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+2 1. hoppsan commented 7 years ago on video Dumb an Dumber rob a jewlery

#11 Nah, they speak perfectly comprehensible Swedish.

In either way, this is freaking hilarious or embarrassing (I can't choose).
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+7 2. hoppsan commented 7 years ago on video Tim Gajser insane scrub

#6 Happy to see people with backgrounds in real sports around here! :x :D
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+9 3. hoppsan commented 7 years ago on video Tim Gajser insane scrub

#3 The other two riders weren't racing him for position, this was in practice (as in all forms of racing there are practice sessions before the actual race). Had they been racing they would have carried similar speed upp the face of the jump.

The idea behind the scrub (as the technique has come to be called) is to unload the suspension (which on the face of a jump like this become loaded in the same way that the spring in the "clicker" in a pen does when you push it down) horizontally instead of vertically, allowing the potential force that has been built up to escape the system (the bike and the rider that is) without giving it further elevation (meaning avoiding to jump higher).

While it is true that moving sideways through the air instead of cutting through it like a knife is slowing the rider down, the loss of time in that moment is well accounted for by hitting the ground faster (and thus being able to accelerate faster).

On most jumps "scrubbing" is a millisecond-gainer like #1 points out, but on jumps like this one it is absolutely essential as going in that speed in a straight-up position (like the slow-riding riders next to him) would cause you to rocket into the air high enough that the landing most likely would cause great injury to the rider. this is the same jump (about 10 seconds into the clip) as the one in this video, as you can imagine hitting that in full speed with the ambition to jump as far and high as possible would be a pretty bad idea (if you like your knees).

Edit: #4 beat me to it, I really should learn to refresh the page before posting an essay. :x
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0 4. hoppsan commented 7 years ago on video Poignant Norwegian #DearDaddy campaign highlights rape culture

I realize that everyone is saying things like "don't dress like a whore" and what not purely out of concern for the safety of young girls, but... Do you ever look at porn? Do you double-take on ads portraying females in sexy outfits? Do you by any chance click on Youtube videos with the token seductive female on it's preview (who obviously never appear in the actual video). If you are a (straight) guy, I bet my balls (all three of them) that you do.

Through our choices and the way we direct our attention we, collectively, set the demands for how females should dress, look, and act to get attention and approval (and of course it works the same way the other way around). We can't create a culture where we +1 girls for flaunting their bodies and then when some fucktard rapes one of them it is somehow their own fault for abiding to our demands! It is _never_ the victims fault that she (or he) got raped, ever.

I would never force myself upon a woman, no matter how pornographic she looked and how drunk (and potentially unable to assess the situation) she was. Girls around me can dress up as "slutty" as they want without me misinterpreting that as a free entry for my penis. And I know many of you would say (and probably/hopefully do) the same. So why even go there? Why even mention how the victim was dressed? That doesn't excuse anything, nor does it add blame to the victim.

There are some that would point out how "beta" my mindset is and how I probably don't get laid. This video is especially for you, you just don't understand it.
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-3 5. hoppsan commented 7 years ago on video Young woman in Finland FIGHTS BACK when thieves try to STEAL from her store

#16 The whole rape-thing isn't in any way true and has been debunked many times over.

Sweden has incredibly strict views on the matter (which I think is good) and many things that would only be reported as sexual harassment (or anything not-rape) in many countries are reported as rape here. To make the skewing of these statistics worse, while some countries (the UK comes to mind) report multiple rapes within a relationship as a single case of rape (no matter how many occasions of rape there were in reality), in Sweden there will be a separate report for each reported rape.

Hell, things such as rape within partnership doesn't even exist legally in many countries that should have made it further away from the dark ages than so. And I'm not even going to mention the fear of actually reporting rape that is prevalent in many countries (once again, in "modern" countries where it should not even be an issue).

If you honestly believe that Sweden is "the rape capital of the world" then I suppose you also believe that Egypt and South Africa among other countries pretty much have no rapes going on, and thus should be _the_ place to be as a woman, right?

But, I live in Sweden, so what do I know about Sweden anyway.
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0 6. hoppsan commented 7 years ago on video Young woman in Finland FIGHTS BACK when thieves try to STEAL from her store

I don't know, I guess I have met to many kind and thankful immigrants who surely have absolutely no intentions of changing me or my country. Not saying I haven't stumbled across the occasional asshole as well, but I would never use those pricks as a rule of thumb to generalize in a way that also included all the good people I have met and know.

I am a white male living in Stockholm, Sweden. One would think I'd be among the first to go if there was any kind of "erase the northerlings" kind of agenda going on. But I guess I'm just naïve, eh.

#6 upvoted for mature response. +1
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+4 7. hoppsan commented 7 years ago on video Young woman in Finland FIGHTS BACK when thieves try to STEAL from her store

#3 I will assume that you know for sure, by first-hand sources, that these guys were so called refugees (them being black surely does not equate to this) and not simply the run-of-the-mill kind of douchebags. Are you implying that Finland have no "Finnish" criminals, or are you simply seizing the moment to spread your xenophobic outlook on an honestly pretty derailed world? Had these kids been white, would you spew the same sort of generalisations then? And if so, against who?

Anyway, good showing from that girl. Was scary to see though, I am glad these guys seemed to kind of refrain from desperate violence. Things could have become really ugly really fast if they were carrying some sort of weapon (and made use of it). :S
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+2 8. hoppsan commented 7 years ago on video Parisian survivor’s response to ISIS attacks and murder of his wife.

I think this is just as much of a message to "us" (the people of the world in general) as it is to "them" (ISIS). The message as I personally interpret it is to not let them make us cast aside our humanity, our solidarity, our (though clearly not our politicians) wish for peace and freedom. These things make people upset (rightly so) and everyone lusts for easy targets to put the blame on and the anger ends up getting misdirected, putting more fuel into the hatred-fire that has been burning so violently.

To me, Antoine Leiris is proof that humanity isn't doomed.

Vive la France indeed!
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+2 9. hoppsan commented 8 years ago on video 20 Signs China's Pollution Has Reached Apocalyptic Levels

Like #6 is (I think) saying... The western countries move all the heavy dirty industries to developing countries (because it's cheaper and the rules and regulations are more lax), hell sometimes we even ship our garbage there. And then people want to fully blame these countries for the resulting filth. It's kind of like emptying your septic tank on your (poor) neighbors lawn and then knocking on their door telling them to clean that shit up.
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+3 10. hoppsan commented 9 years ago on video Sea Chair

#1, #3: This isn't meant to be a solution to the problem, it is meant to highlight it.
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+2 11. hoppsan commented 9 years ago on video Tapping the brakes

How does it being a part of a vine prove that it is "fake"?
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0 12. hoppsan commented 9 years ago on video Citizenship Test

It's not so much that it is funny that they don't know the answers to these questions, but rather that it is stupid that this is something one must pass in order to become an Amarican citizen.
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+3 13. hoppsan commented 9 years ago on video Four kids with amazing juggling skills

#1 It is actually (despite what it appears to be at first) an american college; :q
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+9 14. hoppsan commented 9 years ago on video How to pull out car from a frozen lake

#12 That's just not true. Claiming that the great pyramids would be impossible to build with modern technology is sensationalist at best, and quite offensive towards engineers, architects, and construction workers around the world at worst. That they aren't sure (but have feasible theories) about how they did it back then is a completely different thing.
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+4 15. hoppsan commented 10 years ago on video He loves his job

Yeah, for the $2USD/week salary he ought to put some more back into it...
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+2 16. hoppsan commented 10 years ago on video Solar flare loop

#12 I guess we should have figured that these instruments aren't made to snap multiple shots per second. :(
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+2 17. hoppsan commented 10 years ago on video Solar flare loop

#9 #10 While I don't know if this is a normal timescale video or any kind of timelapse; to my limited knowledge matter is able to reach such speeds from these events, so I guess it's plausible that this is indeed shown at a normal timescale. Which makes it even more awesome and spectacular! :O
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+10 18. hoppsan commented 10 years ago on video A proper "HOLY SHIT" moment

Who knows #(removed comment), maybe you should tell everyone why you think it should not be here?
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+15 19. hoppsan commented 10 years ago on video Swedish...

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+2 20. hoppsan commented 11 years ago on video Experiments to derail trains

I for one would have chosen to do this in a nice turn somewhere...
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+2 21. hoppsan commented 13 years ago on video Nature by numbers

#24 This video showcases how things are made up through a very simple mathematical logic, which is something that is in no need of any so called "intelligent design".