

Can't we just stop trying to dominate every living thing around us?
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+10 177. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video I shot your ex-girlfriend

Very nice french Canadian swearing all along... Tabarnak! :P

Domestic relations look interesting in Quebec...
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+6 178. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Exploding Toilet - Hidden Camera

That's from a TV show linked to the "Just for laugh" festival. A festival of comedy in Montreal, Canada.

It is obvious that a production like that may have borrowed the idea from another tv show.

The give away is the phone number on the porta potty, regional code 514 which is in Montreal.
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0 179. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Urban Bowling

So what is the big deal? You get a bunch of cars that were destined to be crushed for scrap metal, you park them on a street and you lunch a bunch of bowling balls down the street... Anyone with 10,000$ can do this... A scrap car costs about 200$ over here...

Then you pick angles that makes people think these are good cars belonging to the residents of that street and you play on this fact to "wow" people?

So sick of corporate videos that are engineered so they can become viral... Another proof to show that corporations take us for a bunch of imbeciles...

Videos engineered to become viral should be illegal!
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-9 180. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Spanish bullfighter gored

Although I strongly disagree with killing for entertainment and that I believe the guy put himself in danger by doing what he did, my human side still feels for the poor guy.

Since the 1950`s mankind is suffering of the "Walt Disney" syndrome, talking mouse, dogs and ducks with feelings and sense of humor and goals in life... this is utter nonsense!

Animals, for the most part, have a pretty boring life, are not self aware and humans are not the only predators out there (Think lions, wolves, polar bears, sharks).

My take on this is : A human life is worth a thousand animal lives, we should do our best to kill animals humanely and not cause unnecessary suffering and distress. The only reason to kill animals should be for food. We should also protect endangered species like the blue whale and pandas.

Saying that an animal life is more important than a human life is stupid and cruel­. Think about this: Would you have said the same thing if the bull fighter was a 12 year old kid? Would you have said "Good for him, he got what he deserved"?

Hating human beings is a definitive sign of insanity...
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+4 181. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Goldfish Live In Deep Fat Fryer

Ok, this is a hoax and one doesn't need to have a deep understanding to thermodynamics to know that floating boiling oil over water will cause some amount of heat transfer.

Thing with this is that the oil would never reach the cooking temperature unless the water also reached the same temperature. In this scenario, the water would act as a cooling agent to the oil.

Mark my words, if the oil and water are in direct contact, there is ABSOLUTE certainty that heat transfer would occur.

This is obviously a clever marketing ploy, designed to wow customers by making them believe the impossible.

And heat transfer is the same reason why we have to insulate the walls in buildings in cold climates.
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+10 182. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Epic Fail

You got to love Darwin! Once again the stupid stop contributing to the gene pool...
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+9 183. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video The surprising science of motivation.

#9 You got it! The sole purpose of our lives right now is to seek profit. Schools and workplaces want to turn us into "standardized workers", all the same with the same knowledge and aptitudes. The only problem is the we are not robots.

The key word here is PURPOSE.

Give people a mission, give them purpose, give them self determination (autonomy) and you provide them with the tools to do what seems impossible!

What make capitalism fail right now is the simple fact that the system is geared to use robots, not free thinkers. By changing slightly the system we will bring innovation back, create new inventions and foster new ideas.

Let's make America great again!
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+4 184. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Kung Fu Bear

The way I see it, it only means that you only need to be as smart as a bear to do Kung-Fu...
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+4 185. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Talk about stealing the show :P

This drummer is simply EPIC!
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0 186. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video 10 Craziest Child Preachers

Yeah, that's the power of religion, one second you are a smart and logical human being, the next you believe in talking snakes, reincarnation, martyrdom and 72 virgins.

Everything you can learn in church is a vestige of the stone age when science did not exist. Even if some of the messages religions promote are good (love your neighbor, don't kill, don't steal) the "wrapping" needs updating.

We are no longer uneducated and ignorant, please dispense with the fairy tales and keep only morality.
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+9 187. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Star Wars Trilogy Summed up in 2-Minutes, with LEGO!

That was very good! Enjoyed it!
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+22 188. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Dumbest tattoos ever

I have a different tattoo every day, it's called a T-shirt !
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+8 189. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Landslides hit Italy after heavy rain

And gravity wins again! :(|)
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0 190. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Walk on water.

#(removed comment) You are so damn ignorant! The radiation levels experienced by the astronauts in the Van Allen belt are no more than 2 rem and their exposure time has been calculated to be no more than 1.5 hour. A lethal radiation exposure is 250 to 300 rem. There is no way any astronaut would have even felt ill by such a small amount of radiation, actually, at the time of the Apollo missions, hospital patients regularly received MORE radiation than that during a Xray exam.

Governments have better things to do than fake the Apollo landings. Oh and by the way, how do you explain that we can point lasers at equipments that was left on the moon by the Apollo astronauts and that even today, we can measure the response of those laser reflectors. Did the reflectors fly themselves to the moon?

Oh and by the way how do you explain that satellites orbiting the moon have provided us with pictures of the different landing sites complete with the LEM and the astronaut footpaths?

Oh yeah #(removed comment), you must be right, let's disregard science because GOVERNMENTS ARE EVIL ! Wow it solves all the problems. Since it's the fault of the governments, then you have no responsibilities for your own actions and your own failures.

And oh yeah, the Earth is 5000 years old and Jesus had a pet T-rex and God created the universe while Eve was having a chat with a talking snake (who had a Scottish accent I am told)...

Lastly, remember this: Governments are evil, Obama was born on Jupiter, Rush Limbaugh is the reincarnation of Jesus and Sarah Palin is in fact the Virgin Mary and she will save America from the evil democrats!
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+7 191. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video FAIL!

Thank God for idiots! They put a smile on my face.
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+16 192. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Roadside Assist in Uzbequistan

This is NOT about this vid, I'm just super happy to see something else after the streak of insect videos.
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+6 193. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Cute Golf Juggling Girls

I like this video, unfortunately it's a viral for Coors Light... So yeah, it is CGI! But the girls are not CGI so it makes this viral video cool :)

An easy way to spot virals is the subtle display of publicity and brand names. Sometimes the branding is quite obvious like in this video.

Good Job Coors!

P.S. Also notice the cameraman zooming in on the drive shot... This is something only a shot director would think of.
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+6 194. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Another "Did You Know" Video

This video is about a very well known psychological technique, the same used by religions, governments and corporations. Basically it involves telling people what they want to hear while presenting the information as a "revelation". Then the public accepts these "revelations" because it confirms what they "want to believe" or what "they already know to be true".

We have been brought to believe that China is about to take over the world, that America is evil and on the decline, that resources are about to run out and other stuff like that. The author of this video then just "confirms" all of what we believe to be true.

Same thing with religion, we do not want to die, we want to live in heaven, so that's exactly what they tell us. "You will have eternal life in heaven". In some cases they even go as far as promising "72 virgins"... ROFL

Lastly, fortune tellers use this to tell us what we WANT to hear. That's how they can extract money from their "customers" (victims).

The lesson is that people are gullible, naive and more than anything, are very receptive to anyone who will confirm their inner beliefs and inner fears. They will blindly follow those who give them hope (see Hitler) and those who threatens doom and the end of the world (see Prophets).
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-4 195. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Snake Bite Caught On Camera

Funny how Americans seem to think that the tax rate is a lot higher in Canada. Obviously we have to pay more taxes in order to benefit from free health care, virtually free higher education (virtually because is costs so little), 7$/day daycare and other freebies like that. The fact and the matter is that a Canadians who makes 50,000$ only pays 3% to 5% more on its income than an American with the same income. You also have to realize that most Americans also pay income tax to their state and municipality.
Taking into account what they also have to pay their health care company, I would not be surprised if, after all the marbles are counted, most Americans ended up much richer if they lived in Canada.
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0 196. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Snake Bite Caught On Camera

I live in Canada and even if I traveled to Russia, France, England, China, Japan and Italy, I AVOID traveling to the USA even with travel insurances.

The cost of health care over there is so insane that even private insurances won't cover all the cost. The premium on 140,000$ is enough to significantly damage your retirement fund.

America is pricing itself out of the tourism market.
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-2 197. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Double Skateboard Fail

You have to wonder what compels some people to hurt themselves or put themselves in a position where they are likely to get hurt.
I would say something about the Darwin awards but it's probably better if you read for yourself.
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-1 198. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video no comment

Funny, above the images in the video I am grad to notice that Snotr members have made an effort (like they always do) to inform other users with credible information and links. I never had a dog (sister allergies) and I knew about the "tie" that happens when dogs reproduce though I never got to actually see that.

To those who say "this is not snotr material", I must assume that you mistakenly confuse animal reproduction and human sexuality. Animals (like us) must reproduce to perpetuate the specie. Humans have something called sexuality which is FAR MORE than just the act of inserting a penis inside a vagina.

Human sexuality has to do with love, care, trust, support, tenderness... It has to do with someone sharing the most intimate part of his/her life with someone else. It is the ultimate way to exchange with the one we love and who loves us.

This video contains 0% sexuality. This video opened the door to an informative discussion and for that reason alone I say that it is 100% SNOTR MATERIAL!
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+9 199. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Did You Know: Convergence

#6 Yup I remember that, now it's closer to 99% :P
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+2 200. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Cops beating innocent student, then attemt a cover up

#(removed comment) "well we caught more criminals.. so crime is up.. so we need more money.. so we give them more money.. "

This is TRUE

"They get brainwashed while they goto school for Police Foundations... Everyones a liar/terrorist/criminal.. Trust no one.."

This is also TRUE

We need to change the way policemen are educated! They have a great deal of power over us hence they should have greater responsibilities. Telling lies in a sworn statement should carry a larger penalty for a cop because he is entrusted with such broad powers.

Then again, we could say a lot more about politicians who lie to us all the time while they remove our freedom one bit at the time.
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+98 201. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Cops beating innocent student, then attemt a cover up

Suspended? Fired? OMFG!!! WTF is wrong here?
If anyone beside a police officer did what they did to that poor guy, it would be a different story.
Those policemen should stand trial for aggravated assault and be convicted based on the video evidence.

How are we supposed to believe justice is blind and that the system treats everyone equally if those cops get off with what amounts to a slap on the wrist?

How do those dumb f*cks became police officers in the first place? Don't we deserve a smarter police force? Time to increase those minimum requirements at the police academy. Let's start with I.Q.

Side note: I remember taking the Army's aptitude test and 2 cops took the same exam as me. Guess what? Those 2 did not even qualify to become Military Police, their aptitude scores were too low... But they were obviously smart enough to be civilian cops nonetheless... Gets you thinking...
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+7 202. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Americans can't remember when 9/11 happened

I doubt the official story and I also doubt the conspiracy stories.
Most people who claim conspiracy have no architectural or engineering training. How can you possibly have an opinion on this if you can't even begin to understand principles like physics of materials, metal crystalline structure, thermodynamics.
I have a mechanical engineering degree and even if I understand how a steel ribbed building collapses, I will not venture an opinion on the matter. Simply I do not have hard data on the matter and that taking into account the numerous factors involved, it is impossible to predict how things should have happened.
Regarding Muslim terrorist involvement, I believe that they are guilty and if they are not, Muslim fundamentalists were still happy to see those people die and that makes them unworthy of life.
Religions are a vestige from the stone age, they are all false, there are no Gods, there are no spirits, there is no heaven or hell.
We are just a bunch of hairless primates who are out of control and believe in their own superiority.
Wake up ppl!
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0 203. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video The Man You Wish Your Man Could Smell Like

Well done indeed
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-3 204. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Rape attempt.

See, animal instincts. That's why those who can't control their animal instincts end up in the "Dawghouse". Difference between animals and humans is civilization. Civilization is the reason why a human doing this to another human is a crime.
As far as animals are concerned, crime doesn't exists.
So don't go blaming the dog or pity the chicken.
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-1 205. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Guy Sneaks Onto Champion Soccer Team

the key to his deception is that he is acting exactly like people expect a team member to act after winning the world cup. He's acting like he belongs there on the field with the cup. Bluntly, he is hiding in plain sight.

Acting naturally is the key to pass security staff since those guys are concentrating on looking for those who act strangely.

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+3 206. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Mercury thiocyanate decomposition

I am not entirely sure it's a good idea to burn something that has both mercury and cyanide in its composition... Both are highly toxic if not deadly...
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+3 207. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Friendface

The part where it says: "Fill in your profile with all your personal info"...
It is obvious that the way we currently identify people will have to change. I mean with the amount of personal info floating on the net, identity theft has become the easiest crime to commit. Loads of people find themselves with credit card bills for cards they never ordered or even multiple passports they never knew existed...
Thing is that right now all the info you need to order a credit card under someone else name is their name, birthday and home address.

With all the fraud happening, banks and governments will want to protect themselves and obviously they will require a form of identification that goes way beyong the simple identity card... So what's the next step? Fingerprints? RFID chips? Biometrics? DNA profile? I wonder...
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-2 208. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Buttered shower floor

Obviously staged, if not then it's criminal and it should spell divorce.

It is a sad day when people stage videos just so they can appear on youtube (and Snotr of course).

Staging sucks and take all the fun / drama out of it... Think baloonboy...
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+5 209. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Neil Tyson about UFOs


"radar signatures of UFOs from airport and military towers": Most likely CIA spy planes flying over Europe on their way to the former USSR. (Those sightings have been reported in Belgium directly aligned with the flightpath of SR71 Blackbird from American bases in UK to Russia).

"Crop circles":
A bunch of "artists" in the UK (Doug Bower and Dave Chorley) have claimed responsibility and demonstrated their technique for making the crop circles. DNA change in plants have never been demonstrated. The crop circles outside UK are from copycats. That also explains the crop circle that reproduces a Led Zeppelin album cover :P

Soil samples in Europe do contain traces of magnetic particles (pollution), radiation (after Chernobyl) and various metals (most likely due to WW2).

It is ok to believe in aliens if it makes you happy, it is also ok to believe in Harry Potter :P
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-8 210. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Helping Hands with Capuchin Monkeys

Cooperation between species, nice!
I have a few things I want done, I wonder if Grizzlies are on the market :P
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+20 211. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Annoyed with the cleaner

The Darwin law in full effect!!!
How to take yourself out of the gene pool...
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-5 212. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Street Hero Bus jump

All I meant was that some people (not only men) act in dangerous ways from a need to draw attention to themselves. Psychology teaches us that this is related to a sense of inadequacy and general low self-esteem.

With regards to this stunt, I wanted to point out that most of the time it is men who engage in such behaviors and rarely women. Draw your own conclusions.
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-4 213. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Street Hero Bus jump

I must agree with all of you. First I think this is a really stupid thing to do, second, I don't see how someone can jump on top of a vehicle without causing some kind of bodywork damage. Seriously if this isn't fake then the authors of the stunt should be liable to any damage they caused to the bus roof (dents, scratches). Lastly, I don't see the value of doing things like this, has women surpassed men so much in all sphere of activity that all that is left to men is stupidity? That would explain Jackass and the likes.
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0 214. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Transport Canada

Rick Mercer is one of the funniest TV show host ever! Canadians like to take stabs at their southern neighbor the USA while they are comfortable enough to laugh at themselves too. This is a really good example of this. This goes along the line of the well known expression: "When the US caught, Canada gets a cold". Better to laugh about it then to start crying :P
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+1 215. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Watch cat

From the accent, this was most likely shot in the province of Quebec in Canada. The woman's accent is most likely from there. Black bears are common here even showing up around the city of Ottawa (Capital of Canada)and Gatineau on lean summers when bears don't find enough food in the forest. This is even more surprising as the Gatineau/Ottawa region is quite far south.

As for the exact location of the event, all I can say is that the woman sounds like she is from the southern part of Quebec along the St-Lawrence river, Anywhere between Quebec City and Gatineau. Further north (Saguenay region) the accent is different, further east (Gaspesie) there is yet another accent.

Funny stuff anyway, gutsy feline.
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+5 216. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video The "Hillary" weapon

Thank God for Onion News!
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-1 217. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Womens bathroom fart prank

Fart jokes leave me cold. Enough said!
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0 218. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video How to Shoot an Anvil

Now that is a useless skill but fortunately gun powder makes it cool. I like!
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0 219. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Drive Thru Freestyle

What I like about this is that in "payment" for his skill, that guy had to wait 10 minutes more than it would have taken to get his order.
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-2 220. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Hair hat man

Some people have been given only 1 skill in life, can't blame the guy to try to earn a living with his "special skill" even if I think it's a really stupid skill. If everyone were like me, this guy would have starved to death already. Good for him Japan hasn't been totally obliterated during WWII.
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+2 221. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Who Said It?

Not a bad concept at first but those 2 need to work on their delivery...
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-2 222. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Myrtle Young with her chips

You see, these are the same people who "see" faces in potato chips who also call 911 because they "saw" their neighbor talk to aliens or saw Jesus's face on a french toast!

America is probably the only country where being totally crazy or stupid give you a better chance of appearing on TV or being elected into office! We now know that George W. must have collected "celebrity chips" also!
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+1 223. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Honda's U3-X

Thankfully Japanese people don't generally have a weight problem, now to keep this from being sold to Americans.
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+3 224. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Road Race Fail

You have to love Darwin's Laws! Too bad some of them ass**** have to take some of us along when the eliminate themselves from the gene pool.
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-6 225. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Hummingbird Helmet

Wow, a dork who manages to look even more like a dork wearing a dorky helmet! Just when you thought such a thing was improbable!
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-3 226. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video ARES I X Test Flight

Am I the only one who feels like going back to 1950 style rocket design is not a step forward? I know we need to make going into space cheaper but couldn't we do it in style? BTW recycling is cool since the main body of the rocket is actually one of the space shuttle side booster engine.
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+1 227. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Cannibal Shark

Being "cannibal" implies that you eat your own kind of a regular basic. Funny how ppl throw words around without always being able to grasp their meaning first.
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+1 228. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video How to scare your girlfriend

I guess zombies have decided to use guns, probably tired of getting their ass kicked in all of the previous zombie movies.
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+3 229. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Heineken commercial

As long as there is at least 5% alcohol in the bottle, taste is not that important :)

Clever commercial, I like!
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+1 230. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Amazing Girls Jumprope

I admire the skills but fail to understand how this can be a helpful skill to develop. Unless you're stuck in the middle of a minefield or if you work in a very sloppy rope factory...
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0 231. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Bedroom

Is it just me or this storyline is getting very old?
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0 232. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video The Perfect Drift

Some languages lack the precision of other hence the only way to transmit emotions is to change the tone of voice. I sgree with #11 japanese is a prime example of this.
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0 233. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video Interview Fail

I can't help but noticing must of the mugs are identical, which would defeat the purpose of collecting them. Fake but somewhat funny anyway.
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+1 234. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video ABB Robotics - Picking pancakes

What strikes me is mentioning "Reduce labor cost" and "improved health and safety" in the same sentence... I guess getting rid of more employees will indeed reduce the number of work related accidents... l-o-l

Also, I hope someone thought of fixing the "buffer shelf" time to less than a month. "I've got 6 pancaked in my box and one of them is green"...
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+8 235. Trooper commented 13 years ago on video South Park - Cartman singing Poker Face

The only problem I have with Japanese killing whales for food is that they are doing it inside an international whale preservation sanctuary (Arctic sea) and that they are doing it pretending that their intentions are to do scientific research.
Nobody need to kill 900+ whales in order to conduct scientific studies on their population!
I don't have a problem with hunting, I have a problem with lying.