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+1 1. lazarus commented 16 years ago on video The costs of war

First let me say all you American haters can suck it and suck it hard! I think that looking back we should have never invaded Iraq, but since we did we have to see it through to the end. There are too many potential global disasters if we pull out too early. Just look to Iran, if Iran gains control of Iraq oil will be 200-300 dollars a barrel and the entire world will go into a depression. Iran will definitely attack Israel, and Israel will respond with it's only option NUKES. This will drag the entire world into a war where millions millions will die. Before you bash this idea read up a little bit the president of Iran who denies the holocaust ever happened and on a daily basis calls for Israels destruction. Also if we went to Iraq just for oil why am I paying 4 dollars a gallon, and how come they're exporting contracts to India and China? If only we would drill here in the states more, but it is definitely more important to find alternative fuel sources. Oh and also Americans are self centered, etc., etc, because we are better than most other nations. Superior health care, better living conditions- hell even I our most poor have air conditioning color T.V's cell phones and computers. We don't learn much about Europe because what have you done lately??? Zero zilch except spew your anti America hate and jealousy. We are better that's why even in these biased forums you still cater to us by speaking English OUR language. Anyway I know there are many many wonderful Europeans if I offended you I apologize, but for the haters go to hell!