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+2 1. johannsommer commented 1 year ago on video Old Car vs Modern Car during Crash Test / Evolution of Car Safety

Nearby should be mentioned, that former cars were designed for different crash tests. If you design a new test, you could proov actual cars to be unsafe as well, as cars are designet for actual tests and not 10% more robust than they need to be for this test.

That doesn't change the fact, that cars have become more safe by far. this shuoldn't be asked by this.

But there is a further fact, which is to be considered:
The modern cars are heavier by far.
More mass gives a huge advantage against easier cars. But this advantage is an egoistic one, as the added mass is an disadvantage for the light weight car.
Regarding this to be an advantage or technical improvement is far from tough, as the added weight brings wasting of ressources of any kind with it.
If we are not able to make cars as leight weight as decades before, this is a sign of impotence against our responsibilty.
Then we needn't speak about alternative drives, as all alternative drives waste ressources and are not better for environment than old combustion engines regarded from some perspective.
With improved materials and with improved calculation- and development-tools we easily would be able to build cars with actual standard of technology without making them heavier, than they were before.

Nice video - nothing against this.
Only some questions about future and about what we regard to be improvement...
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+1 2. johannsommer commented 3 years ago on video Is Coronavirus really "just like the flu"? (April 2 update)

The comparison with swine flu is very interesting.
Arte has displayed the strong involvement of the vaccination industry in propaganda to create fear about the disease.
The German canceler ordered different vaccinations than were provided for simple citizens in 2009 / 2010. First vaccinations run bad and killed many people. This was gladly the end of the vaccination campaign against swine flu, as humans were never willing to be vaccinated!

Actually there are many signs, that per example the comparably unnoticed flu between 2017 and 2018 killed a lot more people than corona and even swine flu and that the correct estimated deadliness and infectiousness of corona does not differ significantly to other flus.

But actually all over the world basic living rights and freedom rights are destroyed. People with critics to this procedure are thrown into psychiatry instead of giving them fair trials. In many countries things like an coup d'etat seem to occur.

Especially Bill Gates, the most important sponsor of WHO, the WHO and many presidents predict, that freedom of movement in future will only be given to vaccinated people AND to people, who get tattooed to sign the state of vaccination.
There are many signs, that this vaccinations as well as those planned signs below the skin could implement the famous sign of the beast, which the mighty try to give to all people over the world with brute force since some few years.
So probably to avoid being vaccinated (and signed) in future could be the most important thread for humans.
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0 3. johannsommer commented 3 years ago on video Mini-Nuclear Reactors Are Coming, and They Could Reinvent the Energy Industry

Nuclear energy provides about 2-3% of the total end energy worldwide.
But reserves are nearly exhausted by 40-50% in the last about 70 years. So nuclear energy has far less potential than per example one tenth (10%) of all fossil fuels.
Compared with dangers and costs, this is a disaster, far away from being hope.
Tho only reason for developing nuclear energy was military reasons for all times. There was no further reason, as alternative nuclear concepts were dismissed decades before, not producing militarily usable material.

I am convinced, that we have to reduce fossile dependency. But why does nobody speak about energy efficiency? What about passive houses. What about smaller cars? What about long during products, we needn't to replace every year?

Perhaps it would be better not to panic and to think for environmentally solutions, not only regarding CO2!
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0 4. johannsommer commented 3 years ago on video Nuclear Power Plants Are Floating On Water…Wait What?

Nuclear energy provides about 2-3% of the total end energy worldwide.
But reserves are nearly exhausted by 40-50% in the last about 70 years. So nuclear energy has far less potential than per example one tenth (10%) of all fossil fuels.
Compared with dangers and costs, this is a disaster, far away from being hope.
Tho only reason for developing nuclear energy was military reasons for all times. There was no further reason, as alternative nuclear concepts were dismissed decades before, not producing militarily usable material.

I am convinced, that we have to reduce fossile dependency. But why does nobody speak about energy efficiency? What about passive houses. What about smaller cars? What about long during products, we needn't to replace every year?

Perhaps it would be better not to panic and to think for environmentally solutions, not only regarding CO2!
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+1 5. johannsommer commented 4 years ago on video How I Would Build The Great Pyramids

Why should I beleive in aliens, when I don't know? But is it more plausible to believe, that ancient humans with primitive technologies have been able to do things, todays architects and engineers would have no idea ho to realize them? You don't need to have an answer to this question to claim, that we are lied to in the told story about the history of the pyramids. Don't argue before you have seen one of the following videos (which are indeed very interesting and worthy to see it).
or in german:
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+3 6. johannsommer commented 5 years ago on video Legs for the Piano moon light sonata

They are not really ugly. Music is not so important.
But I think, simple porn is more autentic. They are not really relaxed in this show, as they sell a different thing, they pretend to show.
In real life I would not expect them to be really cool and uncomplicated, when they pay so much attention to their special charisma.
#1 xrayankee said it, as it is!
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+3 7. johannsommer commented 5 years ago on video The Ukrainian military has some of the best recruiting adds I’ve ever seen

They don't protect their nation, they expose it to the lead of fascists and to the danger of war with the Russians.
Any military recruiting add is a lie. If you serve the military, nearly anywhere you serve an evil power, which is at the end guided by the one worldwide power, which all the time divides and oppresses the whole world by initiating wars all the time.
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+3 8. johannsommer commented 5 years ago on video Glider Ground Effect Demonstration

This flight is a impressive demonstration of the performance of modern gliders.
But the ground effect does little to this action, as the ground effect only reduces the so called induced drag. This induced drag means the fact, that pressurized air from the undersurface of the wing accesses the sucking upper surface of the wing at the ends of the wing by inducing a twirl going out from the wing ends. This induced drag amounts between 30% and 50% of the total drag of a glider at the speed of best efficiency, which are usually pretty low speeds.
But at the high speed the glider was running near the ground while the exercise, the induced drag , which can be minimized by ground effect, has no relevant impact to the total drag. This can simply be understood by the fact, that at the higher speeds the air at the undersurface of the wing simply has no time to access the upper surface of the wing and as the other drags are increased by the higher speed. But about 5% reduction of total resistance can anyway be induced by the ground effect even at the higher speed.
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-4 9. johannsommer commented 6 years ago on video World Battleground, 1000 years of war in 5 minutes

"to be continued" ?!!
And this euphoric music?!!
This idiot really seems to hope for the 3. world war (which already seems to begin in Ukraine and near east).
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+1 10. johannsommer commented 6 years ago on video Aleppo's White Helmets: Life Under Siege

More of the heroic deeds of the White Helmets are reported here:
They even retreive executets (attention: very graphic):
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+3 11. johannsommer commented 9 years ago on video Humans Need Not Apply

Whom do robots serve? If humans are intelligent, the only thread is a question of organization. Either they want to work. Then the will have the choice to do the work. Or they want to be lazy. Then robots can do the work and people needn't work.

This video makes me angry, as the speaker doesn't think about the humans as lords of the robots to use them for their purpose, but humans as victims of the robots.
When robots really are (and I am not as sure) able to replace any thinkable job, then really people needn't work and society will be able to give all people all they need to live in good quality. This is only a question of organization.

The question is, whether we have the intelligence to organize such an civilization.
Currently, that may not be forgotten, very cheap slaves over the world work 60 hours a week without holidays and without any fair wage to steal any western people any jobs. Far more effectively than robots within the next 10 years.
And this is a problem of the absolute not liberal worldwide economy within a style of capitalistic anarchy of the mighty, who spread poverty all over the world without necessity.

The fair economy worldwide is the real thread for our intelligence. When we solve this thread, neither slavery (which then doesn't exist), nor robots will destroy our live quality.
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-5 12. johannsommer commented 10 years ago on video Invisible Worlds: Explosion

some more footage to search for sympathy for the war?
don't need that.
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-1 13. johannsommer commented 10 years ago on video Fruit Ninja in Real Life

The guy has obviously no lack of food in several means (I suppose, he will not eat the fruit after "fighting" against it).
And his skills may be better than mine, but not worth, admiring such a scrap. Similar to #4 I propose to view this film:
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+1 14. johannsommer commented 10 years ago on video Does The Universe Have A Purpose?

Sometimes I think, atheists are really religious people, who try to hide their believe behind helpless arguing. In this case the speaker calculates how unlikely the possibility is, that universe has a purpose. Yes, it es very unlikely from an distant point of view. Nearly as impossible, as the organization of death matter to the complexity of life, which we see each day and are far away from understanding it.
I don't have a problem with people, who don't believe in a certain god (and I have a problem with religions, who don't accept any further believe). But I am astonished about those people, who charismatically try to convince other people from the supposed sure absence of a creator. And more astonished I am about people, who regard mankind as the biggest thing in universe, being far away from understanding only a very small part of it. I only respect religious people for understanding, how relative mankind is and how great anything in nature is organized to give us life (without giving an answer about the purpose).
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-9 15. johannsommer commented 10 years ago on video American soldiers parody the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders

Parody? It seems more likely, that the army sponsored that "parody", which should give the soldier living give the image to be sexy. But sadly the contrary ist right. When soldiers have sex in afghanistan or irak, they likely visit whorehouses or do rape, missing their wifes for long time without knowing, what their job is good for.
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-2 16. johannsommer commented 10 years ago on video Tears of Steel

only nice animation, but not worth the time to view.
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-11 17. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Lucky guy

I don't have any idea, why both cars crashed. Both cars use different lanes and run straight to the road until the crash. The crash occurs just in the time, the passenger car reaches the rear axle of the truck, so that no reason is to see, why both cars are accelerated so hard. What part of the truck can be hit by a passenger car, driving parallel to the truck, just at the rear axle and not in the front of the truck?
Can it furthermore be, that the passenger car passes two times the sceene (one time short before the accident), which would explain, how they cut the car into the scene?
As I can not get any physical explanation of this accident, one possible explanation would be a good made fake, whereas the movement of the pedestrian would have been intentionally added or recorded in another time.
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0 18. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video The Mast Brothers

The story would be complete, if they would buy fair produced raw materials.
Otherwise anything they told, would be a fade image of a rather normal job or in other words the continuation of the old colonialism and slavery with the attempt of an emotional image. Real freedom would look different without fair trade.
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+2 19. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Killer Boxing Knockouts

This video shows, what art of culture boxing is:
First target is to injure another person.
The character is similar to the old gladiator fights, which gave the fighters the only right to live, when they survived deadly danger - but otherwise they were worthless. This understanding for me has nothing to do with sports.
The music is inappropriate for the collection of concussions, which costs the loosers every time a bit of life joy.
Don't need such videos (except to demonstrate, what sad kind of "sport" boxing is).
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-20 20. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Path of Hate

Stupid bullshit for people who are wishful awaiting the next worldwar.
Don't need such videos of pointless violence.
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+4 21. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video BMW M5 - "Bullet" - High Performance Art

The water balloons for me seem not to be real, as they would have a weight of several tons in that scale. Furthermore the drops are bigger, than they would be in this size.
The further obstacles I can not judge.
nice video, but not that authentic.
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+9 22. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Son Electrocutes Dad While Fixing Car

The person who is filming instructs the boy to hurt his father intentionally. Very creative and very very funny :-(.
Don't need such videos.
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+4 23. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Runway Model Fails

Great video compilation.
But in my mind those situations are not distressing for the slim models, who might be a little bit sporty at all (despite of the low weight sporty enough to walk a straight way).
This compilation unmasks our curious sense for beauty and the unreal and unpractical creations of a strange elite of fashion creators in their ivory tower.
@ #3: Slim persons eating fat and sugar become slim and fat at once (slim legs and thick stomach, which I like worst) They need to eat healthy and train their body as well to get really beautiful.
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-2 24. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video AWESOME KO

What a awesome sport! People hurt each other ;-(
Don't need to see such videos.
As the looser doesn' awake within the time of the video I have to conclude, that he has a middle severe concussion. The winner really can be proud on that (i suppose, the winner is the "good" and the looser is the "bad" as in all bad action films). Sadly the by this reduced intelligence doesn't make it easier for the looser to change the kind of sport to one, which strengthen the body instead of making someone less intelligent.
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+4 25. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Bushman Ghillie Suit Scare Prank

The costume is really nice. If he would have had prepared the locations better and if he would have moved slowlier without the foolish "Whaaaa", it could have been a really nice joke.
But as #3 said, he can be glad, that nobody run in to a car.
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+6 26. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Paintball Warfare - Epic Paintball Battle

What a gigantic bullshit!
It is nearly as realistic, as any Bollywood-Fight-Scene. Nobody does cover himself against shots. Anybody runs into the shooting "enemy". Stunts themselves are nice, but don't follow any logic beside the visual effect.
@#6: It is the principle of war, that aims are followed with brutal violence to be "independent" from the "enemy"s will. This doesn't fit to the Idea of games. But in contrary this game is a glorification of war, which makes it absolutely dislikable.
As pupils we have only the possibility, not to accept the preparation of wars by laws, by defamation of other nations, by accustom pupils to wargames, etc. We could clearly express not willing to any war.
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+10 27. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Coke Machine Hack

suppose, coke themselves made this video. Equal whether they modified the machine before or not they induce enough people to use Coke-vending machines by making them thinking about the possibility to cheat those machines. Good viral advertising! But I better drink anything else cheaper and better tasting from the store nearby.
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-4 28. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video TicTac

such a good rating for such an embarrassing add?
To tell the world, that not brushing teeth is the worst thing that can happen in your life just near stealing things e.g.?
No, go home dear marketing agents. Good advertising is something different.
From now I prefer anything else than TicTac.
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+2 29. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Landslide

The fact, that the front of the building is tilting backswards without breaking or bending over a length of about 40 meters and for several seconds could be a indicator, that the demolition was performed professional and intentional.
Did anyone understand the language or find a link in the internet?
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+4 30. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video The Change is Here

Hey guys, what is the point of this discussion an why is this amazing video rated so bad?
Do you miss the action? Do you only honor if men risk their life for stunts the world doesn't need and which perhaps animate other young inexperienced people to get in danger?

Or do you prefer the support of culture by any nation xy got talent - shows?
This video has a clear message. It reports about a music school and claims, that musical education is an advantage for a culture. I mean that to. This kind of education gives the people self-confidence and perhaps even an enhanced ability to organize themselves. And even for people being less wealthy than us life is not only eating and working. Music is part of life and joy. I wish all those young musicians much success and fun!
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0 31. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Invisible Mercedes

This car may indeed be invisible for the nature, because it will not become a series car that soon. Fortunately.
Because the total efficiency of a Hydrogen fuel-cell car is really bad. We shouldn't forget, that even solar electricity is a worthy source, which should not be wasted.
In addition the amount of platinum needed for the fuel-cells would exceed the sources, if used in higher numbers, as well as all further needed technologies for such a fuel cell-car are really expensive.
Furthermore it will last some decades, since we get all electricity sustainable and can dissipate electricity without replacing the amount with fossil electricity.
To make cars more environmental friendly, they should become more lightweight, more aerodynamic and slim. Small diesel cars could easily consume less than 3 liters per 100 km. This would be a real impact on environment and fossil dependency.
Minivans and SUVs would have to disappear.
Without those steps a few electric cars can not change the world. Electric cars and especially hydrogen cars are more able to deflect public awareness from the real solutions to hopeless hopes.
When carproducers don't use those concepts to intentionally draw off the attention from real problems, they should continue to develop electric cars (which will have some future) and, if they really believe in their future (what I cannot really believe), develop fuelcell cars.
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+1 32. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Subaru Forester

A real cool add. Sadly the Product had the same tendency as the fighter, who is a bit to heavy. Good perhaps for fighting, but not good for moving. The former Foresters were more lightweight and more slim, which was really especially. The new Forester now looks like all the to big and to heavy and to thirsty and not enough sporty shopping-SUVs.
But the new Interpretation of car-wash is really brilliant.
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+11 33. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Helicopter Crashes During Top Gear Korea
It seems, that both occupants survived without severe injuries.
So you can enjoy this video, knowing, that top gear has the money to survive such an adventure (and in case the military has to bear the burden, I don't mind as well).
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+1 34. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Guy Spills Beer Over Angela Merkel

That is professional: She didn't even take notice about it.
I am no friend of Mrs. Merkel. But that behavior gives me respect for her.
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+15 35. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Wingsuit Crash

Thanks for this Video, showing the dangers of this wonderful sport.
I gratulate Jeb Corliss for his surviving and wish him all the best.
But I think, all those Wingsuit-pilots should be aware, that they have some responsibility for the continuance of this discipline. As I found in the internet, basejumping costs a lot of deaths and finds more and more enemies as in Lauterbrunnen, where the population can see many deaths life from the valey. See e.g. the german video:
I like wingsuits because they are the most archaic kind of human flight and I would be sorry, when this sport should be restricted by laws. So please, dear jumpers, take proximity-flying a bit wider and take care, that your sport gets better reputation.
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-7 36. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Another amazing bike downhill

Respect to the skills of the driver but no respect to that kind of race.
Any mistake could be deadly and not only for the driver, but also for the spectators.
Didn't occur severe accidents under management of RedBull or do they have the power to suppress the information about those cases?
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+20 37. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Formula car drifting at the Nurburgring

Really nice video. Why is the rating so bad at the beginning?
I can imagine, that it is not easy to keep the car on the track at over 90 mph under this conditions. But it surely was a lot of fun!
Unfortunately they didn't tell us the time for the run. I wonder, who is faster: ?
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+1 38. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Amazing Forest Freeride

My Bike dealer (who supports Downhill-bikers) told me, that nearly every week some biker gets injured severely (and perhaps will never ride like before) in the nearest bike downhill park.
The trees will always be harder than human flesh. What have those guys to prove to me? The contrary?
I say it with #1: Beautiful forest!
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+2 39. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video A hiking trip I would not go on!

the little difference to some other similar videos is the fact, that the pedestrians use a safety rope. That doesn't make the shaky video easier to watch and adrenalin doesn't disappear, but the risk, that the wooden blanks and the rope collapse the same time isn't so high.
I say always: I like the adventure, but not the danger. That's what the pretty girls are doing. I like the video.
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+2 40. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video How to get the girl of your dreams

What would be, if next day he would see her in bad clothes, short hair and with big glasses?

Was this an ad of BMW? And especially for their worst car, far away from being a good sports car or being a good cross country vehicle? More likely the X5 is a car for mature people with a sick back, so that they can never enter a normal car and who have to impress their secretary with some additional power they don't have themselves any more.

The vid follows the sentence:
From Money we don't have we buy things (e.g. cars) we don't need to impress people we don't really like.
At the end all are not happy (and nature as well).
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+2 41. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Experience by Universal Studios

should that make these films attractive?
Our dependency to extreme information should constrain us to stay in the pain and to age without having a live out of horror?
Nice vision - but not for me!
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+19 42. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Hi , we are from the Government....

Great Video!
To solve the problem of the little girl (and of all of us) it is vital, that more people think and speak about the truth behind the debt crisis.
For more explanation see here:
(which should be shown on snotr too)
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+3 43. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Deep Water Solo Climbing

No sense for aesthetic, guys? Again the question: Isn't action interesting without danger?
For me this video is one of the few Red Bull videos, which I like, because they don't bring their heroes in real danger. I don't like "panem et circenses" as I am no old roman. I like adventure. I don't like real danger.
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+7 44. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Lioness and White Tiger Greatest Hits 2010

Nice Video.
Looks like the cats have more fun than drilled circus cats. And the people in the show have less fear than tamers in circus.
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+3 45. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Your New Favorite Model Helicopter

This idiot can apply at once for the us-army or Darpa. It only may be, that this arrangement isn' state of the art any more.
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-1 46. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Britain's Got Talent Unseen - David Williams (dancer)

It is no rocket science to give young and immature people some experience for their life.
But to do this in front of millions of spectators, who never will forget the blame of the young man is a deep blame for the members of the jury. They never showed their possibly poor abilities in dancing, singing, juggling, etc. to the public. They never risk to blame themselves. They enlighten themselves in the brilliancy of brilliant artists only by looking a bit stupid to their performances and afterwards speaking some empty praise.
I have really absolute no sympathy to those parasites of glance.
I would like them, when they would use to chose only real talents and present them in a honest way to the public. But to choose loosers to blame them intentionally in public is very cheap and loose.
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+1 47. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Organic Food Myths

#5, #6, #16, #20:
Who rates those comments down?
normal or payd snotr-users? (same question as #20)
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0 48. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Organic Food Myths

impressing "facts" - or are they more opinions?
Or is it even more marketing from conventional producers?
I didn't hear real facts in this little show, but some unlined statements.

A little side note showed the difference between bio and not bio in Germany.
A report about food scandals told, that the food departments are not allowed to make the huge number of hygienic infringements public. But it was reported, that bio-food was completely excluded from those disgusting infringements.
If you have a bio-scandal, you get in few cases conventional food instead.
If you have a conventional food-scandal, you get food, you don't want to imagine, what is in it.

Who knows how often an conventional apple is poisoned before it gets to the market and what else is use in conventional food production, knows also, that the state, there wouldn't be a difference between bio and conventional food, is a pure lie.
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+4 49. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video WAR IS COSTLY......... PEACE IS PRICELESS.

Who is it, who rates this video down? OK it is long and has few action.
But do those people prefer the proud presentation of the weapons in other videos?
Should I assume, that they like the war more than peace? Or are they not affected by the continued wars, which are initiated with lies to strengthen the power of the same people, who now drop our culture in the suck of debt and crisis?
I thank the snotr-team to show this contemplative video and I thank the activists to remember the public to the non-sense of the "war on terrorism", which itself is the essential terrorism.
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+3 50. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Le Tango Vertical

Hey guys, what's on?
Has she to risk her life, to get a better rating? Isn't the speed enough for you?
Do you want to see some more gladiators, loosing their physical health?
No, I like free people, who enjoy their life, who are sporty, like adventure and avoid incalculable risks
lean back, enjoy the beautiful pictures and her nice body.
She surely climbs better, than we all. Seeing her doing that with the only risk to become wet again for me is pure joy.
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+3 51. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Close Call Compilation

I usually like close call videos. But I am very annoyed of people showing off with the death. They don't deserve the honor of being viewed.
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+1 52. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Garden Spider Vs. Giant Wasp

cutting off the wings and seeing, what happens -
like 3 year old sadistic children!
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0 53. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Internet is made of cats !

Thanks for telling the truth (I hope, it is the truth, what they tell).
I admit, I didn't believe that so much videos are fake.
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+1 54. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video Bat Car

sadly the turbine has a very bad efficiency at low speeds. The real power first comes at several hundred mph.
But nice try!
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-1 55. johannsommer commented 11 years ago on video The Spectacular T.T. IOM. TT (Isle of Man) Motorcycle Road Race

No doubt, the pictures of the Isle are aesthetic. But no respect for a race without speed limit and with several deads nearly every year (wikipedia).
I don't know the motivation of those talented guys, to risk their lifes without need. Are they punished to death without surviving the deadly like gladiators in the old rome? Aren't they talented enough to compete at safer race tracks? I hope, their mom is nursing them, when they are paraplegic.
As spectator I don't do them the favour to marvel them. The deadly danger of unconfident charakters begins in the admiration of the spectators.
And no understanding for the organisators of this race. They burn strong men for profit and glamour without having the balls themselves.
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-3 56. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Soldiers returning home at Last

Which one is better: this video or the ukrainian one: ?
Nothing against the brave soldiers, liberating the poor oil from islamistic bastards for liberal oil companies of the US. Nothing against their glad girls.
Stupid guys and girls, believing the guys did something for America.
But their action is only one more piece in the puzzle of many years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, financed and managed by the US by supporting different partys by different ways.
Better they stop supporting the saudis, who support the Taliban.
They should get out of all countrys of Arabia. It can not become worse than more than 20 years of war without a real rest. Iraq against Iran, then US against Iraq, then again US against Iraq. Taliban against the Monarc in Afghanistan, then Mudschaheddin against Taliban, then Taliban against Mudschaheddin (supported by secret services all the time), then US against Taliban.
The countries are sick from uranian dust from trank-preaking projectiles. The press may not write about that without severe threats.
The installed regimes are anything but democratic. War continues all the time.
No one can say today, they want to give peace to them.
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+2 57. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Wireless data from every light bulb

I like the idea very much and hope, that soon according devices are available.
As mentioned above, the back channel has to be designed the same way.
It seems to be obvious, that the system is similar in usage like bluetooth or WLan and mostly not like UMTS.
Because of this, perhaps not the bandwith is the most important advantage, but the potential privacy.
A further important advantage is the choice of the communication partner not by frequency, but by geometrical position.
By this a channel can be opened by pointing the device to a visible light source intentionally and without dealing the frequency before starting communication.
Furthermore the possibility to bundle light to a thin ray and by this to do communication over certain distances without giving others a chance to read the data, except positioning themselves in exactly this ray, should be very interesting (when air is clean).
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+2 58. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Massively Miscalculated Jump!

If you assume, that the car has reached a maximum height of about 12 meters, this means, that the vertical falling height from front of the car to tho bottom is about 10 meters. In this case the vertical falling speed (and only this is relevant for the acceleration of the two men) should be about 50 km/h. If the cabin is reinforced by some tubes and if they used state-of-the-art 5-point-seat-belts, the chance to survive the crash should be given, even the chance to leave with minor injuries. We only can hope, that they did safety precautions with more thoroughness, than calculation of the jump (beside the fact, that some spectators saw the passengers getting out by them selves).
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+2 59. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video 3-year Old Piano Prodigy Richard Hoffmann

The Idea with the colors is good, as I have noticed, that reading the music is very critical even for older kids.
Focusing the reading of the music can enhance skills more, than exercising fingerwork in the beginning of playing piano.
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+15 60. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video 3-year Old Piano Prodigy Richard Hoffmann

hope the boy can enjoy its childhood.
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0 61. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video The World - Connecting Living!

Everything is connected...
...per example WWF with palm oil industry too, which vanishes rain forest and the living room of many wild animals and aborigines.
The interesting documentation is sadly only in german available:
The WWF should tink about its position and if being friend of industry for any price could be negative for nature at the end.
Surely, such nice videos cost some money and to gain this, friendships to industry is helpfull.
But cerifying the exhaustive damage of rainforest by palm oil pruducers as "sustainable" can not be legitimated by anything.
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-1 62. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Amazing Mountain Climber

certainly a huge performance.
But I don't have respect for it.
I will aknowledge performance, if the performers shows respect to their own lifes and if their performance can be example for other people.
Performances like this are example for many people too, but with partially deadly ending.
Usage of a rope would change my opinion.
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+2 63. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Martin Jetpack 5000ft flight

"Martin" is a dummy?!
Is this because of safety reasons or because e real person would be to heavy to be lifted?
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+4 64. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Ivan Zubkevych Acrobatic Routine

Impressive strength...
As I remember, 20 jears ago such strength was never seen.
Question: Become men stronger by nature?
Do they only try things today, they didn't try before?
Or has this to do with some medical help?
This question depends on some other artistic videos as well like breakdancing, parcour, etc.
Those videos are nice to see. But as doping is meanwhile omnipresent, my respect or interest to further new best-performers is decreasing. This is the same as with extreme dangerous performances. To obtain my real respect, the athlete needs to show, that he respects his own body and his sanity the same way, i should become respect.
I assume, that today it is not easy to attract interest without doping. So creativity, good ideas and aesthetic are the best alternative to get famous.
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-1 65. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Girl Fail Compilation

Girl Fail Compilation? I don't want to stick in the position of some boys in this video, because some of the boys are responsible for the pain.
Furthermore I can do without seeing accidents with injuries. I prefer funny accidents, where people are not hurt to bad.
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+3 66. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video WSB support race crash

luckily no one hit the lonesome bike.
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+2 67. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Don't freerun

thanks for this video. Not that I like pictures of injures. But thanks for the clear message "Don't freerun"!
For me even successful freerunners are not real heroes, because the price for the nice presentation is to risk healthy. For me all those extreme dangerous sports are the continuation of the old roman gladiators, who have lost their right to live and who can only get it back by risking their life. Men with sane self-confidence can train sports, which don't endanger healthy. Real heroes don't risk their life exorbitantly. Formula one per example for me meanwhile makes more fun for spectating, than downhill-cycling, because at Formula one I don't expect severe injured pilots so frequently in contrary to downhill. And I say this as a bicycling enthusiast and car critic person.
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+5 68. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Domestic violence

Stop Violence against Women -
or -
Stop Violence?
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0 69. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Skull Face Tattoo

With that girl he had the choice to either get impotent or ugly. Second was the first choice.
To get serious: I don't like the tattoo. But who has any rights of his face but himself?
Why the hell does the whole room mean to have the task to explain him why he shouldn't paint his face?
Should we also speak about what weight a girlfriend is allowed to have?
It would be another question, what appearance a friend could to tolerate without leaving.
that's a painful and sad show.
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-3 70. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Geobat

Who knows, how easy small model-engines lift up any weird model as "chairs", "lawn-mower", round discs and anything else, doesn't have special respect for a further flying thing.
Aeroplanes with tandem-wings (both providing upforce) and so called canard aeroplanes with the small wing in front, giving upforce too, are well known and are flying reliable.
At any (to me) known aeroplane with two wings the rear wing must provide less upforce, than the front wing. If the rear wing is very large, the full potential of upforce of this wing can not be used. Because of this the conventional aeroplane is not so bad.
Furthermore wings with a high aspect ratio (as you can see at gliders) loose less energy at the wing ends, where air gets from the lower side to the upper side with a turbulence. Because of this the round shape has disadvantages at mid-range and lower speeds. At higher speeds the arrow-shaped wings of military aircrafts have advantages because of sonic speed effects.
Because of this thougts I am waiting of further explanations, why this aeroplane should change the face of aviation.
Beside this question I like the idea of the new shaped round flying disk.
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+6 71. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Best Street Party Ever

TV is no court and this arrogant girl no judge or god, even if she try to make it seem like that.
The boy should find out, which responsibility he really has (and which he had not) and how he could excuse at his neighbors. But he shouldn't let him self be urged to promise any compensation to the neighbors in TV or show his face without glasses. The internet doesn't forget anything. Better he had avoided this silly interview completely, except, the TV would have payed the damage of the neighbors.
This doesn't mean, that I had sympathy to the guy.
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-5 72. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Video Games and Facing Controversy

I am not against games, as I am playing some games.
But neither the idea of "art" nor the imagination of "truth" free the creators from responsibility for the contents.
I am willing to see severe brutality, if the presenter shows it with the intention of information and with a heart and empathy to the involved souls. And I am disgusted with brutality shown with the intention to gain attention and without any feelings to the victims or offenders. There I don't make a difference between videos, games or other media.
And if there some gamemaker stand up for there "right" of making art and handling "the truth", the question may be allowed, whether they want to prepare children for becoming soldiers in inhuman wars.
In Fallujah per example not only a very low number of americans died, but e very huge number of innocent iraqi citizens without any chance of escaping the inferno. The real numbers of the victims of falujah is not reported in most media. If the game would enlighten the truth by showing it with empathy, I would like it. I assume, that it shows only the clean view of the american de-facto agressors without any heart with the innocent civilian victims.
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+2 73. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Winterwonderland

Great Pictures.
But are they so great because of the beautiful countryside and views or because of the articstic imagination of flying.
In first case we would enjoy it more, if the speed would be shown realistic an not faster than reality.
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+4 74. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Kung Fu master fights Taekwondo master

I assume, that the worst hit was given by the floor, which is not that "soft", as in the ring.
Falling from 1,5 meters without breaking can be very dangerous, in some cases deadly.
So I again would be interested, whether the fighter was injured.
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+3 75. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video You need to get off facebook

I don't have an account on Facebook. But not primarily because of the shown reasons, but because of the ignorance of privacy by the Facebook organization. I don't want to become dependent from a network complete owned by tough businessmen without respect.
Basically i agree with the message of this well done video. But I wouldn't take everything so earnest.
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+1 76. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Little Girl vs Big Yellow Dodge Ball

Is it possible, that one of the very few intelligent comments is rated worst?
I quote the comment of #4:
"Put down the damn camera and help your kid. What the hell is wrong with you"
The only "positive" of this vid is the fact, that the kid is not injured likely.
The bad fake
is more funny than that stupid vid, likely published by the father!
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+2 77. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Funny Mouse Prank

a well made fake can be fun too, if the idea is good. better than all those pranks without respect against the victim.
A real prank in this kind would be better, that is clear.
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0 78. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video FAIL Compilation 2010

too much severe injuries! That is not, what makes the evening nicer and what I call "good entertainment".
Pitty for the few nice bloopers wichout severe injuries, which I otherwise could have enjoyed.
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+6 79. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Biobus

Independent from...
...Crude Oil?
Dependent from palm oil gained from the burnt rain forests of Malaysia?
Great thing!
Or does the plant oil come from Brasilia, where aborigines are banned from their own country to destroy the rain forest? To return later and find a poisoned unusable desert where nothing useful is growing any more for many years?
I don't want to make hope, that with hydrogen or any further energy the bus would run more sustainable. Furthermore I don't know the drivetechnology, which enhances efficiency by far compared with technology of today. And buses are more sustainable than cars for anyone.
But the given message, that plant oil driven cars are anyhow better, than cars driven by crude oil, is a message of yesterday. Today it tells the story of mankind, which doesn't want to react on reality an instead of this continues with old behavior and fills the food of the poor peoples in their car tank.
The better Message would be people, who drive very small cars, who organize their homes near the working place and who save energy where ever possible (per example by very good isolated buildings). That behavior could give the world a future for all.
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+1 80. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Skiers & Snowboarders are kissing the Planet

When you see a chance, that nearly all participants get out with severe injuries, seeing accidents can be entertaining.
And it motivates to be more careful and to train skills, which not necessary are linked to high risks.
Seeing those pictures you can imagine, that not all accidents end so harmless.
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+2 81. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Gymkhana! ( on a motorcyle )

Great kind of race! Showing skills with low danger for injury is, what I like.
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+1 82. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Ferrari vs Dodge Viper - Who Wins?

@ #10:
nice video about the race between the BMW Z4 and the Viper!
Is there some in common with this viedo? About brakes and understeering?
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+3 83. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Hang Glider Crashes Doing Loop

It is very likely, that the parachute worked, because the speed fo the fall was rather moderate.
Furthermore the tree, on which the parachute landed, was not really damaged.
So, if the pilot didn't hit a acute piece of wood, the pilot survived the accident very likely without severe injury.
This means, that the pilot choose the important safety precautions and the likely worst case, which happened, was not that bad.
Videos with that kind of accident, likely without severe injury and caused without severe dullness, i like most among other videos of accidents.
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0 84. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Crane Drops Pallet

A fake - OK...
As I don' have experience with faking videos, I didn't recognize signs of the faking.
That doesn't mean, that I believe, the video is real. But If anybody can help me recognizing, that it is a fake.
Thanks in advance.
Any case, the making of a fake like this could be same expensive as destroying a old car and some useless boxes.
If it is a viral video - I am waiting for what...
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0 85. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Great White Shark Accident

same question all the time:
does anybody know, what happened to the diver?
Can I understand the V-Sign of the man on the boat as a "anything is OK" and no one is injured?
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0 86. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Bike Roof Crash

any information about the biker available, how he does now?
Who puts that video into the internet? The biker, his friend or who else?
# 12 Do you think, it is a fake?
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-6 87. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Marines' Silent Drill with an Oops

no one is hurt, where is the problem?
What really makes the scenery painful is the fact, that it looks like a common big masturbation without any satisfaction and sense. Did you see, how tenderly they touch the gun?
Make Love not war, guys! Use your penis instead of your gun, that pleases your girls more than that sad spectacle!
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0 88. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Lions attack

The lions probably will have been killed later, because they can not furthermore be used for those shows.
The video shows, that circus without animal-shows makes sense.
The trainees can be glad, that they are living on without severe handicap as I assume.
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-5 89. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video We Like War

thank you for that brilliant speech.
Only with one point I do not agree:
The word "fuck" is not appropriate to describe the war. All the time I don't understand people using the word "fuck" for the meaning of "shit".
Fucking means love and is a wonderful thing.
So I hope, the Americans use more time for fucking and less time for killing other civilisations. Then the measure of the dick becomes less important (and the size of the gas sucking pickups).
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+34 90. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Amazing iPad Animations

very nice...

... but do I need a Ipad fot that or were the animations made with Ipad?
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+10 91. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video ATV Backflip Fail

does anybody know anything about the fate of the driver?
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+5 92. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Superbus First Ride - The fastest limo in the world

Lot of burnt money, and not enough for a good designer?
wants to look evil, but ony looks bad.
But it is the main point, that the investors or customers
are lucky and can feel really evil and powerful.
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0 93. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Naughty Baby

Naughty? What is the problem, if a baby wants to kiss its mother? In that age the baby don't think of sex (as perhaps some spectators). The mother may kiss her baby without anything being wrong. In contrary the baby needs warmth and it would be good for the baby (and the mother who smiles at the end).
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+5 94. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video El Camino del Rey 2010

what a awesome view. With the safety-rope the walk is OK.
But I am not really relaxed when viewing the viedo even if I could imagine to walk that path too, if I would be there.
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+3 95. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Is It Possible: Super Human Elasticity

The girl looks really pretty. Lucky, if the bending don't hurt her. Me it does hurt, when seeing it. I would prefer to see her performing without to knot that way.
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+6 96. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Sean Stephenson Dance Party Video

coooool - thank you for that fun.
Respect for that self-confidence!
Where can I buy that wheelchair to dance that hot?
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-3 97. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Mortal Kombat 3 plus Ultimate Fatalities

are there really people wasting time playing such idiotic games?
Does this give any kind of satisfaction?
I can not imagine that!
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+7 98. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video IKEA releases 100 cats into its UK store

I don't understand the intention.
Is it to give some "cat-energy" into the store in means of esoteric?
Is it to give the cats some pleasure (I don't believe they are really happy)?
Is it some way to bring money to creative teams?
But what about customers, who are allergic against cat hair?
My opinion of Ikea doesn't change measurable.
I would expect more impressing ideas by the image I had from Ikea before.
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-2 99. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Don't Freerun!

As I sometimes posted before, I am no friend of cruel videos.

Freerunning has its aesthetic aspects, but it is a sport without any safety-measures.
As furthermore there are few videos about the dangers of this sport, I am thankfull for showing these dangers.

Sadly few people "enjoying" cruel viedos show interest in the further fate of the injured persons.
I assume, that some of the shown accidents could change the life of the concerned persons deeply.
The scenery reminds me of the gladiators of Rome. Those poor prisoners sentenced to death had no choice to face death, if they didn't want to be killed directly.

I would be glad to see Freerunning Stunts, where I could see safety precautions like helmet, protectors, save-al-nets, etc..
For me a sport, which shows high danger for the athletes has no aesthetic. I love formula I accidents, where nobody is injured severely for many years. That for me is aesthetic (races without accidents, self-evident, are more aesthetic).
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-1 100. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Moments

Nice dream.
Not very realistic.
But as the video is handling a frequent fortune and as it gives us a warm association, I like those pictures. I like them as a present to the many separated fathers, who don't have the psycological power to stay in contact with theyr children and get sick with the world. The imagination, that the mother enforces the contact and shows the respect to the disoriented father is nice, even when seldom.
Only question: where is the kick into his back to enforce him to face life. Can the two women achieve that?
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0 101. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video Dancing Merengue Dog.

Very impressive!
different to many performing dogs the trainer dances too, they seem dance with each other and not only the dog. The dog gives me the impression to have fun, even if the training must have been very hard. The trainer shows more respect to the dog, than other trainers with performing dogs.
By the way the costume is very funny.
Super show!!!
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-3 102. johannsommer commented 12 years ago on video GREAT MMA KNOCK OUTS 2010

Gladiators have been sentenced to death. Facing violence and death was there only chance to get back the right to live. They had no other choice.

Modern Gladiators are not sentenced by a court. Do they feel so worthless to they choose that destiny, because they don't feel loved without beeing a death facing dumb hero? Don't they feel there right to live without beeing hurt that way?

They don't achive my respect, but rather my pitifulness. I can not prevent people doing so. I don't want to judge about those people. But Spectators should be aware, that their attention and their response may be one important reason for those (in my opinion sick) fights.

Thanks for giving me an impression of what people do calling it sport. I don't need to see further videos like that.
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0 103. johannsommer commented 13 years ago on video Bike Jump Fail

I could easy do without this kind of videos.

You can become internet-famous amongst others with skills or with pain.
Skilled bikers are better prepared.
Wearing a helmet, cloves and further protectors could be helpful when doing stunts.

Anyway let your friend subscribe, not to publish videos of mishaps (except you want to become internet-famous without skills).
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0 104. johannsommer commented 13 years ago on video Alex Liiv BMX face grind...

For cyclists there are two ways to become a hero:
- to be a good cyclist
- to bring silly videos with massive injuries to the Internet.

one point to recognize each from each other is the care, they take, providing tricks. Wearing a helmet per example could save life.
In this case the idiot without helmet can be glad for his broken hands, mouth and nose, because they vanished the energy, that otherwise could have destroyed his brain (and make him an lifelong idiot or dead).

I wouldn't have a problem, not seeing such a crab on I don't want to celebrate such a sickness.
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0 105. johannsommer commented 13 years ago on video Bmx fall

Don't need to see all those accidents.
Why didn't the guy wear a helmet when trying that stunt?
That could have had enhanced life quality after that disaster.
Brain damage ist the biggest danger for cyclists and no fun.
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-2 106. johannsommer commented 13 years ago on video Dog Flies Down Stairs

I hope, that they don't do that so often. Even dogs can get painful joints and this charge leads often to that.
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-6 107. johannsommer commented 13 years ago on video Drunk Billy will be missed

nice idea, if there would be less blood. I don't like bloody scenes without any sense.