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+5 1. donlevone commented 9 years ago on video How small is a nanometer?

Haha nice indeed, I didn't expect that they will use scientific words but it's very cool :D
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+7 2. donlevone commented 9 years ago on video Rachel Beckwith's Last Wish

Everything, i mean everything about this video is... just sad...
And the saddest thing is that she (and everyone else like her, every disaster) will be forgotten sooner or later...
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+9 3. donlevone commented 9 years ago on video Dog Running With Shoes

There is a difference between cruel and making fun. Is it cruel, when your friends make pranks to you? they are making fun of you too :)
The line is not cross here for me :)
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+16 4. donlevone commented 9 years ago on video Futuristic highways in the Netherlands glow in the dark

Agreed, especially in other countries (I am from Bulgaria). I like the idea of the dimming lights. But I don't think they will be implemented soon. First will be the main roads then eventually smaller roads :( . The roads, from my town to rest of the country, don't even have lights, let alone to have for that :( . Do you know how hard it is to drive at night through the holes without lights :(
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0 5. donlevone commented 11 years ago on video This Is How You Sell A Car

#17... So true, technical reliability and the way the car drives is much more important than some doors :)
Ahh and i was so hoping that the doors would fail >:)