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-6 1. lokenwow commented 8 years ago on video Why Britain uses separate hot and cold taps

what a load of crap, Being a UK resident my whole life and using mixer taps since the 90's when they became popular these single taps are only used in "period" properties where people either don't want to update to a modern water system or cant for reasons of preserving the property as it was made.
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+2 2. lokenwow commented 10 years ago on video The fastest F1 pit-stop EVER!!!!

#5 this doesn't happen any more as they have stopped refuelling during the races, however we have seen a couple of wheels come off recently due to people trying to go too fast. Could be just as dangerous as they rejoin the race at the next corner.
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0 3. lokenwow commented 10 years ago on video Helicopter crashes, very lucky pilot

#4 the tail is designed that way to reduce injury to the pilot and passengers. The cab is the part that is reinforced to protect. Everything else needs to get out of the way to reduce the chance of it still being active after a crash.
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0 4. lokenwow commented 13 years ago on video Pakistani student puzzled about automatic door

kinda begs the question.... how did he get into the building? :P