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+1 1. heng commented 6 years ago on video Creature Comforts

Awww. the classics never grow old :)
For those of you new to it:
They interviewed regular british people about there housing conditions/work-life/general stuff... then took the audio and put it into zoo animals mouths. Brilliant idea!
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+1 2. heng commented 7 years ago on video Truck crashes on the highway, missing the cameraman by a few inches

39sec in... WTF?

there was a truck, a large truck, two huge trailers, blocking the whole road, all three or four lanes... smack dab in the middle of the frigging highway.
how on earth can someone crash into that after more than 20 seconds?!?!

listen to the sound, whoever it was started breaking at 38 seconds...
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+3 3. heng commented 7 years ago on video How many water-filled balloons does it take to stop a bullet ?

important information, about 55sec in:
"Magnum, .44, Dirty Harry..."

haven't watched further...
I say... uh... 5.

Edit: watched it, the slow mo is cool!
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+5 4. heng commented 7 years ago on video The Game of Life

02:25min and following seconds displays an error in the grid...
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+2 5. heng commented 7 years ago on video A master in his craft

should be autofollowed by the next vid! why are those two separate? somebody join them! ;)
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0 6. heng commented 7 years ago on video A book collection nobody will ever read

Imagine yourself, a few years back, donating a genetic sample for scientific research...

Imagine an alien race, a few thousand years from now, visiting the ruins of a long dead civilization finding that library... Wondering what it is all about...

Imagine yourself, a few thousand years from now, waking up as a clone reconstructed from these books... :-D
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+1 7. heng commented 8 years ago on video Star size comparison

whoever did that deserves a cookie! :*
and a scowl! :( why do all the planets spin in the wrong direction?!?
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+15 8. heng commented 8 years ago on video The Birth of a Snowflake

hate to burst your bubble, but that's a reverse shot of a snowflake melting...

'real' snowflakes forming (timelapse, controlled experimental environment):
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+3 9. heng commented 8 years ago on video Weird Lock

Original HYT Brand Chain key deadbolt
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+2 10. heng commented 8 years ago on video Aircraft Hangar Foam Fire Suppression Test

that wasn't a very realistic test.
it looks like the system uses a local air-intake, so in a real emergency it would be sucking in a lot of hot, smoky air, possibly some weird chemically active stuff, and soot. with several hundred degrees celsius this would look a lot different, i assume.
since i also assume whoever designed this was great deal smarter than me, there has to be a real fire test for those... anyone got those vids? :)
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-2 11. heng commented 8 years ago on video How a gyro stabilised camera looks on a helicopter

ohhhkayyy. impressive. but what happens if you actually want to pan around? instead of keeping the camera pointed at on spot...
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+7 12. heng commented 8 years ago on video Weird bent blade effect

Is this just fantasy?