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+1 1. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video The Story of Bottled Water

For everyone from Sk: Try looking at Korytnica - nice little spa once, but since almost all water is diverted to bottle filling factory, it dies out (all our thanks to Korytnica mineral water company).

The thing that disturbs me most is, that there may be someone who don't already know the point.
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+6 2. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Big machine

Theese fotos are from Czech republic, "D?l ?eskoslovenské armády" (Mine of Czechoslovak army) near Chomutov city ( ):
This one is undergoing maitanance:
And this is the power cable drum. Look at the skies on behind - it's dragable by caterpillar. I'm holding camera in front of my face, so you can guess that this drum is like 4-5 meters high.
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+4 3. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Red Bull - Akte Blanix II (Connecting flight)

L-13 Blanik made by Letov factory in former Czechoslovakia - still one of the world's best gliders! Respect to the man (and pilots). I do like the way the RedBull manages it's marketing money.
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+5 4. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Microsoft Office prank

#11 to do, what good behaving people should do: take the garbage to the garbage bin.
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+3 5. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video BMW GINA Light Visionary Model: Premiere

Nice one! The only doubt is, what it would look like at ~150 km/h - when the fabric is that much flexible. Surely the best car to show off (well, actually Veyron might be a bit better... ;). Wink wink!
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+14 6. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Fallen Art

A bit hard candy for me. When one realizes, that it's not that far in meaning and purpose (no meaning and no real purpose) from why people were mass murdered in history … I don't know whether I like it. Animation is just fine, but the idea gives me shivers.
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-6 7. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Dogs vs police car

Can't help thinking about what would happened if someone WALKED down the street. Shoot them all! Loose violent dog (with no master to stop him) shall be dead dog!
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+18 8. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Huge Solar Eruption

#7 Sun has a diferential rotation - it's not a rigid body, but huge ball of hot gas. One rotation takes around 25 days at equator and more than 34 days at polar regions. So if the vid is ~one day, then the Sun should have rotated by ~ 1/24 ~ 15°.

Earth is pretty well shielded from solar eruptions - these are made by charged particles, which are then shielded by Earth's magnetic field with two exceptions - polar regions. High energy particles enetering atmosphere in polar regions causes aurorae and eventually blackouts. They may as well damage satelites orbiting Earth (especially thoose at high orbit). Look at the for vids from SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory).
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+3 9. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Logorama

Single word: Awesome!
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-2 10. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Toll road accident

#15 & #33: Manual transmision on you, pedal missing assholes!
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+9 11. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video METEOR!

#2 That actually happens pretty often. First one to be tracked by automated cameras with it's track (in space) calculated and it's impact place calculated and then recovered there was P?íbram in 1959 found in Czechoslovakia near town P?íbram (but surelly that one wasn't first to be found; total weight of found pcs. cca 1 kg). Yearly there are tens of meteorites not completely blowing in atmosphere and reaching surface of the earth - they usually fall in empty areas like pacific, russian tajga etc. so there is noone to witness it.

And yes, #29 is pretty right. Meteors are quite common. When there are Perseids in activity (activity maxima on 12. august, radiating from constellation Perseus/Cassiopea), on the dark rural spot you may see around 50-100 of them in one hour. Highest ever reported activity of meteor shower was for 1833 Leonids with hundreds of thousands of meteros in one hour! However, most of these was due to small particles because usual meteor or "falling star" is made by a particle of the size of dust grain. Spectacular bolids like one in the vid are made by larger particles from the size of sand through pebble to rocks of weight of few kgs. And when the rock enetering earth's atmosphere is of the size of a smaller car, then a small amount (few kgs) might reach the surface after rest is vaporized in atmosphere.
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+3 12. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Guy Driving Wrecked Car

#22 right, and it's filmed at highway near Trnava (Slovakia)
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+6 13. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Man VS 500.000 Volts

Come on! 500 kV is not that much. International power lines range from 100 kV throught 200 kV and 400 kV to 1000 kV (= 1 MV = 1'000'000 Volts!). And when it comes to friing someone, the main question is not the voltage, but power output (hardness of power source).

Try short-circuiting battery in your car (well actually I wouldn't recommend trying that). Lead battery is so powerfull, it'll vaporize copper wire (or make screwdriver glowing red). It's just twelve volts, but it can provide hundreds of amperes and power is proportional to current^2 (divided by resistance; or simply: power = voltage * current, the rest is Ohm's law).
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+4 14. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Police chase ends in beat-down

#35 Somewhat norther but still Slavic country (Slovakia) and I live in the Czech rep. Not that it makes any difference - till 1993 it was the Czechoslovakia as the Serbia was part of the Yugoslavia. However, splitting of the Czechoslovakia took much less shooting (none at all) than splitting of the Yugoslavia.

For #26: Just try youtubing some videos of "sametová revoluce" (velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia in 1989 ending the fourty-year-long ruling of Communist party of Czechoslovakia) for that "Communist peaceful cops".
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+16 15. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Police chase ends in beat-down

Well, at least that beating gone to one who deserves it.

While here we don't have problems with black people, but we got plenty of gipsies (still kind blackish). When they cut railway tracks to sell them to scrap, it's "they right". When you try to prosecute them, it's "discrimination" (what an difficult and powefull word they learned despite not going to school even though it's mandatory). Not to mention, that they don't work - they don't have to thanks to our social security system.
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+1 16. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video A truck

Seems to me like KrAZ from Ukraine (former part of USSR).
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+1 17. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Amazing Safety Rope Saves Everyone

OMG, what is that rope made for?! It looks thin just to hang wet clothes on it, not to secure by it.
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-2 18. jaeafafaeara commented 14 years ago on video Inappropriate Zoo Commercial

It's not that new idea. Look at Prague's ZOO comercials ( in Czech only - sorry, just look at the images) or try some images googling (try "Made in Nature Praha ZOO";). The basic principle of this campaign is "Egs, Feathers and Scat".