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+10 1. glassweaver commented 8 years ago on video Teenager gets shot in the head and calls Swedish SOS, the operator doesn't believe him

That operator should be fried and jailed. Hopefully it's different than in the US where they would just get suspension with pay for a few days and then a nice paid cushy retraining.
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+6 2. glassweaver commented 8 years ago on video Dynamic Facade

...Aperture brand panels will assist your test subjects every step of the way!
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+16 3. glassweaver commented 8 years ago on video GaffGun

It would be even better if it didn't cost $200! :O
Very cool though....I'm thinking about making it in CAD and 3D printing it for 20 bucks. :D
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+2 4. glassweaver commented 8 years ago on video Roadblock Fail

#30 - "I don't see the point of this video beside pleasing (undeclared) racists" Again, they could be my kids - I'd have my same stance. As someone of color myself, it disgusts me that someone can be so ignorant that they think intolerance of violence is racist.

As to them protesting? Please - tell me more about how lighting fires on public roads and making innocent people fear for their lives is justified. Maybe all the other cars blocked up behind the one who charged through are also 'bad guys' on a public road?

I could go on, but I think any attempt at rationalizing with you is going to be lost on your profound ignorance.

But please, while you're at it, keep bitching about how this video, which was approved by the people who run Snotr, violates your fantasy rules. Snotr is a private community, run by the people who approve the videos. There is no terms of service page. There are no community guidelines. Thee are admins and moderators who approve what they like and don't approve what they don't like. If that bothers you, maybe you should go take your ball and find another playground to cry at.
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+10 5. glassweaver commented 8 years ago on video Roadblock Fail

#(removed comment) - "Let's injure/KILL innocent people because we're pissed off with something completely irrelevant! Yayyy!"

Sorry, but if my kids did something like that, I'd hope someone checked their ass like I described. I'd hope they lived, but they would have had it coming any way you cut it. I respect that this is your opinion, but disagree that anyone who does this might be a 'nice' person on the same grounds that I find alqueda 'mean' for blowing up people and shit they disagree with.

If you do shit like this, you are a threat that should be subdued. For the greater good, I really don't care what method of subduction is used.
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+35 6. glassweaver commented 8 years ago on video Roadblock Fail

It's too bad he didn't pickup speed and swerve to get more of them. (And yes, I'd be saying the same thing if it was a bunch of European/American dipshits doing this).
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+2 7. glassweaver commented 8 years ago on video Why Britain uses separate hot and cold taps

#13 - I think you misread #7 's comment. He was saying he takes it from the cold tap - not the hot one. He's saying that since the kitchen has a mixer, he'll go to the bathroom where there's separate taps. Then he makes it even colder in the fridge (not sure why he added that bit though).

As to turning it to the left, that's not necessarily good enough if the hot water is extremely unsanitary. Think about it this way - if I dropped a fat shit in your pipes, would you feel comfortable and safe if you just ran the water for a couple seconds after it came out?

As to the regulations, if you're in an older home it does not have to adhere to current day codes. It just has to adhere to the codes in which it was originally built. SO - older home/building + unsanitary water tank = pretty much the same thing as me taking a fat shit in your hot water pipes, unless you can verify otherwise. Now THAT...that still being a valid issue could in turn lead to lots of tradition with this practice.
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0 8. glassweaver commented 8 years ago on video Google Gesture

#4 - I think the idea here is to start with ASL? If this takes off then they could expand to other popular languages & variants of sign.
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+1 9. glassweaver commented 8 years ago on video Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich Won't Melt!

I think it's funny that everyone is freaking out about one brand. Try your favorite ice cream bar....they pretty much all do the same thing. Shit - blue bunny's ice cream *bars* do the same thing. They don't melt!
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0 10. glassweaver commented 8 years ago on video Bunch-o-Balloons

#1 #3 they already took mine! :x You can actually preorder (kickstarter) these.

A lot of the packages are sold out, but some are still available.
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-4 11. glassweaver commented 8 years ago on video Cambodian shows how to disarm a mine

#3 - this is somewhere in Vietnam. They are speaking Vietnamese, and the reference to the mines being 50 years old fits dead-on in the heart of the Vietnam war. That being said, this was probably the US, although we had allies that could have planted them anyway. Long story short, the allies in The Vietnam War planted these. (Our enemies did not have the resources to use these. Their similar weapon of choice was the punji stick....also very effective back then)

#2 - shut the fuck up. War is HELL. Nobody likes it. Nobody wants to go to it. But if we take WWII for example, you can thank the likes of collateral damages far more devastating than those cause from the land mines you see here, for not speaking German and saluting Hitler every fucking day of your miserable life. (And that's assuming you're white/not wouldn't even exist otherwise)

Okay...personally, I'm curious as to if they are able to use the mines for anything? I'd think it would be safer to, once found, put them all in a cluster and detonate them remotely (large log/small boulder dropped from lever mechanism/throwing them far away until they land right & blow up?)
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+1 12. glassweaver commented 8 years ago on video Crazy Pool Jump Off 5 Floors Building

Impressive and terrifying. That was definitely high enough up to collapse a lung or break bones if he had landed wrong (I.e. belly flop)
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+1 13. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Google Car

#3 - No, I don't. I also never said that this would be their biggest problem, but I figured I'd post a constructive comment highlighting everything this can do for us. Sorry about that.

#7 - Again, right - let's bitch about everything that is wrong with the world in an effort to gloss over some of the amazing things that are going on it it. PS - speaking of solving problems like global hunger, what have you done for it lately? Personally I donated to water is life when I saw their drinkable book. But, keep bitching about things in the comment sections of Snotr. I'm sure *that* is going to change the world. Has anybody ever told you what an AMAZING inspirational speaker you *wouldn't* be? :x
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+7 14. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Google Car

Just think...our children won't have to worry about exhausted/intoxicated drivers, road rage, etc. These things could link into the congestion mapping of Google maps to take the fastest routes at a given time, eliminating road congestion too. And in the 700,000 miles these things have driven so far, there have been zero accidents. I just can't wait for the future. 8-)
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+9 15. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Just kids practicing latin dance...

Holy shit. :O
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+2 16. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video The majestic woodcock

Swiggity Swooty he's coming for that booty.
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+1 17. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Fires in Carlsbad CA

Background music:
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+1 18. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Graphene on The One Show

#9 - That's like saying because an LED is smaller, it can't produce the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb. Different technologies store energy different ways. Moreover, the higher constructiveness of graphene means lower resistance, so you need less power to achieve the same thing.
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0 19. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Who Pays the Price?

#1 #8 - you are right...they do choose to, but if you really think that safety such as a fume hood to wick away solder is going to skyrocket prices, you're naive. Safety doesn't have to cost a lot. It's the fact that it costs anything at all that makes it too inconvenient for most companies. You don't have to physically change your location to have proper safety standards.

If however this really is beyond your comprehension, no, prices still would not double. Most of what we pay is a profit margin, plus costs associated with prefab semiconductors, such as motherboards and the processors. 95+% of this process is automated, and in the case of the most expensive parts (again, such as the processors that usually cost $10-20) those are usually made here - in the US. The 5-10 minutes of manual labor a device takes for assembly is about 25 cents over there. In the US that would be more like 2-5 dollars. God forbid we pay them a living wage.

On a side note, if you're wondering where I got the figures above from, I majored in computer engineering. Those are rough estimates from the knowledge I have from interning at Intel back in the day. If you want an indisputable comparison though, look at the cost of clothing from American Apparel or LL Bean vs American Eagle or Nike. Price differences are negligible, and all of the companies mentioned have healthy quarterly earnings.

In ending though, if you're trying to say that because the alternative is worse, that makes this okay, I can only hope that someday you are blessed with having a severely disabled child, since you can take comfort in knowing that when they become a ward of the state someday, that will be better than the alternative.
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+10 20. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Raw, unedited, silent footage of the bombing of Nagasaki, August 9, 1945.

#12 #14 - You're right, but you're only telling half the truth, thus painting an untrue picture.

Japan was trying to surrender thought the Soviets, but with their own conditions. They had been trying this for quite some time, and we knew it since we had cracked their code. The conditions were that they keep for example Korea, Taiwan and many other places they occupied "before the war", i.e. before they attacked the US or the Soviets.

The conditions were unacceptable , for obvious reasons. "Ok, we loose, but only if we get to keep everything, the army, the land, and can get away with starting all this without consequences?" Yeahhhh, no.

We demanded unconditional surrender. They refused. We dropped Little Boy on then. We then gave them 3 days before dumping 'Fat Man' on them. It was that night on August 9th that they began the process of unconditional surrender. They could have done this on the night of August 6th when we dropped the first one, but deliberatley chose not to.

Those are the facts. Interpret them as you will.
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+4 21. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Keep children away from windows

#4 #11 - A spouse or friend could have easily called EMS. The guy could have as well, in which case, police could have been on the way.

10-15 stories up, there's no way that person can do anything about this themselves. Even if they did get to the ground, they're going to catch a toddler falling from 10 stories? How would they even know which apartment to contact, if they could even get into the building?

Assuming they (or, a friend/spouse) called EMS, fimling is the next approprate action. This is child neglect. The video documents it and can be turned over to the authorites. And #11 - I think the only sick bastard here is the one who thinks beating a child is an approprate reaction to ones own child neglect.
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+4 22. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Dude rides bike over West 7th St bridge arches in Fort Worth

Is anyone else curious why the city didn't put up some sort of fence/barrier at the beginning and end of the arches to deter this kind of stupidity?
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+3 23. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Making Art Out Of An Anthill With Molten Aluminium

Given that this was a fire ant colony, I have no sympathy.
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+1 24. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Man's incredible year long journey around the world in 2 minutes

That mans done more in 1 year than I could do in 100.
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+1 25. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Man survives 60 hours at bottom of Atlantic

"Man, with all the shit that's been going on lateley, I'm doing good just to keep my head above water."
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0 26. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Fail Compilation November 2013 by TNL

So...that forklift accident explains all the defective PS4's then...
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+2 27. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Kitten bullies a tiny puppy

Hopefully they get to be friends before Buster grows up and bitch slaps the friskies right out of Mr. Whiskers there.

Also, freaking adorable puppy growl!
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+3 28. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Shredding Computer Parts

Think we could fit Miley in there?
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+5 29. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video The day Barney the dinosaur was killed

I love you. You love me. There's a fucking hole in my bo-dy.
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0 30. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Video from the Washington, IL tornado

Is *anybody* else at all bothered that this is under the Awesome category? This is tragic. I feel bad for anyone who has to go through anything like this.
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0 31. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video This robot is changing how we cure diseases

Some of us alive today have parents that didn't make it past the 50s or 60s, and look at the leaps we've made since then. If only they could be alive today.

We look back now at what our parents, grandparents, & ancestors lived without in their former lives, and it looks sad and scary. In so many cases, what is now a curable nuisance would have killed you, lest you be lucky enough to survive crippled from thereon out.

I think this shows that, in another 50-60 years, the same kinds of leaps will have been made yet again - maybe even bigger. I might not be around to experience that world, but knowing my kids will be brings tears to my eyes.
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-1 32. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video This man had one chance at the spot light and went balls to the wall

Repost police be all like repost police. :(|)
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+14 33. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Holland's Got Talent

Anyway, just in case you wanted subtitles to know what they're saying, here's the subtitled version. :(|)
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+7 34. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Trek through the world's largest corn maze

Wow. This place is less than an hour away from me and I've never even heard of it! And they apparently have zorbs!

Looks like I'll have to wait till next year, but I know what I'll be doing come August. 8)
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+21 35. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Nissan Skyline painted with Heat sensitive color changing paint

"Surprise Mike! The water bottle actually had sulfuric acid in it."
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+1 36. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Box

#13 - or portals. :D
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+6 37. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Box

Did anybody else look at this and go "Aperture Science Panel!"
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+19 38. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video No Place to Race

"Remember kids. Use your organs responsibly, or someone else will."
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+13 39. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Mercedes Suspension Ad

Mercedes - Now with poultry powered stability control.
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+3 40. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Kinetic Sand?

Brookstone sells a version of this stuff. The amount you get is about the same volume as a 16oz soda bottle. On top of that, Brookstones sand is like 20 bucks.

On top of all that, if you live near a brookstone store, go play with it for 10 minutes. It is very awesome, but after that time, the novelty will wear off, you'll still have $20, and you will realize how easily this shit attracts dirt and disappears as little clumps roll off into oblivion.
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-2 41. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Fracking explained

#14 - While I don't disagree with you, I also don't disagree with #7. We were worried about 'global coooling' last century. Now it's global warming. But please don't embarass yourself by citing Fox News as a news source. That's like a Democrat citing MSNBC - or a North Korean citing their local media in an antiAmerican argument.

Want to talk about a GREAT form of energy? Look up LFTR.
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+44 42. glassweaver commented 9 years ago on video Bicycle powered tree house elevator.

Did anybody else notice the fucking black bear at 00:16 ?
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+5 43. glassweaver commented 10 years ago on video Dear Santa..

Crying, crying, crying...yeah, I'm bawling.

I'm a fucking internet troll who makes 9/11 jokes but this made me cry my eyes out.
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+1 46. glassweaver commented 10 years ago on video Man gives crooks taste of their own medicine

This is why I have a state of the art security system. If someone so much as comes to my front door, the peephole, which is actually a camera, snaps their pic and uploads it to an offsite server. If I feel like I'm in danger, I can release pepper spray into the HVAC system, by room.
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+5 47. glassweaver commented 11 years ago on video Backing up fail

And she's backin' up, backin' up, backin' up, backin' up Cause her daddy taught her good...
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+1 48. glassweaver commented 11 years ago on video Black Bike Vol. 1

Howwwww are his calves not jacked as fuck?
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+6 49. glassweaver commented 11 years ago on video Perpetual motion bulldog can't be stopped

Reminds me of an old coworker of mine.
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+2 50. glassweaver commented 11 years ago on video Bobsled ride , helmet cam

#10 yeah. You can pretty much get the same effect for 2 or so minutes with an alpine slide. Usually a ride on one of those will cost 10 bucks.
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+4 51. glassweaver commented 11 years ago on video Connecting on the Internet

#2 this is why computer scientists get paid many times more than you to work on computer algorithms. Most people have your same mentality, yet enjoy online banking/facebook/private ims/non-public email.
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+5 52. glassweaver commented 11 years ago on video Awesome way to order your fast food at the drive-thru

#2 if there's something wrong with you for that then there's something wrong with me too! Loved this and was thinking the same thing!
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+2 53. glassweaver commented 11 years ago on video World record in speed climbing 2011

These guys climb faster than I can crawl. :X
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+2 54. glassweaver commented 11 years ago on video Babbage's Difference Engine

This isn't even his greatest work. After the difference engine, he designed the analytical engine - a machine with a mechanical processor, mechanical RAM, and mechanical data storage.

Yes, Babbage invented a mechanical processor, one that the microprocessor in the machine you're using right now is modeled after to this day (just on a molecular level). Moreover, if you try to find who invented binary, you'll get a lot of arguments about this, mostly debating people from the 1940's/50's.

In reality though? Babbage. 1837. Oh yes, and the hard drive in the machine you're using is also modeled after his designs.

@Beerholder, a calculator is a computer.