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+1 1. mitis77 commented 5 years ago on video Hull Oakes Lumber Co

Admins: I got iframe class="vjs-resize-manager" on top of player, no controls are working (all event are "captured" by iframe), when I delete it controls are back.
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-1 2. mitis77 commented 5 years ago on video Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains How we are programmed at birth.

OMG what a bunch of nonsense. Dr. Bruce Lipton is a Nobody. People see "dr" and go crazy. I love the "conspiracy" music in the background....

People who ware born into poor families can become rich and people who ware rich can become poor. Thousands of examples, the most obvious to me is Arnold Schwarzenegger. And if that invalidates Lipton's statement, I would be very very suspicious to other statements by him. He is also way off about why and how children play "tea party".

Life is competition, if you have competition someone must loose and others must win. Otherwise, why compete ? If rewards are in a form of currency, then obviously we end up with rich / poor structures. Any such complex structures (social) are dynamic by nature, they change, top changes and bottom changes as well.

I wish to encourage everyone who up-voted this nonsense video to listen to as much as possible of Jordan B. Peterson. Start here: and then go directly to his channel: and listen entire lectures. Your understanding of social structures, human nature and life in general will change.
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+1 3. mitis77 commented 6 years ago on video How To Say "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" In 46 Different Languages

Wesolych Swiat <3
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+2 4. mitis77 commented 6 years ago on video 10 Gamer Problems That Have Become EXTINCT

Loading a game on Timex (ZX-Spectrum, Atari whatever ) from tape recorder (FFS!!!) for 20 minutes only to have your brother get in the room and jump on the floor cosing IO/Load Error :D

Also, my grandmother was afraid of it (timex) and though it will destroy (should I say EXPLODE) TV :D
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+5 5. mitis77 commented 6 years ago on video Scientist gets to close to lava

Oh common, that is just some careful editing (BBC's standard), yeah he was close, but lava chasing him and "too close" ? Nah.
This is way I hate most BBC "documents", they might as well just CGI stuff and be done with it.
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+2 6. mitis77 commented 6 years ago on video Explosive eruption of Popocatépetl in Mexico

#1 Hmmm, looks like Earth's loud wet fart ...
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+1 7. mitis77 commented 6 years ago on video German man sets new record for carrying beer steins

Now he must drink it, as a reward :D
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+3 8. mitis77 commented 7 years ago on video Attacked by shark

#1 First, best wishes for your mother <3

I work double shifts most days, and when I'm about to pass out at evening I come here to relax and slow down. It was really shitty to see Snotr frozen like that.
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+2 9. mitis77 commented 7 years ago on video Bob Semple Tank

#2 indeed.
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+3 10. mitis77 commented 7 years ago on video ---(NEW UPDATE IN COMMENTS )--- SNOTR UPDATE

@Geekster. I was forced to use adblocker, which I never do on snotr. Some ads will simply take over snotr window (tab) and redirect browser to "You've won a car". I can't go back as there are millions of redirects, which forces me to close a faulty tab. Again, I go to snotr and again ads will take over my browser and that's something I call endless loop of winnings. By my count, I should have enough cars, houses, iphones and stuff to start a business :D

As for CDN, super fast in Poland!
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+1 11. mitis77 commented 7 years ago on video The song of the butterfly

Awesome. It's like musical drugs, my mind flew away out into universe.

Reminds me of Dead Can Dance.
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+13 12. mitis77 commented 7 years ago on video Meanwhile in Romania

Actually, it's Poland, not Romania.
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+1 13. mitis77 commented 7 years ago on video Antares Rocket Explosion from 2 miles away

I can chip in some time, skilled programmer (PHP, Javacsript) and unix administrator.

I'm quite busy, but if that's what it takes to keep snotr alive - count on me.
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+5 14. mitis77 commented 7 years ago on video The sound of disturbed Silence

I grew up with "heavy sounds". What's left today from HUGE collection are Disturbed and System of a down.

Good stuff, well deserved to be on Snotr.
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+4 15. mitis77 commented 7 years ago on video How drugs affect our perception of time

The marijuana rat:
... wait, what was I suppose to do? I love this metal, it's so shiny...

Cocaine rat:
...ohhh, wtf was in that shot... ? oh WOW Damn finally a useful shot can I have another give me more oh food i'm not hungry you idiots im horny give me females and i'll show you timing.

The orher rat:
great, they party and I have to work again.
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+1 16. mitis77 commented 7 years ago on video Jet blast in St. Maarten

Best jet engine madness only by jackass.
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-1 18. mitis77 commented 7 years ago on video Grandmother cleaning

It's a WIFI (i)
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+11 19. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video THE FORCE AWAKENS MY 2 YEAR OLD!

#1 True, only all the toys get more expensive!
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+4 20. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Nightingale & Canary - Bird sounds visualized by Andy Thomas

Works really well with headphones and high volume (i)
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+3 21. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Thermosolar Hive: healthy bees & healthy honey

Standard beehive costs around 60$US (in Poland, with FREE shipping), they want over 600$. Another great, too expensive idea.
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+2 22. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Is DNA the Future of Data Storage?

I have my Timex (no, not a watch...), working with original tapes, and almost 30 years old screwdriver for adjusting heads in tape-player for optimal signal. Loading software for 30 minutes only to get a message from my mom "turn it off, I want to watch my TV" ? Yeah, good old days ;)

My first PC ( with joke of a HDD (20MB). It only had 5.25'' floppies with 360Kb of storage! It took over 20 of them to get me a game. I had to zip my OS, copy from floppies, unzip a game, remove zip's, unpack OS and play. If I wanted another game, well, start all over + remove old game.
You had to think twice, before doing anything, because everything was working so slow! If I wanted to play in weekend, I had to give my PC a command to launch it on Friday ;)

It would take few seconds, for my Olivetti to render this comment from file - you could see it spitting text character-by-character.

..... I miss it :'(
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+2 23. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Stop a Douchebag - You ARE the Problem

Great job, +1 for editing ;)
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+4 24. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video A Day in Auschwitz

I can't watch this. But let me share a short story.

Many years back, a friend with her parents came to visit me from Hungary, they wanted to see Auschwitz in Poland (O?wi?cim). My friend, 14-yo at that time was learning English, so she couldn't yet read all notes in a museum. One of the rooms, contained a HUGE pile of human hairs, she asked me what "victims" means as she was trying to understand note on the plate there. When I explained and she realized what she is looking at... well I will never forget a look on her face, as her mind completed a story behind what she just saw. She run away from a building with tears in her eyes and quite shocked. It was last building she went into.

I think of myself as logical and rational person, but let me say this. I felt death, as if it was tangible, like a blanket you can be wrapped in. If Ghosts exists, this is a place where you can hear and touch them.

This video, and many like it, doesn't even begin to describe that place, or any other like it. It's like trying to describe a taste, or smell, you simply can't.
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+1 25. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Solving 3 Rubik's Cubes in under 20 seconds whilst Juggling ( Snotr Category Week )

Funny, how all 3 RCs ware done at exactly the same time...
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+4 27. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Science Just Made The Technology of Magnets Even More Awesome (Snotr Category Week))

My mind was just blown, very cool.
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+3 28. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Alaska Airlines Solar Eclipse

OH common, he is just excited to see it, most of us if not all will not get a chance to see it like that. I for one, share his enthusiasm and don't mind his voice. Obviously, he also knows the subject and all stages of solar eclipse.

(i) Distances between earth, moon, sun and size of a moon and sun are just right, so that when moon is between sun and earth everything combines perfectly to produce solar eclipse.
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+1 29. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video World Premiere - BMW Vision

Damn this thing is ugly! If that's the best that BMW can envision for next 100 years then I feel sorry for them. I expected much much more from them.
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+3 30. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Snotr Category Week

Science, Weird, Awesome.

Nice video-announcement, something to watch, something to listen and great news.
100% behind the event.
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+1 31. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Everything This Man Says Is True

#2 Protons smashing are the result of fusion, not the cause. I'm not exactly sure about a process in stars, but in order to have fusion, excess energy must be put into a system first. I believe in stars that's gravitation. Gravitation pulls to a point where atoms get too close, and electromagnetic forces start to push back. This "bouncing" of atoms puts even more energy into a system (heat) and if star have right mass, fusion starts and star reaches equilibrium. If not, one force will defeat the other and you might end up with a planet instead of a star ;)

Copied and pasted from my head. (i)
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0 32. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Smartest prank ever? from Brazil

I believe people react that way, because it is a piglet and not an adult pig.
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+4 33. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video LIGO's First Detection of Gravitational Waves! | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

#2 Take into account, how many galaxies are in LIGO's range and how long they existed.
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+7 34. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Volkswagen trailer assist

#3 <- exactly what he wrote, I actually spit my coffee all over keyboard from laughing. Overtaking in last seconds of vid - just ROTFL.
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+7 35. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Thousands of chicks gather to listen to guys singing

KFC awaits!
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+3 36. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Climbing Tallest Chimney in Europe

I get dizzzzy from watching.... :S

360m or 1180ft. (i)
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+2 37. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Do You Speak English?

somebody block this idiot -> #(removed comment).
Or better yet, accept his comments and show them only to him and not others. We did it on our site, works like a charm. The fury when he/she realize how much time was wasted is priceless ;)
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+5 38. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video What is the most important thing in life?

Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50 million but I was just as happy when I had $48 million.
~Arnold Schwarzenegger

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+2 39. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video What's Your Biggest Regret ?

I have no regrets. Really. Dwelling on past is depressing. I don't let things, that I have no control off, to bother me. I often say: f**k this and move on.

#3 There is none, since my mistakes made me who i am. <- agree.
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+3 40. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Thirty Years Ago Today, America Watched The Challenger Shuttle Explode On Live Television

There is interesting movie about it if anyone cares to learn what happen. Richard Feynman was involved in an investigation, a man behind quantum physics among other things.
I love how they showed what scientists and scientific method does to plots, conspiracies and political games. (i)
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+2 41. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Next time be careful with your phone

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+6 42. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Bunch of people crashing in the same corner in an amateur rally

#4 More like junk yard ;)
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+4 43. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Bikini Baristas: Coffee and Controversy in Washington State

I love coffee, I love boobs. Bring it on!
Don't like it? Don't go there. I don't see a problem.
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+1 44. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video How driverless cars will change cities

I guess it's the same argument as to we will stop breading horses because we have cars.
Sure, those self-driving cars will become more and more popular, but to completely exchange driver-driven cars?

Arguments given in this video are bogus, stretched and more on the lines of wishful thinking that actual facts. Speculations at best.
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+1 45. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video An abused dog is shown affection for the first time

#4 I'm sorry, but what ??? The video is about compassion and patience.

There will always be something cruel, but as long as there is also something good to balance it, we're OK. I'm really glad, we could see a video of dog recovering rather then dog getting violated.

First seconds of the video are really disturbing, so on top of volume warning a disturbing video warning would also be nice.

Anyone knows how long it took for Priscilla to recover?
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+3 46. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Master bladesmith

It's all OK, very nice and all, but I would not go as far as to say, he is best in the world.
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+3 47. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Do You Wrap Gifts for Blind People?

#4 Thanks and happy holidays back at you and everyone else on snotr <3
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+8 48. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Danny MacAskill-Cascadia

Insane video, insane skill and self-confidence on this guy. You must love the architecture and colourful buildings.
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+2 49. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Dog Sneakily Steals Toilet Paper

#3 It was originally a kitchen.
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+4 50. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Tipping Pizza Delivery Guys $100 Magic Trick

#2 Very positive view, that would really be a mindTrick :D
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+1 51. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Amazon Prime Air

#6, I would see a kid, with a rooted smartphone, hacking drone's signal, making it land wherever he wanted. Then taking package and a drone >:)
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+22 52. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Time to come home

Few years back I pulled the same thing for my really sick grandmother, our family ware all busy and my mother was sad cause she couldn't get anyone to come and visit her (grandma). As I had enough, I've simply send sms to everyone "if you want to say goodbye to grandma NOW is the time." I also stopped responding to messages and phone calls. It worked like a charm. They ware all there in less then a hour.

It's fascinating to me, everyone cares, but few really take time to care. <3
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+5 53. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Car wash manager gets washed

It's both, funny and scary :S
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0 54. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Koenigsegg Regera 'Autoskin'

Nothing interesting, really. I can take self-opening door, but this slowish hoods... damn I can open hood on my car, check oil and close it by the time this one opens. Just sayin'.
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+1 55. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Talking about a sharp knife...

Japan knives all the way, have two, one was a gift from my wife, with layers and what not. I love it, it feels great, looks gorgeous and stays sharp for very very long.
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+4 56. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video What Happens When Two Black Holes Collide?

You can actually help in search for gravitational waves (i)
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+3 57. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity

#2 That is not entirely true, because even though particles can change state at distance at what looks like faster the light travel, it really doesn't.
For one, no actual information is transmitted and no laws are broken. Further more, we should remember, that showing some kind of experiment, that behaves in contradiction with know laws of physics, does not invalidates them.
Perfect example is gravity and laws of motion, it works perfectly for planets and ships in orbit and even apples, but it completely breaks down at subatomic levels.

Here are some good explanations:

As for the video, for me best thing to take from relativity is forward time travel. Just get in a ship, travel with speeds close to a speed of light for few months, get back to earth hundreds if not thousands years in the future :)
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+1 58. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Why Asimov's Laws of Robotics Don't Work

Any AI and self-aware machine, would have to have free will and that's it. If you have free will you take out any chance of control.

It would be much more interesting and maybe even more realistic to create "infant AI" and just teach it. I'm sure we can have some kind of backup plan to shut it down (take out batteries, cut the cables and so on).

It's exactly the same as with any other child you want to have, you cannot have any evidence that he/she will grow to be successful, kind to others and whatever. You take a chance, do whatever you can to help him/her and hope for the best. You either end up with Ted Bundy or next Einstein (or with someone in between).

And finally, I really believe that AI would have nothing in common with computers, software programming and IT as we understand it now. You can't program anything to be a cake.
You must engineer a hardware for that, and hardware itself must be solution (or huge part of it).
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+3 59. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Sea Lamprey

#8 just redirect the page (to itself) after post with 303 and you are all set, no more double comments ;)
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+2 60. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Hurricane Patricia has arrived!

Hurricane, winds, farts - got it :D

#7 Agree, #1 comment is awesome, +1.
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0 61. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video What Your Handwriting Says About You

I use DeJavu Sans >:)
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0 62. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Samurai slices 100 mph baseball in two halfs

#2 close enough, 210ms.

That's travel time to 9.22m, we don't know if that was hit point where sword met a ball or his standing position? Consider he had to pull his sword (ahead of time) and hit it. How much time it takes to pull a sword and swing ? Subtract that time from 0.2s and you will get close to what his true reaction time was. ;)
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+4 63. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Homemade Marble Run

I guess wife and kids are out of town ;)

Well done though. I like the wooden train tracks, must have been tricky to set the angles right.
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+1 64. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video Computer Generated Water Shows How Far Animation Has Come

#2, #3 and then what ? You can smell a forest ? Next someone makes computer virus of the future... Hey, did you fart ? No! It's a damn virus ! >:)
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+5 65. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video This Guy Makes Parallel Parking Look Easy


Now I want to him to drive-out of that spot :D
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+7 66. mitis77 commented 8 years ago on video This Is Not What You Want To See While Looking Out A Window In A Plane

#5 Lighting travels along path of least resistance, so even though some point on-earth might be higher then the other, path to it has more resistance and thus lighting will not hit it.

You can also see at last frame, it was traveling from top-left, so the top of a tail was in fact further away near the end of it's path.
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+3 67. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video Lionfish hunting in packs, like lions

about spitting fish, a 10 seconds search on the web: (i)
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+1 68. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video Snotr now has a messaging system for users! -PM System-

Testing :squirrel: 1 :squirrel: 2 :squirrel: 3 testing.

Works great ! :squirrel:
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+1 69. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video Mountain bike world record

#2 actually, time would speed up for us, not for him (i)
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+1 70. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video Plane Landing vs Wind

#4 paycheck? How about a HUGE bonus and a rise ?
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+3 71. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video Rescued baby bird returned to parents

#6 Sad that that's what you took from this vid. Shoemaker will see shoes...
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+8 72. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video AeroMobil aims to launch flying car in 2017

#1 Yeah, but air jams in 2018 :D
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+1 73. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video Will Happer, Princeton's Galileo

Ohhh FFS, really? Comparing Happer to Galileo is like comparing boots to a car... sure, you can be transported in both...
What a bunch of shit, he has almost no credit, no honors, no publications so there you have it, no credit for him, ignore scientific troll. More of scientology then science.

Here in Poland, we have no winter, no snow for last 5 years. Instead of playing in snow with my son on Xmas, we ware riding bikes with light autumn jackets on our backs............... Climate is not only changing, it has already changed.
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-1 74. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video Slo-mo of an Apple iMac being destroyed by a 20mm anti-tank gun

#3 Epäilen monet ihmiset täällä voi lukea suomeksi :)
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+5 75. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video RUN

Be careful what you wish for ;)
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+4 76. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video "The Cup Song" - With Guns

If guns do harm then me keebord makes typoz >:)

In Poland you have to go through long and painful process to own a gun, perhaps even to long and complex. But, I rather have that, then no gun control at all. Also, I have nothing against people shooting as hobby. There are few guns I would love to shoot myself - on a range into none-breathing targets.

#8, you are 90% correct, your first statement however is totally wrong: guns are dangerous, very very dangerous. I own replica, co2 powered colt with less then 3 jules of energy. The second you will not show proper respect to that "toy" it will put you in hospital without any effort.

So, these guys are idiots and should not own a gun, not even replica - 100% agree with #2.
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+6 77. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video 1500' TV Tower

#1 somewhat true, they switched to LEDs. Plus there is better cellphone reception there, see 1:27
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+6 78. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video Sony's camera filming at full moon looks like daylight

#1 at 0:30 you can see building lights in a distance...
Moon can cast shadows just as any other direct light source. Only light that is reflected or soften by something (e.g. clouds) will make softer shadows or no shadows at all.
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0 79. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video YouTuber shows many "Hood Prank" videos on YouTube have a high possibility of being fake

#4 This statistics are racists and insulting as are you for repeating them. I would think there are other, deeper factors to consider then just skin color.

If we really have to talk black-white in context of violence: Let's keep in mind it was not blacks who oppressed whites for centuries and enslaved them. It was the other way around! Even though it might be cliché at this point, that truly says all about which RACE has more violence...
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+3 80. mitis77 commented 9 years ago on video 2 Polish Guys stop their car, after seeing some guy lying unconscious at the road.

#2 Chuck Norris doesn't have to breathe at all ;)
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+6 81. mitis77 commented 10 years ago on video A Live Shark is Worth 1,000 Times More Than a Dead One

That's simply brilliant! Also, that's the title of the year.
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+6 82. mitis77 commented 10 years ago on video These Dancers With Down Syndrome Will Make You 'Happy'

I must put it on my alarm clock, so I wake up to it and hear it every morning. <3
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+4 83. mitis77 commented 10 years ago on video Liftware Launch Video

... and if you do not have this $300 for it, you can always use chicken >:)
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+3 84. mitis77 commented 10 years ago on video Mauna Kea Heavens Timelapse

#6 is correct. The technology is called adaptive optics. The lasers actually make a fake star in the atmosphere.
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+14 85. mitis77 commented 10 years ago on video Nuclear reactor starting up

I was expecting the whole procedure, I'm sure they must do some checking before they "flip the switch".

#1 Cherenkov radiation not reaction :) And that is light's equivalent of sonic boom:
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+8 86. mitis77 commented 10 years ago on video Classical Drumming

#4 Yes, drums are a bit loud, but he is pulling it nicely. I'm surprised how well in place they sound - A bit odd to hear them with orchestra, but just after few second everything feels right. Very well played.
#6 10 seconds for me ;)
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+5 87. mitis77 commented 12 years ago on video Spider Man Proposed

AWESOME. I love how people around applaud and cheer!
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0 88. mitis77 commented 12 years ago on video One step closer...

It's already here:

more info here:

and it only cost like 300$...
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+2 89. mitis77 commented 12 years ago on video Daydream of a Penspinner

#8 I don't agree. My wife is an artist. Touch screen (read as "finger";) or mouse cannot substitute for a pen in her hand.
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+3 90. mitis77 commented 13 years ago on video slow motion Dave

No more beans for you Dave :D