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+2 1. benighted commented 12 years ago on video Insane guitar skills

#16: the tape holds a mike.
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+9 2. benighted commented 13 years ago on video Iron Mountain

Iron mountain is no government crap, it's a private company that operates all over the world. They have this fancy mine, but also regular storage buildings..
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+5 3. benighted commented 13 years ago on video Jewellery Shop Robbery FAIL

The shopkeepers were dumber. Why not lock the dumbass between the doors in the first place, thereby averting further property damage and blue spots? :)
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+12 4. benighted commented 13 years ago on video bus driver fights with child

#8 : You clearly didn't raise any children yet... Leading by example doesn't work at all. All you get from that is the kid thinking you're a weakling and becoming more distant. The way to teach is a mix of many. Slapping isn't the solution, but in extreme cases it's what makes them shut up and cancels their tantrum (it's the same with adults, eh?)
I'm pretty much SURE that the driver just snapped after lots of abuse from the kids. There's so much positive discrimination in this world that all of the "protected" have started becoming arseholes, knowing they're safe.

We accept that kids can start their sex life earlier but don't make them take resposibility for their actions earlier? why? If growth is faster now why shouldn't - for instance - jail come earlier? All the "protect the kids" bullcrap has made them into the perfect douchebags. Think.
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+12 5. benighted commented 13 years ago on video Do you own (stuff made by) slaves?

to quote t-shirt hell: 'Slavery. Gets shit done."
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+2 6. benighted commented 14 years ago on video Turbine Engine Explodes

This isn't a bird strike test... it's a blade-off test. You can see a rainbow-colored blade. It gets released while at full engine speed, and the engine box must withstand the ensuing chaos. that's all
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+3 7. benighted commented 14 years ago on video Southwest police motorcycle competition 09'

@13 : it's a bmw, not a harley. And they are good, but extremely heavy. Having ridden one, I can tell you what that guy does there is massive