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+1 1. Unreadable commented 13 years ago on video George Bush is funny

And how do our politicians think?
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+4 2. Unreadable commented 13 years ago on video Man almost hit by train

What a fucking idiot!
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0 3. Unreadable commented 13 years ago on video Stuck in an elevator for 41 hours

The article about this is really long but well worth reading; the writer gets amount out of 'guy gets stuck in lift. gets released.'

Any Houdinis out there? What about breaking the mirror, or one of the lights, then using the fragments to unscrew the hand-rail. Then, holding his shirt that he's pissed on against the wall until the bricks - which surely on an interior wall of a building of that size would be breeze blocks or equivalent - he could dampen them until he was able to chip and smash his way out, or at least make a hole that he could draw attention through. W.W.(Andy Dufresne)D?