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0 1. jmc123180 commented 13 years ago on video Don't drink from hotel room glasses

I just got back from Miami recently & had stayed in the Raddison & The Sheraton Hotel & there glasses were also dirty and had crust around the lid... needless to say I never drank from them anyway! I'm not blind... I can see if the glass is dirty and I dont trust that they would be cleaned properly! I bring either can or bottles with me when I stay anywhere & the only cups I would use would have to be disposable! I dont even trust dishwashers over a good old fasioned hand washing! :D Then again I am a little bit of a germ freak, ecspecially after showering! :D
That toilet scene was definately disturbing to witness & some believe ignorence is bliss but in this situation I think knowing the truth is better than over looking it! It really pissed me off >:)
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-3 2. jmc123180 commented 13 years ago on video Best first dance at a wedding ever

:D i didnt think it was really going to be that funny but wow... i must say I really got a kick outta that one! :D
atleast they rolled with it & didnt panic!