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0 1. benbot80 commented 16 years ago on video Mini: This is America

@ #6: You do know English people don't actually talk/look/act/dress like this policeman, don't you? Even the police haven't worn uniforms like that since like the 1950's.
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+2 2. benbot80 commented 16 years ago on video The costs of war

Oldfart, your comment on 9/11 is so ignorant. How would pulling out of Iraq cause another 9/11. If anything, it would lessen the chance of another one happening as the Americans wouldn't be invading their country and aggravating them. The fact that you think terrorists and islamic fanatics are a massive problem is another sign of your ignorance. The amount of people who are like this are just a very very very small minority and there are much bigger problems in America and the rest of the world.

And I don't understand how Americans can say that they are fighting in Iraq for their freedom? How the fuck does that work? If anything, you're in Iraq fighting for oil. Until you start actually learning about other countries and their cultures and traditions, you should just shut the fuck up as you don't really know what you are talking about.

Also, the belief that "the US is the biggest example of freedom and personal choice in the world" is completely unfounded. You may have freedom of speech but many other countries have basically the same thing. And it's not even a necessarily good thing as it allows racism, nazi and other idiotic views to be openly expressed without reprimand. And if anything, that makes it less free as people are openly prejudiced against other. That is not a good thing.