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+3 1. czeska commented 9 years ago on video Meanwhile in Russia

They might be reckless idiots, but at least they are nice to the (dangerous but adorable) bears :)
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+1 2. czeska commented 10 years ago on video How to protect your car from hail

Maybe he lost a bet... or maybe he's high as a kite and actually thinks he's swimming in a lake.
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+3 3. czeska commented 10 years ago on video Bird singing dubstep

I love the little leg lift that the bird does towards the end of the video. It's like that thing DJs do when they point in the general direction of the audience during a particularly awesome part of the track, like "yeaaah bitches, listen to this!"
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+1 4. czeska commented 10 years ago on video Baby malamute howls

#6 don't know why you were getting thumbs down.
the puppy does have fur patterns that look like angry/menacing/badass eyebrows. combined with his fluffiness and the sounds he makes, it's the cutest thing ever <3
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+3 5. czeska commented 10 years ago on video Misheard Song Lyrics

I don't think I'll ever unhear "I'm blue and I would beat off a guy".
I'd say that the song is now ruined forever, but it wasn't a very good song in the first place, so I guess this is an improvement?
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+1 6. czeska commented 10 years ago on video MASS OF ANTS BEHAVING AS A FLUID

On one hand, it's pretty cool that ants can do that, that they unknowingly imitate fluids. On the other hand - seeing the big moving clumps of ants is really unsettling and kind of gross :O
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+3 7. czeska commented 10 years ago on video Wakeboarding Upstream in Slovenia

Not sure if I should give this thumbs up or down.
The music they used kind of sucks. And the video needs more footage of the sport itself and less of the guy who keeps saying "like".
On the other hand, upstream wakeboarding is an awesomely crazy idea and those guys must have balls of steel to do something like that between all the rocks. And the location is quite beautiful, which is a nice bonus.
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+2 8. czeska commented 10 years ago on video High 5, ladies

#24 First, I never said you said those exact things about me and meant them as a fact. Notice the word "probably" up there. But you were clearly attempting to provoke me, just wording it carefully so you'd have an excuse in case I called you out on it :D
And I don't really know who the Kardashians are - I sort of picked up that they're a bunch of sisters Americans are crazy about for some reason, but that's all.

And you're right, I didn't check my facts or think about my 'tactics'. You know why? I don't really care that much. And neither should you. This is a website for funny/awesome/interesting videos and yet here you are, ranting about a serious issue (that's only vaguely connected to the video you're commenting on), composing five point rebuttals and generally taking things waaaaay too seriously.
It IS kind of nice that you're trying to defend women's honor, but really, this isn't a place where it has a point. If you want to be a knight in shining armor, that's more than fine. But your little passive aggressive speeches here aren't really helping anything, are they?
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+4 9. czeska commented 10 years ago on video High 5, ladies

Wow #22, for someone who's supposedly defending women, you sure were quick to resort to the good old "you're probably a slut who just wants to get groped all the time, and ugly too" :D
I'm actually quite sensitive about my personal space and I have no problem getting people around me to respect that. BUT if something like this happened, I just wouldn't be able to get mad about it. It's too funny. Yeah, maybe some women would feel offended, violated, blah blah blah, even by a cute little moment like this, but those women probably wouldn't be riding the bike-bar-thing in the first place.

Seriously, the charm of this video is in its spontaneity and the slight strangeness of the whole situation. I don't really see it implying that slapping women is always acceptable/funny and everyone should be doing it all the time. And no dude with half a brain will suddenly start slapping butts left and right just because of some video on the internet (especially in the USA, where some women won't hesitate to sue a guy for holding a door open for them)
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+5 10. czeska commented 10 years ago on video High 5, ladies

librabooks, congrats, you're really good at making a big deal out of nothing.
In a workplace, it makes sense to frown upon behavior like this. Because you have to see those people every day so it could get awkward and uncomfortable very quick. also - in case it's the woman's boss who does the slapping - merely saying "please don't do that ever again" could lead to bullying or loss of the job (if the said boss is also an asshole).
But this here is just a harmless, silly joke. I'm pretty sure none of the slapped women feel traumatized or abused. I'm female and if something like this happened to me, it would just make me laugh.
anyway, why are you like this? are you honestly this brain-washed into political hyper-correctness? or do you just spout this kind of bullshit to impress feminist bitches? :)
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-1 11. czeska commented 11 years ago on video Handfeeding a Dragonfly

I suppose it is a smart idea to get on these creatures´ good side in case evolution makes them bigger than us one day... but I really hope that doesn´t happen :O
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+2 12. czeska commented 11 years ago on video Buttermilk "plays" with her "friends"

I think it´s actually a Jack Russel Terrier who was accidentally born as a goat
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+1 13. czeska commented 11 years ago on video Faith in Humanity...

would be better without the baby at the end.
other than that - awesome video. brought tears to my eyes
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+1 14. czeska commented 11 years ago on video Birds talking together& kissing!

the sounds they make are ridiculously adorable.
if i had birds like these, i would never get anything done ever. i'd just watch/listen to them and giggle like an idiot all day long :D
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-2 15. czeska commented 11 years ago on video Honda's new theft deterrent system...maybe

they need to do this for real
and hire Ellen McLain to record the lines
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0 16. czeska commented 11 years ago on video He really trusts in his product.

"yeah, it is very safe to operate."
did he seriously say that right after that thing nearly crippled him? :D
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+1 17. czeska commented 11 years ago on video Collapsing Cooling Towers

so ecotricity is the reason why all those cute cooling towers and chimneys had to die?! i suddenly hate green energy.