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+3 1. frieD195 commented 7 years ago on video Thermite Vs. Dry Ice

looks like it's just melted aluminum mixed with the molten iron that was made.
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+1 2. frieD195 commented 8 years ago on video Hydraulic Fracturing is not a health hazard?

Unsealed holding ponds for the fracking fluid? I'm sorry, but this just blew my mind. I can see them doing that in a place like China where things are truly unregulated, but in the US, companies can be sued out of existence if the pollution is ever traced back to them. It is in a company's best interest to follow proper procedures. If successful, their efforts would be repaid dozens of times over from the profit they would stand to make. As for natural gas containing Benzene? The gasoline you use for your personal, everyday vehicle has more benzene than natural gas. Natural gas burns more completely the regular gasoline OR diesel OR ethanol.

As for the methane issue? Methane will get into the atmosphere regardless of what is done to prevent it. But what will you do about the methane produced by landfills? Tell them all to shut down and seal the dumps off? What about the cattle industry? Where cattle can generate several tens of liters per head per day? Just tell farmers to stop raising them and kill all the cattle off? That's tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars lost right there. And what about the natural methane seeps at the bottom of the worlds oceans? Are you gonna propose they (all the world's governments) get together and seal the ocean floor to stop the methane leaking out? Oh and don't forget volcanoes. They were the original source for earth's atmosphere back when the earth was young. So you can't exactly prey to Pele to stop all the volcanoes from erupting and dumping billions of tons of CO2, H2S and water vapor into the atmosphere. I'd like to see you propose a new source of truly safe, renewable energy that won't need decades of research and development to perfect AND that won't be bought out and buried by big oil companies. And if you have such a problem with fossil fuels, remove them ALL from your life. See how well you can deal with that.
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-5 3. frieD195 commented 8 years ago on video Hydraulic Fracturing is not a health hazard?

They actually dump the fracking fluid directly into the water table where people draw their drinking water from? That is insanely illegal if what you say is even remotely true in any way.

It seems like you are just spouting nonsense based on rumors you've heard. Read this: if you'd like a clearer understanding of what fracking is and how the EPA is regulating it and how they plan to regulate it even better in the future. If you know of a cheaper, more cost effective, safer, and cleaner method to access these natural gas reserves then please post the link to the article so that the worlds eyes can be opened to such amazing knowledge.
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+10 4. frieD195 commented 9 years ago on video Questions no one knows the answer to

It depends on your "frame of reference". It depends on how you look at things. To me, it looks like you are looking at "moving VS. not moving" from the standpoint of an observer "outside" the universe looking in. In that case, what are saying is true, there is no "not moving" frame of reference. But, if you were looking at moving VS. not moving from the standpoint of an observer watching (from within your living room for example) as you get up, go to the fridge, come back and sit back down on the chair, you would, in fact, be in the same place (assuming the chair didn't move when you sat back down AND were in the EXACT same position as before you got up, then yes, you and the chair would be in the same place. But since you want to get technical, you could say that even if all macroscopic objects were frozen in place (simply not moving), the atoms of these object would still be moving since atoms are continuously vibrating (if not moving freely through 3d space) even if they are in a crystalline lattice.