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+4 1. cooss commented 7 years ago on video Cop handles two vicious dogs like a pro

I have to disagree with some of you about 2 subjects:

1 - I don't really care what tail wagging or any other sign means, I am just scared of dogs! Say what you want but you can't force me to interpret dog body language etc and be calm. I AM SCARED!! It's like of fear of heights. Let's say we are standing at the top of a tall building and there are very strong fences around the terrace and there is 0% chance one can fall from the terrace. Yet, you are afraid of heights and can not walk to the edge of the terrace although there are very strong fences!! It's just the same with the dogs!!

2 - At around 03:03, cop sprays something to the black dog and the dog suddenly turns away and goes to lay on the grass, which doesn't seem natural considering the rest of the video. You can see the spray mist and you can hear a click, as if the cop is pushing the spray cap!
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+3 2. cooss commented 8 years ago on video Bikini Baristas: Coffee and Controversy in Washington State

I'm totally ok with this idea or ideas alike. BUT why would you hire that girl called MAYA, the one with an actual bikini top, I mean the one with no boobs at all!!!

If you'll run such a place, you should hire girls with big boobs. The one in pink is great, the one with virtually no top is even better!!!
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0 3. cooss commented 8 years ago on video Death Defying Air Conditioning installation

he has the body harness and the safety line, so it's supposedly safe but still handling and trying to install the a/c unit this way doesnt seem right to me
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+1 4. cooss commented 9 years ago on video You're Doing It All Wrong - How to Sauce Pasta

Too much fat!!!
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0 5. cooss commented 9 years ago on video Insane Car Race

i don't think hennessey venom ever got the fastest car title. the car was the fastest but it was not tested properly and in any event, only a handful were produced so the car is not qualified to get the title.
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+1 6. cooss commented 11 years ago on video Map of Europe - 1000 A.D. to present day

i think this video is cropped. i believe there had been a time reference and "some" more regions, you can see some of the names of the east countries (present day Iran) have their names cropped.