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+2 1. VinnyViper commented 16 years ago on video Powerwashing a 3 years old child

Hey Lacroupade...

If you are such a man then do the following.

1/. Go to a car wash and get a friend to do it to you.

2/. When your skin grows back think about a little girl that trusts her own mother and is hurt like that.

Let me know how it feels... or did your mum abuse you too ?
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+2 2. VinnyViper commented 16 years ago on video Ghost Rider wannabe crashes

Is it me or did I see brake fade and the wobble you get with brakefade when you try to stop hard.

Think he needs some 320mm Brembos don't you... oppps

Also can anyone tell me what the soundtrack is as its doing my nut in, I've heard it so many times but can't figure it out.