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+2 1. duffcharles commented 10 years ago on video Two-Year-Old Lands Front Flip!

and the little cutie falls at the end
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0 2. duffcharles commented 10 years ago on video A doggie Rube Goldberg machine

a computer generated rube goldberg machine completely defeats the purpose. what poor judgement to allow this clip here.
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+35 3. duffcharles commented 10 years ago on video I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction

what was this vid about? was distracted by my phone..
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+1 4. duffcharles commented 10 years ago on video Why glasses are so expensive

You can really tell the difference between glasses made in china to quality hand made eyewear - it seems like a lot to pay, yet there are so many different processes in making a quality pair. There is a delicacy that in handmade eyewear that you cannot acquire from injection moulded plastics.

Having said that, Luxottica does control the market.

I'm an eyewear designer, I hand make the glasses myself and it takes up to a week to finish a pair.
If you would like to check out some of my creations check out my facebook page:

I'm also building a website but its really rough and missing loads of content (but for future reference),

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+1 5. duffcharles commented 11 years ago on video football player shares booger with young friend

fate led this clip to snotr